How Mobile Casinos Shape the Future of the Gambling Industry

One of the most progressive industries out there is the gambling industry. Just think about all the technologies that have been introduced into this industry and they were later transferred to some other ones. Therefore, we can describe it as a place where numerous technologies emerge and grow.

Without any doubt, the technology that made the gambling industry what it is today is mobile-friendliness. A couple of decades ago, it was unthinkable that you can use a mobile device to participate in some of your favorite gambling games. The emergence of this technology reshaped the market completely.

As a result of this introduction, numerous websites have started implementing this technology to make the experience as pleasant as possible for their visitors. If you want to visit one of these websites, you can pay a visit to

Now, we want to discuss a couple of ways how mobile casinos have shaped the whole industry.


The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think about mobile gambling is accessibility. Every player who wants to start a gambling session can do it whenever he or she wants and no matter where they are. The only condition they need to fulfill is to have a solid internet connection.

As we’ve stated, the number of gambling sites that have implemented this approach to make it easier for their visitors has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Therefore, the chances of coming across a website where this implementation is not at the highest possible level are at an absolute minimum.

In many cases, there will be two options in front of the players. They can either use a browser version or download an app. So, you can see that the industry has done absolutely everything to accommodate the needs and preferences of its players, mainly through accessibility.

The Number of Players


Due to the accessibility, the number of players has grown significantly. There are numerous reports where we can see just how many people take part in this sort of entertainment these days. Without any exception out there, all of them say that the number of players has reached dozens of millions.

However, there is one interesting perspective in some of these reports. We can see that roughly one-third of the global population has a chance to participate in online gambling. Not to mention that around 15% of the global popular has already played at least one gambling game online, at least once.

It can be attributed to mobile friendliness. Why is that? Well, gambling is a pretty intimate activity, and many people don’t want anyone to know about them visiting these sites. When you think about it, there’s no better way to remain unseen when gambling is to access online casinos through smartphones.

Easier Betting

With every new technology that appears in this industry, the players are quick to adapt. Not only that, but they also become used to the new setting, especially when something is both effective and convenient for them. Mobile casinos made things significantly easier for those who want to make a wager.

They do not need to turn on their laptop and visit the website of their choice. Things are simpler than ever these days. For instance, you can access the app just by unlocking your phone’s screen and nothing more than that. Plus, you don’t need to bother signing in every time since you can adjust the settings to remember your account.

Just compare the situation when people could only make a wager in offline casinos. They needed to sit in their cars or walk to the nearest casino to gamble. Days, when this was the case, are long gone. You can do everything you wish just by clicking the app’s icon and nothing more than that.

Live Casinos


Live casinos are, undoubtedly, the most widespread trend in the last couple of years. We believe that it is not as known that this is a direct result of mobile gambling being introduced. Just take a look at how the need for this service has risen recently. Also, there are no signs that this will stop in the future.

What does this mean? It means that, through your mobile devices, you can participate in live games. For instance, there’s a live stream of a certain roulette table, where players are making their bets, and the dealer will spin the ball. The analogy can be made with all the games out there, like poker or blackjack.

Sure, it is possible to participate in these live games through your desktop PC or laptop. However, we can see, according to numerous reports, that the number of players out there that use smartphones for live gambling is much more prevalent than any other device.

What Does the Future Hold?

Now that you have seen how smartphones have changed the shape of the market, it is good to discuss where this approach can take us in the future. One of the easiest predictions we can make is the introduction of virtual and augmented reality. As we know, our mobile devices are becoming more advanced by the day.

So, nobody should be surprised by the fact that they will have a chance to support this sort of technology in the future. Another important future trend we want to discuss is predictive analysis. Some would say that this is something that already exists. However, it will become even more advanced in the future.

Above all, we are looking at a much better mobile gambling experience. For instance, the audio and graphic capabilities will certainly increase in the future. We can already see some of these movements starting to occur in this day and age. They will become even more advanced soon.

In Conclusion


As we’ve stated, this industry constantly evolves. Every year, you have certain trends appear and some of them cease to exist. However, those who stay, really stick. It is exactly what happened with the mobile-friendliness of the online casinos. Here, we’ve presented our readers with how mobile casinos influenced the whole industry and threw some predictions for the future. And for those interested in learning more about online casinos outside of the Danish license, visit