5 Legit Data Entry Jobs That Allows You To Work From Home.

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So, you want to make money online doing data entry jobs. Smart move! 😎

Anyone can get started with data entry and make money online as data entry requires some basic knowledge.

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Doing data entry jobs, you can set your own flexible working hours and work from your home.

And let me clear this out!

You don’t need any educational qualification or a degree nor a professional background. Anyone with basic knowledge of computers can get started with data entry.

So, the bottom line is:

Anyone can get started with data entry and start making money online from home.

But, you must have the basics skill sets to get started which are listed below:

Note: Even if you don’t have these basics skills, don’t let it drag you down. You can watch tutorials on Youtube and learn all these skills within a week.

Computer Basics: While doing the data entry jobs, you will be using the computer most of the time. So, you must have the basics knowledge of computers like Opening your computer, installing different software/programs and so on.

Knowledge of Software: You must have the knowledge to operate simple software like MS Word, Excel or Google spreadsheets and different data recording tools.

Faster Typing: You will be recording and organizing data, so to make the workflow faster, you must have the skills to type faster. That would help makes your work easier.

Organizing Skills: Data entry is all about organizing the data. So, it’s obvious for you to have organizing skills.

Patience and Willpower: This skill is required in any job you do but for data entry, it’s the most important skill. You will be sitting in front of your laptop or a computer for long hours doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again. So, you must have the patience and willpower to complete the tasks assigned to you.

So, if you have these skills or willing to develop them and if this excites you, then let’s explore the best data entry jobs from home.


You can sign up and get started to do the data entry jobs on the site.

You will be assigned different tasks provided by the Clickworker clients like creating articles and proofreading, completing surveys, app testing, photo capturing and data entry jobs.

That means, click workers provide different tasks including data entry jobs.

Clickworker is available worldwide and anyone can start working on the site for free.

Visit: Clickworker

The Smart Crowd

The smart Crowd founded by Lionbridge is one of the largest providers of work at home jobs. You can do different tasks (including data entry) on this platform offered by their clients.

The smart crowd is a legit company and they have been around for 20 years. So, you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the company.

If you want to get started with data entry and this company might be your best bet.

Sign up and get started, it’s free.

Visit:- The Smart Crowd

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s own crowdsourcing site Mechanical Turk (aka mTurk) provides all sorts of tasks that you can complete to make money online.

The tasks include data entry jobs as well but it pays less.

But you can work on this site and make some side income for sure.

You can sign up and get started working right away as it doesn’t require you to have previous data entry work experience.

It’s is one of the oldest crowdsourcing sites and with the brand ‘Amazon’ behind this business, we can’t question its legitimacy…Can we? 🤔😉

Visit:- mTurk


DataPlus+ is a Georgia based company founded in 1992 which hires data entry clerks, Administrative personnel. Document handling clerks & MS Access database programmers.

This company is your solid match if you looking for home-based data entry jobs only. Most of the data entry companies provide micro jobs along with the data entry job but DataPlus+ provides you only data entry related jobs.

The clients of DataPlus+ includes law enforcement and legal agencies so you will need to pass a background check as well to qualify to work on the company.

To apply, visit the official DataPlus+ site and provide your information. If the information matched their requirements, you will be contacted.

Capital Typing

Capital Typing provides data entry jobs along with other jobs like Transcription, Translation, office administration, Market research & Customer care support.

Working on a data entry position, you will be doing:

  •  Data Entry Services
  •  Data Mining Services
  •  PDF Scanning Services/PDF Conversion Services
  •  Data Conversion Services
  •  Data Processing Services
  •  Data Extraction Services
  •  Image Scanning & Indexing
  •  Direct Mailing Lists
  •  Data Formats
  •  Data Integrity Testing

You can check out the current required position on this link.

Visit:- CapitalTyping


Data entry is one of the easiest and newbie-friendly way to make money online. There are tons of ways to make money working from home and data entry is one of them.

It’s a bit tedious work, I must admit. As you will be dealing with repetitive work and working for long hours. But if you overcome this you will be making some money for sure.

In this post, I have shared 5 legit ways of doing data entry jobs to make money working from home.

Now it’s your turn:

Have you worked on any online data entry jobs? Let me know how was your experience. 😉

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Legit Data Entry Jobs