Dscout Review

DScout Review 2021 – Is it Legit or a Scam?

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Earning money online via GPT sites is very common nowadays. There are lots of GPT sites that you can join and start earning.

All of the GPT sites claim they pay however I have to bring you the best paying GPT site.

Today I have brought a new GPT site named Dscout and we will find out:

Is DScout legit or a scam?

Dscout is legit and it pays its users. You will be paid for doing certain tasks they offer and can earn from $15 to $100 permission. The site pays you through PayPal.

However later in this article, I will explain to you how to earn and how many opportunities does Dscout provides.

They claim to pay you for doing certain tasks they offer but is it worth joining?

For more details regarding Dscout, check out the article below:

What is Dscout?

Dscout Review

Dscout is an app that claims you can earn by doing certain tasks they offer. There are missions in which you can participate from mobiles only.

You cannot do these missions from a desktop or pc. You can find various types of missions available in the Dscout App.

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 Key Introduction:

  • Application – Dscout
  • Founder – N/A
  • Founding Year – N/A
  • Desktop or Mobile Platform – Mobile only
  • Payment rate –
  • Payout Method – PayPal

How to Join Dscout?

Dscout Review

Visit Sign In – dscout to get started and fill up your details like your email address and password or you can join in through your Google account.

Then you will receive an email with a conformational link from Dscout to confirm your email address.

You can also download Dscout App from Play Store on Android devices or App Store on iOS platforms and login into the app.

How To Make Money from Dscout?

Dscout is an online platform where you can earn by doing certain tasks they offer. These offers are known as missions. You can start doing missions after you register your account.

There are three types of missions. They are:

  • the Diary missions,
  • Live missions, and
  • Express missions.

Each mission should be conducted in its way.

Diary missions are the missions that you have to do in succession for several days whereas Live missions are the missions that you have to record your mobile screen so that the mission leader will be viewing what you are doing simultaneously.

Express missions are short missions that you have to complete in one go.

When you see a mission, you are interested in, click it and you can see the instructions you need to follow.

The reward, and the requirements of the mission. Mostly, this mission consists of clicking pictures and recording videos of you and your surroundings.

You have to answer a short questionnaire to join the mission. Mission leaders are in charge of choosing participants by reviewing the survey.

If you are selected, you can perform the mission by following the instructions and once you complete the mission, submit them through the mission page.

Your missions will be reviewed by the mission leader and he will give a signal if you will receive a reward or not.

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How Much Can You Make From Dscout?

Dscout is an online platform where you can earn by doing certain tasks they offer.

The pay rate is known before the completion of the mission.

When you click to start the mission, you will know the instructions you need to follow, the reward, and the requirements of the mission.

If you complete a mission and are accepted by the mission leader then you can earn from $15 to $100 per mission depending upon the type and length of your task.

Minimum Payout and Payment Method

You will be paid in US Dollars in your Dscout account. You can withdraw your amount once you have completed your mission through PayPal.

There is no minimum payout threshold in this app so you can withdraw your amount once you receive your earnings.

You will receive the amount after 10 business days of completion of your mission.

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According to Dscout, some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:

Q: What file types are supported in Live Mobile stimuli?

According to Dscout, live Mobile stimuli boards can house media files (JPG, PNG, and MP4) as well as URLs They cannot house PDF, MOV, or PPT files.

Tip: Avoid uploading Drive or Dropbox folder links as stim, or using long prototype flows with fields that must be manually entered by the scout.

Instead, upload each file directly to a stim board and break longer prototype flows into multiple links in multiple stim boards.

Q: Can you be able to over-recruit for a Live Mobile mission?

According to Dscout, yes, you’re welcome to invite a few extra scouts to make sure all of your slots are full.

Tip: Be sure to include a line in your mission’s instructions stating that time slots are on a first-come, first-serve basis so scouts should be sure to schedule themselves ASAP.

Q: Can you have observers on a Live Mobile session?

According to Dscout, yes! Anyone who is added as a collaborator on your project can observe any of your Live Mobile sessions.

Tip: If possible, connect your computer to ethernet during Live Mobile sessions and instruct your observers to do the same.

If you’re sharing longer prototypes or larger stim files, if possible, reduce the number of observers you have on the call to preserve bandwidth.

Q: Can you share your screen with a scout in a Live Mobile session?

According to Dscout, no, Live Mobile does not support this capability.

Tip: If you need to share your screen with a scout, consider running a Desktop Live session.

Q: Can you test a long, complex prototype flow on Live Mobile?

According to Dscout, consider splitting your longer prototype flow into shorter steps in separate links in separate stimuli boards to preserve bandwidth.

Tip: If that’s not an option, send the link to your longer flow to the scout before your session via chat in the Manage page and instruct them to open it in their browser.

Q: Can you message participants during your Live Mobile session?

According to Dscout, no, Live Mobile does not support this capability.

Tip: Communicate with scouts before and/or after your session via the chat function on the Manage page.

 Inspection of Safety:

Pros and Cons of Dscout


  • Dscout is free and easy to join
  • There is no minimum payout rate
  • The pay rate is high if you are selected


  • Dscout offers you limited earning options that are only through missions
  • Being selected to do missions is tough

Dscout Review: Final Verdict

Dscout is not a scam as it is a website where you can earn money by doing certain tasks they offer.

You will be paid in cash in your Dscout account and can be requested payment after 10 business days through PayPal only.

Over 25 users from G2 Website have rated Dscout 4.5 out of 5 stars on 2021

This website is legit and you can rely on this website for high earning. But being selected in Dscout is tough so if you have enough patience level you can join this app.

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