Analysia Review 2020: Is It Legit or Scam? [Must Read]

What is Analysia?

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Sometimes the company pays its employees for their attention to detail. They want their customer to be aware of everything, hence the company hire a general public having some knowledge and provide vivid description of how the apps or website work. Basically that is how Analysia work.

Analysia is a website that basically pays us mobile apps and websites and provide reviews. The website provides a fixed amount of cash or reward for testing the accessibility and efficiency of the website or handling of Mobile Applications.

Each test takes to 10 minutes to 20 minutes, to complete and it is not very difficult. So, discover how the workers can join, how they work, how the websites pays and how to redeem the payment down below.

How to join Analysia?

To join Analysia it is essential for users to be over 18. Users must have a decent internet connection and their own devices at home. Then website will put out vacancy for app testing and app testing form their website platform. Some of the works cannot be done from mobile and requires only desktop.

After finding vacancy notice, users have to register with the website. To register with the website you must have your microphone plugged in on your desktop or laptop. To take the test of the website users will need a microphone. There is no need of webcam but microphone is necessary.

After signing up with website, next important step is profile. Users must complete their profile very efficiently and effectively. Users use profiles are not completed are overlooked and rejected. Some jobs required specific skill so users profile that matches the specified jobs are selected.

Tests may not be available everyday and users may not work every single day so completing profile effectively is really necessary to earn from this website.

After completing the profile, users must provide the website their PayPal account and if users have not created them it is essential to create them as it is only payment options.

How do you earn from Analysia?

For every tests, users will obtain upto $10 regardless of the time they take to complete the test. Reward is fixed and every test whether they are easy or difficult fixed reward of $10 is obtained.

Completing profile effectively is necessary for landing the job and finishing the job quickly. Finishing the job quickly will result in getting more app testing job and getting more money in short period of time. There is no minimum thereshold of the job needed to reach but everytime the test is finished users will receive the amount.

Users just have to provide PayPal account and website will complete the payment automatically for the users.

How much money can users make from Analysia?

Each users will earn $10 for completing every tests. The test will take upto 10 to 15 minutes so knowing how to do the test is really essential as it will be easy to earn more from this website.

The tests are not frequent and there are possibly upto 3 tests per month but website does not provide clarification on exact amount of tests that users will receive per month. That is why this website is somewhat unreliable.

But there is a referral program where the website pays out $ 2 per each tests done by their referrals. And if users can bring large business as clients of Analysia, the website provides significant amount of profits.

Which device can Analysia be used?

Analysia can be used on both mobile and desktop devices. Some tests are only carried on mobile whereas some can be only carried out on desktop. But it is necessary for users to have both desktop and mobile to earn more in the website.

How can you Payout the earnings?

Analysia pays its users through PayPal. There is no other options of payout so users have to provide their PayPal account Users don’t have to continually request for payout, once the test is completed the payment is sent automatically.

Pros and Cons of Analysia


  • The application is worldwide.
  • Their is no payment thereshold.
  • Payout is done easily and continually.


  • There is no definite number of jobs.
  • Application is unreliable.
  • The amount to regular users is low.


The website is legit and pays its users. There is no payout amount and payment are made regularly but amount is not enough and there is no certainty of regular availability of jobs.

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