5 Work At Home Jobs That Makes $5,000 Per Month

Working from the comfort of the home & making money online seems like a myth. If not, impossible for many people.

Thanks to those scams & Get rich quick schemes that you receive on your email every other day.

This makes ‘work from home’ and online business look like either a myth or a scam. But there are genuine sites where you can make money doing microtasks like Remotasks & surveys sites like ySense.

Now let me remind you something:

It’s 2024, the era of the Internet and Technology.

You have all the opportunities (more than ever) to quit your traditional job or make an extra source of income working from your house being around with your loved ones.

More and more people are looking for side hustle ideas to generate additional sources of income and you can do it as well.

The best part?

You can become your own boss. Nobody gives you an order to complete a task. You have the freedom to choose your own work at your own time.

Whether you are a housewife, mom or a student looking for some ideas or side hustles to work from your home and make a source of income, this guide will help you to get started.

Let’s dive right into it:


A transcriptionist is responsible for turning audio files into text files.

If you have good knowledge of the English language and can type words on your computer fast, then you can become a transcriptionist.

To become a transcriptionist, you can join different companies that allow people to make money in their free time.

Basically, all you have to do is listen to audio files, and type the words as you listen to them.

You can earn anywhere between $10 – $30 per hour doing this work. You can even choose your own flexible hours to complete the work.

No pressure included!

Following are the list of companies that pay you for transcription work:

  1. Rev
  2. Scribie
  3. Go Transcript
  4. Transcribe Me
  5. Speech Pad

All you have to do to start working on this company is to register and complete a basic transcription test.

You can work good money even working 1 – 2 hours a day on this site.

And of course, a full-time income is also possible if you dedicate enough time to work on these sites and you will also get an hourly pay rise after you become a better transcriptionist.

Virtual Assistant

If you don’t know what a Virtual Assistant is, or what a Virtual Assistant does, then let me tell you:

A virtual assistant is a self-employed person who works for businesses and entrepreneurs from a remote location using the Internet.

People hire a virtual assistant to save time and energy which they can use on other important aspects of their business.

Businesses & entrepreneurs ofter hire a virtual assistant so they don’t have to appoint a full-time staff for a simple task and on the other hand, they don’t have to pay employment tax.

What is the duty of a Virtual Assistant?

Being a virtual assistant allows you the freedom to choose what project to work on.

For example:- If you have the knowledge of social media, then you can help businesses to manage their social media accounts or you can do data entry jobs as a virtual assistant.

The point is:

You have all the freedom to choose the projects you want to work on or have experience with.

Here are some of the common works you can do as a Virtual Assistant:-

  • Customer support
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphics Content production
  • Email marketing
  • Managing appointments
  • receiving phone calls

….and so on.

You can also try your hands on building your own Instagram Management Agency and charge clients $200 to $500 per month to manage their Instagram account.

What are the skills required to become a Virtual Assistant?

While a Virtual Assistant job is easy, It does require some skills that will help you to become a good virtual assistant who can work efficiently.

Followings are the key skills that a Virtual Assistant must have:-

  • Fluent communication
  • Time management skills
  • Highly Organized
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Always be there for the clients whenever they need you (Being Available is a core skill *wink* )
  • should be willing to learn and adopt new things

Where to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs:

You can find V.A jobs at the following companies:

  1. Freelancer.com
  2. Zirtual.com
  3. Upwork.com
  4. Remote.co
  5. People per hour


If your eyes can scan typos and grammar mistakes, then this one is definitely for you.

Proofreading is more like being grammar police who catch grammar errors and simple typos and fix them.

People often need a second eye to make sure everything on a text document doesn’t have typos and grammatical errors before going live or finalized.

Check out 17 Proofreading Jobs that are Hiring Beginners.


Blogging is a very good opportunity to work from home as a mom or a student.

If you have knowledge about a specific topic or passionate about something, there’s a huge chance that other people are interested and searching for information on the topic.

Why not make a blog and share your passion and knowledge to help people who need the information.

And of course, make a good sum of money from sponsored ads & affiliate commission.

But there are unlimited ways, you can monetize a blog once you have a loyal reader base of your blogs.

While it takes some time to make money from blogging, but it’s definitely worth it.

I’ve already written a guide, Learn how to start a blog easily.

Sell an Online Course

Online courses have a huge market and will be more popular with the pace of the time.

An Online course is cheaper and has anything you want to learn compared to traditional colleges. So, it will become more and more popular shortly.

Do you have a special skill or some solid knowledge about something useful?

Let me help you:

Maybe you have skills in cooking a delicious recipe or maybe you can play a musical instrument like a guitar or a piano.

If you can record the special skill you have in the form of a text or a video, then you can sell these courses on your own blog or even an online course platform like Udemy.

Become a YouTuber

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. A lot of people are creating content on the platform and literally making thousands of dollars every day.

You can also start your own YouTube channel and start producing video contents right from your house.

All you need is a camera and maybe a mic.

Video content ideas are literally infinite. You can make a funny YouTube show and make your audience laugh or if you don’t have that skill, let your Cat do it for you.

Yea, you guessed it. Funny Cat videos.

You can even start a tutorial channel or a celebrity news channel or DIY crafts channels or even do Vlogging.

How to make money from YouTube?

A lot of people don’t know that there are more ways you can make money from YouTube, other than the ads placed by YouTube.

Once you have enough subscribers you can make money by getting sponsorship, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, and so on.


These are the top 5 work from home job ideas that can help you to make money from your home.

You can work for a few hours a day even full time on these work-at-home opportunities.

If you dedicate the time & energy needed to work on these jobs, you can have location and time freedom.

I hope these job opportunities will help you to earn some extra money.

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