Cashkarma Review 2024: Is it legit or a Scam?

There are lots of GPT sites and apps on the internet for people to earn some extra income. On these GPT apps, you have to perform various tasks.

Most of these tasks come from instructions however GPT apps are frustrating to use.

However, CashKarma is an interesting app that is popular for paying lots of gift cards and free cash. Instead, there are some questions about Cashkarma and the most important of them is:

Is Cashkarma legit or a scam?

Yes, Cashkarma is a legit application. They are popular for having plenty of tasks and having the decent potential to earn some decent earnings.

They also provide large gift cards and free cash.

However, there is always a lot more than just a face value of the application. You also might want to know how to join Cashkarma, earn from them and get to know the method to withdraw your hard-earned earnings.

Not only that I will provide you with all the tasks you can complete on Cashkarma and how much earning potential is there from the application.

So I request you to keep engaging below if you want to earn maximum from the application and don’t want to miss out on any valuable information.

What is Cashkarma?

Cashkarma Review

Cashkarma is a popular reward app or GPT app that provides cash, gift cards, etc for completing tasks and offers.

They are founded by Darkfield Corporation. There are tons of tasks on the site such as offers, videos, surveys, etc. When you complete these tasks according to the information and instructions you will be rewarded from the application.

The founder of Cashkarma is familiar with these apps as they are also founders of Appkarma, Screenkarma, and Playkarma application which performs as the same way as Cashkarma.

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They were founded in 2013 by popular businessman Andrew Lin to promote and advertise his business by surveying and rewarding the surveyors.

The main attraction of Cashkarma is that the tasks are not very long and you can easily finish them and earn your reward immediately.

Now let’s take a look at how you can join the application to start earning.

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Key Introduction

  • Application – Cashkarma
  • Founder – Andrew Lin
  • Founding Year – 2013
  • Desktop or Mobile Platform – Android Mobile
  • Minimum Payment rate – $10
  • Payout Method – Paypal and Amazon Gift Cards

How to Join Cashkarma?

It is not hard to join Cashkarma. All you have to do is find the android app from the Playstore and download them.

When you join them initially, Cashkarma provides 500 bonus points for you to get started. They are global applications so anyone can join the app and start earning.

However, you must be over 14 years old to be able to start completing tasks and earning cash or giftcards.

When you download the application, you have to then register your personal information on it.

You have to provide your name, address, email address, and password for you to access Cashkarma from more than just one device.

How To Make Money from Cashkarma?

There are lots of tasks available on Cashkarma for you to earn some gift cards and Paypal cash as well.

So let’s get into a discussion on what tasks you can complete and how can you make money from Cashkarma.

#1 Paid Offers

Cashkarma is predominantly a GPT site where you have to complete offers as per instruction to get your reward.

There are lots of offers available on Cashkarma and some of them are fun games such as Escape the Prison, Spin the Wheels, etc.

These offers are only a few minutes long and are quite entertaining. You have to follow an easily fixed set of instructions to complete the paid offers.

After you complete the offers you will be paid immediately.

#2 Paid Surveys

Another way to earn from Cashkarma is by completing paid surveys on the application. They are one of the high-paying tasks on Cashkarma.

However just like other survey sites first you have to provide your demographics by answering some set of personal questions.

These demographical questions will be helpful for the app to provide you with more survey opportunities.

Also, the paid surveys may only take a few minutes to complete and you will be paid immediately again.

#3 Watching Videos

Another task available on CashKarma is that you can watch videos or ads and earn some extra earnings.

However, these types of tasks are very low paying as they pay only up to $0.001. These ads are from 15 seconds to 30 seconds long.

As mentioned earlier they are the least paid task on CashKarma so you can probably engage in other tasks rather than waste time on Cashkarma.

How Much Can you Earn from Cashkarma?

Cashkarma Review

Cashkarma is a decent application that provides gift cards and Paypal cash for completing paid offers.

The application distributes rewards in the form of points. Despite the application having so many tasks and works to earn some extra income CashKarma is not a get-rich scheme.

You will never be rich from these applications but can earn from $50 to $100 per month which can add on to your side income budget.

Also, the payout rate on each task is very limited so I recommend you to be patient and keep completing the offers and keep on earning.

Minimum Payout and Payment Method

Cashkarma is an awesome application in regards to payment options as there are tons of options.

You will get paid via PayPal, Giftcards, Amazon cards, and other options as well. This will attract many users have they can withdraw earnings in plenty of ways.

As I have mentioned above the site will reward you with points so you have to earn the points equivalent to the payout threshold.

You have to earn a minimum of 6000 points which is equivalent to $5 that is exactly the minimum payment threshold.

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How to ask about missing rewards?

According to the site, first of all, you have to comply with all the requirements, then wait 24 hours.

Even then you did not receive your rewards, you can complain about your complaints or query on [email protected].

What does Rank mean?

According to Cashkarma, Rank means the reputation of the application.

You will increase your rank when you complete the tasks efficiently and effectively.

The more your rank is the better and high-paying jobs you will receive.

Inspection of Safety

  • SSL Certificate – Valid [Issued by Cloudfare Inc ECC]
  • Owner – Andrew Lin
  • Date of Foundation –  2013
  • Customer Support – Excellent
  • Contact Link – N/A
  • Privacy Policy – Available

Pros and Cons of Cashkarma


  • Easy and simple to join the application.
  • Tons of tasks available
  • Quick Payment from CashKarma
  • Good options to withdraw your earnings.


  • The payout for each task is comparatively low.
  • The application is confusing to navigate.
  • Sometimes the tasks are broken and do not provide a reward.

Cashkarma Review: Final Verdict

After the detailed Cashkarma Review, I can confirm that the app is legit and it pays.

They have tons of tasks to keep you occupied and entertained and you will receive payment almost immediately.

However, the payout is extremely low and they will never make you rich or help you pay your mortgage.

Cashkarma is a decent rewarding application and we can confirm with 7 users from Trustpilot who have rated the site 4 out of 5 stars.

This shows Cashkarma is a good app to earn rewards.

Let’s take a look at some user reviews in detail.

User Reviews

Here are some positive user reviews.

Review 1

According to this user, Cashkarma is a legit site and all the user’s needs are a determination as they have already received amazon vouchers.

User Reviews

Review 2

This user is very happy with Cashkarma as they believe the site pays and she is promoting her own code for other users to get extra reward points.

Now let’s take a look at one negative review from the site

Review 3

This user has kept it simple as Cashkarma is a fraud app and urges people to not download the app but has not provided a clear reason.

Negative User Reviews

All in all, Cashkarma is a decent app that is legit and it pays its users so I recommend all of you to join the app and start earning.

However, be careful about your expectation and don’t leave your job or spend recklessly.