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LetyShops Review 2021 – Legit or Scam [Must Read]

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What is LetyShops?

LetyShops Review

LetyShops is the website that claims you can earn money while shopping online from home. It is an online shopping platform where you can also earn money by receiving cash backs from your purchases.

LetyShops has more than 3000 shops and provides you plenty of cashback offers to choose from. They are not available in all countries.

They are available in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Australia, India, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, and most of the European nations.

You can earn some more cashback cash from sites just like Letyshops which is called Piggy Cashback.

How to Join?

Visit Letyshops.com to get started. Select the join option located at the top right of the home page and then you will have to fill up your details like your email address and password or you can join in through your Google account or Facebook account also.

Then you will receive an email with a conformational link from Letyshops to confirm your email address.

You can also download Lety Shop App from Play Store on Android devices or from App Store on iOS platforms and login into the app.

How Do Leftyshops Work?

Leftyshops is an online shopping platform that enables people to receive a portion of what they have spent through receiving cashback from their purchases.

After logging in to the website or app, you can start shopping and receiving cashback.

Letyshops has more than 3000 stores where you can shop from and the cashback rate of each store differs. Thus, you can get plenty of cashback offers where you can choose from.

Do not shop just for the sake of earning cashback because it is not worth it. You will lose more money than you are earning. Once you visit a store, you can see cashback rates. You will also see their additional conditions and when the cashback reward will be credited to your account.

The cashback will be credited to your account in about 40 to 90 days as the stores have to let the refund period clear. The purchase that exceeds the refund period is considered a valid purchase. So, to earn cashback, a valid purchase must be made.

Remember that the purchases must be made online only to receive cashback. Purchases made from physical stores are not eligible to receive cashback.

The other method of earning cashback is by installing the Google Chrome extension. After installation, you can provide your login credentials and then you can just browse for cashback offers using the extension.

You can active cashback offers, search stores quickly, and monitor the prices of online shops. It is a shortcut to the cashback offers of Letyshops. You can always be logged in without actually logging in.

There is also a referral program in Letyshops. You can invite your friends and relatives to sign up on the Letyshops website and earn a referral bonus

How Do you Earn?

Letyshops is an online shopping platform that enables people to receive a portion of what they have spent through receiving cashback from their purchases.

You will earn cash backs on every store available on Letyshops. But the amount of cashback varies from store to store. The cashback rate ranges from 0.5% to 5% but can also go more than 10%.

There are three types of upgrades in Letyshops, they are bronze, silver, and gold. To reach a bronze upgrade, you have to earn $10 worth of cashback rewards and to reach a silver upgrade, you have to earn $50 worth of cashback rewards.

Similarly, to reach a gold upgrade, you need to earn $150 of cashback rewards. When your status is upgraded, the cashback rate is also increased.

When you reach to bronze upgrade, 10% is added to the basic cashback rate; likewise, when you reach to silver upgrade, 20% is added to the basic cashback rate, and lastly, when you reach to gold upgrade, 30% is added to the basic cashback rate.

You will also earn a referral bonus if your friend signs up in Letyshops through your referral link. Also, you will earn 2 USD as a referral bonus if your referral makes a 10 USD purchase within 30 days.

You can also read some of the other cash-back apps and sites from the below link.

How are you paid?

You will be paid in US Dollars and all your cashback will be stored in your Letyshops account. You can withdraw your amount once you have reached a minimum of 6.5 USD in your Letyshops account through PayPal.

Thus, 6.5 USD is the minimum payout threshold. You will receive your payments within 1 to 3 business days of the payout request.

If you are interested in Cashback then you can check our article of 10 Best Cashback Apps.

Pros and Cons of Letyshops


  • Letyshops is free and easy to join
  • There is a low minimum payout rate that is 6.5 USD
  • The cashback rate increases after each upgrade in status


  • Letyshops offers you limited earning options that are only through cashback
  • You will have to wait 45 to 90 days to receive cashback

 Conclusion: Letyshops Review

Letyshops is not a scam as it is a website where you can earn money by receiving cash back from your purchases. You will be paid in cash in your Letyshops account and can be requested payment once you reach 6.5 USD through PayPal only.

This website is legit and you can rely on this website for online shopping. Letyshops has more than 3000 shops and provides you plenty of cashback offers to choose from.

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