Big Spot Review 2024 – Legit or Scam

What is the Big Spot site?

Big Spot Review

Big Spot is a website where you can earn money for taking paid surveys. You can earn money in Big Spot by surveying various data.

It is one of the popular survey sites that people all around the world can join and start to earn by providing their feedback and honest opinion. However, unlike other survey site, you can also find Big Spot as the hub or shopping center of survey sites.

On this site, you can find various other survey sites that pay for the feedback or opinion of the user. Big Spot site is similar to SurveyCompare site that acts as a hub for various survey sites.

How to Join Big Spot?

Joining Big Spot is free and easy. When you visit Bigspot: Get Paid To Take Surveys Online!, you can find join now on the home page.

Fill in your date of birth and gender and click join now. Afterward, you will be asked to fill in your email address so that Big Spot can send a conformational link to confirm your email address.

How Does it Work?

After the registration process is completed in Big Spot, you will see a page where they will say, “based on your profile, we have matched you with the following survey panels who will pay you to share your opinions.T

It means that you cannot earn directly from Big Spot itself but visit other survey websites to earn. The survey websites offered by Big Spot are legit but you have to again register on the website.

You can join those websites and take surveys and get paid by them directly.

How do you Earn?

You will not be paid by Big Spot itself. You will be paid by the websites that you join to do their survey. Big Spot is just a mediator between you and other legit websites that wants to hire freelancers who want to survey.

But all the transactions of the users will be direct with the third website but not with Big Spot.

Thus, the pay rate of each survey varies as per the websites. Some websites may pay you higher while others may pay you lower. The pay rate of a survey may also be dependent on its length, time limits, and complexity.

You can also earn from other websites by providing valid surveys or opinions. Some of these survey sites and apps  are:

How Does the Company Pay?

Most survey websites pay you from PayPal. You may also be paid through direct bank transfer, gift cards, or Bitcoins but all payout gateways depend upon the website you are taking a survey on.

The minimum payout threshold is also dependent on the website you are taking a survey on.

However, if you like cashback then we have accumulated some best sites for you to get cashback. Check them below:

Pros and Cons of Big Spot


  • It is free and easy to join Big Spot
  • Big Spot promotes legit survey websites only.


  • You cannot earn directly from the website itself
  • Big Spot is like a mediator website that promotes other survey websites thus they do not have their own member area and they do not have their own surveys
  • There is not much info about this website
  • You can directly join legit websites without joining Big Spot

Conclusion: Big Spot Review

Big Spot is not a scam but you cannot directly earn money for taking paid surveys. You will be by third-party websites where you will join to take surveys.

The minimum payout threshold also depends upon the website that you are taking a survey on.

Big Spot is legit but is not recommended for your earning. They do not have any survey to offer you as they are only promoting survey websites.

The survey websites they promote you are legit but you can directly join the websites without joining Big Spot.

They give a statement that “based on your profile, we have matched you with following survey panels who will pay you to share your opinions” which is irrelevant as the information provided you are date of birth, email address, and gender only.