The Forum Wheel Review 2024: Legit or Scam? [Must Read]

What is Forum Wheel ?

Forum Wheel is the site that pays users for creating forums and threads. You have to post and share in online communities to earn money from this site. The users are hired to boost and share their forum post and it is not abnormal to think many people actually are good at this job.

There are a variety of different forums and users can join different forums each day according to their liking and share posts or even comment on their own threads. The users can add their own content in the forum as well. Payment is paid to users according to their contribution to the forum.

Discover if The Forum Review is legit or a scam. And be aware of the process of how to join the website, how to work, how the site pays and how will you redeem the payment.

How does Forum Wheel website rate users?

First of all, users have to sign up for the website where they will have to provide an email address. The activation message will be received at the mail address. Users will have to confirm email verification to activate the account. After activation of the account, users will have to create a second account on the website called The Gateway.

The account on the website and the Gateway needs to be exact and linked together. After linking the accounts, users have to subscribe to Gateway. This will complete the second registration process.

After completion of activation, users need to create at least 10 forum posts. Those forum posts are sent for checking to the forum moderators. The posts must be without spelling errors, proper grammar, and punctuation. After evaluation, the users will receive if they are accepted or rejected.

The users must pass the test at once. There is no second chance and website prohibits creating second accounts and trying again. If users are accepted, they will be directed to paid section of forums where users can now start to submit their content and earn money.

There is no location and age restriction but users must be really good in the English language and the contents must be interesting to earn money from this particular site.

How will users earn ?

Users will earn on the basis of ratings. First of all, ratings will be started from the 10 posts that you share. After users are accepted, they need to sign into different forums and either have to start a thread or create their own post on the subject of the forum.

Users need to create 5 or more comments on their forum which can be regarded as a thread. You can either create your own thread or comment under a forum. Users’ threads are then submitted to the moderator for checking. Then the moderator will rate users’ work between 1 to 5.

The lowest rating is 1 where the moderator thinks the work submitted was not remotely acceptable and users have not done a good job. The moderators will reply to users with reasons why the ratings were provided.

The ratings provided by the owner of the website are basically overall ratings of the user in the ratings and it is directly related to cash earnings by the users. It is not all lost despite getting lower ratings because you can improve on your ratings on the website.

Users can also improve the ratings and quality of their comments by following the guide provided by the moderators and owner himself. It is highly recommended to comment at least 4-5 lines on each forum so that forum owner will reevaluate your ratings based on users application of writing.

It is highly recommended to pay close attention to advice provided to your writing because it will increase the quality of writing and eventually users’ ratings will be improved.

The overall ratings obtained in the forum determine the number of forums that users can comment on hence that directly determines the number of earnings earned by the users.

How are points evaluated on the Forum Wheel website?

The users will obtain 1 point for each comment made on forums. There is a limited number of comments that need to be made in a day. Leaving all comments at once is not recommended as users will obtain a low value of comments. The users are recommended to leave 3 comments at first and then after certain times leave another 3 comments.

The forum owner wants to spread the comments for a longer time so users can come back to the same forum multiple times and comment on it until the threshold of a maximum number of comments is reached.

The value of points varies according to users level, Level 1 users will obtain 1 points per comment. And each point is $0.50 in cash value.

How will the Forum Wheel website pay?

The minimum payout threshold for the site is $5 and users need to have an active PayPal account to receive the cash. Once users have accumulated enough amount they will have to submit for payment process.

The site will verify the process and once verified within 24 to 48 hours users will be paid.

Pros and Cons of Forum Wheel website


  • The site is legitimate and it pays its users.
  • The earnings are based on merits.
  • User’s with very good English will earn really well.


  • It is really difficult to get accepted on this website.
  • Initially, the earnings are really low.
  • Knowledge of proper English language is a must.


The website is legitimate and pays it’s user. The users with proper knowledge of English language are highly recommended to check this website and work on it. The users need to be patient and follow guidelines provided by the moderators and owners.

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