Cash4Minutes Review 2024: Is It Legit or Scam? [Must Read]

What is Cash4Mintues?

Cash4Minutes is a website that allows users to earn money by calling the numbers listed on the website. Many attraction of the websites is there is not any person calling form the other side but users have to listen to the radio played on the other side of the call.


Since users will basically earn from calling the phone numbers, it is recommended to use a phone carrier with free services on 0845 and 0870 numbers.

There are 170 countries listed on the website with over 4000 numbers so users may charge the number of respective countries to call the number. Discover how the websites work, how work is done, how the website pay and, how payment is redeemed.

How does Cash4Minutes work?

Initially, users are required to have a landline, mobile, or skype account and must register with the company. Then users must register with the website. The website will ask for other personal details and most importantly phone numbers of the user.

After you have been accepted on the website, you will find the countries listed on the website and their numbers. Users just have to call and listen to the radio broadcast on the other ends of the call.

Maximum number of 10 numbers can be added into account of the users and they can start calling and earning money.

How does Cash4Minutes Pay?

Users have to call on the number listed on the website to earn the money. The website pays $10 if the minutes of calls reach 5000 minutes which is equivalent to almost 83 hours. If it is broken into minutes the users can earn from $0.06 to $0.13 per minute depending on the location.

There are more than 170 countries listed on the website, there are no limitations on the number of calls to be made but in some countries, the call may be disconnected depending on a time limit.

The users have to incur the cost of the calls if the countries they call have international charges, but there is the option of free calls and most of the countries provide free call service. The country with the highest amount per call is Cameroon and the lowest is Netherland.

Users can leave the phone in their background after calling untill the broadcast ends.

How does Cash4Minutes Payout earnings?

There are 5 methods of withdrawing payment. They are Amazon Voucher, Bitcoin, Charity Donation, Bank Transfer, and PayPal. The time limit required for the payout is 35 days and for international calls, sometimes payout is up to 50 days.

Does Cash4Minutes have referral program

The company does offer a referral program. For every referral, the company provides 10% of the sum earned by your referral. Furthermore, if your referral brings other persons through him users will earn 2% of the commission from the respective referral.

Suspicion in Cash4Minutes website

  • There is no proper knowledge about the website owner and the company it is linked to.
  • There are no briefings on how the company earns its money themselves.
  • Paying just $10 for almost using 83 hours is kind of a wasting time.
  • There is clearly a lack of reliability between the website and the owner of the website.
  • There is no clear explanation of why the calls are made and how the users are being paid.
  • The users have to pay for a phone call they make to some countries and that is quite unfair on users’ path.
  • There is no clear information, indication, and FAQ of the website so it makes the website even more suspicious.

Pros and Cons of the Website


  • The site is legitimate and it pays based on calls.
  • The job is easy and available worldwide.
  • Users can call and leave by playing the radio in the background.


  • There is a limit to calling in particular countries.
  • Amount earned is really low and takes lots of time to reach the minimum payout.
  • Users will have to pay for some phone calls on the website.
  • No real information about the owner and proper information about the website.


Overall, the website seems to be legitimate and the work done to earn money is really easy. You have really large amount of options available for phone calls and there are over 170 countries to choose from. The payout method is also easy and there are many options available for withdraw.

However the amount earned is really less and it is not recommended to pursue this as active source of income.

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