Tap In box Review 2024: Is it Legit or a Scam?

What is TapInBox?

TapInBox Review

Tap In Box is an online networking platform that pays its users to do some online surveys and provide opinions as well. The site claims it has over 45,000 members and has paid more than 1 million to its customers.

There are two types of survey opportunities on the site which are Paid Surveys and Complex Surveys. However, you can also earn from the referral program.  There are many claims of the site being legit and many other users have blamed it for being a scam.

Today we will look at how to join the site, earn and withdraw your earnings, and most importantly if the site is legit or scam.

So let us get started.

How to Join TapInBox Site?

Tap In Box is a popular website that pays its user to provide opinions and genuine feedback. You have to visit the site and then tap the Get Started button.

After that, you have to fill off the firm. You have to provide First name, Last name, Gender, Birthday, City, and Country. You also have to provide your email address and your password. Once you provide your email id the site will send you verification detail.

You have to click the email verification link and once you click the link, you are all set to work on the dashboard.

How To Work on Tap In Box?

Tap In Box is the site that provides users earning opportunity for their opinion and feedback. Many companies want a second opinion before committing their product so they find the sites that hire personnel to provide the feedback or the opinion.

In the times like that, a website like Tap In Box meets these clients and the personnel that provides feedback.

On the site, there are two ways of earning money. One is providing opinions on surveys and another is Referral Option.


After logging in to the site, you will be in front of a dashboard where you can see plenty of surveys to choose from. The surveys are very short which means up to 5. Once you have completed the survey, the site will verify your answer and if they are satisfied they will pay you up to $1 per survey.

But before the survey, you have to answer some questions to establish the demographics of your survey. The question will scan the type of survey that you can and will able to answer.

However many of the users were annoyed by the constant pop-up ads that appeared on the site during the survey.

Referral Earnings

Another best way to earn from the site is from its referral program that is very good compared to other sites. However, you will only receive the payment once your referral signs up and answer the demographic questions.

After the referral completes the demographic you will receive $5 but it won’t be sent to your PayPal account. Actually, they are accumulated and can be used to withdraw some prizes from the prize pool.

This is one of the biggest missed chances and drawbacks of the site as users don’t really have any amenities to attract referrals.

Payment Method of TapInBox

TapInBox has a complex Payment method and their minimum withdrawal amount is also extremely high. You have to earn up to $200 before withdrawing from the site.

There are various ways you can withdraw the earnings from the site such as PayPal, Paytm, and Amazon gift cards, and other gift cards.

Pros and Cons of TapInBox


  • The site is available everywhere and easy to sign.


  • The minimum Threshold of the site is extremely high.
  • On the site, the Referral system of the site does not provide cash.
  • The surveys are also limited to earn.
  • On the site, there are many pop-up ads that ruin the site.

Conclusion: TapIn Box Review

After the thorough TapInBox Review, we can confirm the site is a scam and does not pay its users. You have to earn up to $200 to withdraw your amount which you will never earn on this site. Hence it is impossible to withdraw any money from it.

Your referral money also will not be in cash which is one of the early signs of the scam on the site. Thank you for checking out TapinBox Review, if you want to earn money by being healthy check our sweat coins Review.