Spin For Cash Review 2024: Legit or Scam

What is Spin For Cash?

Spin For Cash Review

Spin For Cash is a popular app that pays its user for playing games, spinning roulette, and doing other various tasks. Nowadays the App is called Spin for Points.

The advertiser and creator of the app claim that you can earn the money by spinning wheels without any risk. Other ways of earning money from the app are by doing various tasks and earning points.

You can redeem those points later for cash. So let’s get into the article and find out how can you earn the points and withdraw from the app.

How To Get Started?

First of all, you have to download the app from Google Play Store. After you download the app, you have to register by your email address or by your official Facebook account.

We recommend you link your account to your Facebook since it will save your progress but don’t let the app control any other applications of your contacts from Facebook.

Once you have registered to the site you are now all set to earn from the Spin For Cash application.

How to Play Spin for Cash?

It is really easy to play Spin for Cash. All you have to do is spin the wheel in the game and wait if you have won something. You can get coins and tokens from Slots and you have to exchange the equivalent on it.

1 coin can be exchanged for 10 million points and you can buy tokens if you are willing to pay $100 from the application. The game is basically spinning the wheel over and over again until you finish your cash or you win from the slot.

The first three-wheel spin first on the left and on the fourth wheel which is on the last you have the chance to win something always. You can spin for 10 times at most and if you finish your spin you have to wait for some time to regain them back.

Spin For Cash Review

How do You Get Paid?

According to the developer, you will get paid via two means PayPal and Bitcoin. However, you have to earn enough coins to meet the minimum threshold of the game. The game values 50,000 coins as $1 which you can redeem from the application.

After you reach the minimum payout you can ask for redeeming. The site will ask for your official PayPal account or official BTC wallet to send your earnings.

Minimum Payout and Payment Method

The minimum payout of the site is 50,000 coins which are equivalent to $1. You can then withdraw your earnings from two methods they are PayPal and Bitcoin.

However, you need to earn 50,000 coins to withdraw from both of the payment methods.

Red Flags of The App

Let us provide the red flags of the app, before giving our conclusion.

  • The app says the player who plays must be from the US to earn legitimately however you can receive the ad of the game from any part of the world. It does not make any sense if you can earn only from the US why other people can see the ad of the game.
  • Tokens and Coins carry no value according to their terms of services which means the app is not legally liable to play anyway. So it is pointless to tell the players that they will pay a certain amount of money if they win in the application.
  • There are way too many negative reviews of the game to not note. People are enraged that the site does not pay and they have wasted their time on the application.

Pros and Cons of Spin For Cash


  • The only Pros of the game or app are that the games are really fun and addicting to play.


  • The application or the game is a scam and it does not pay to the players they pay.

Conclusion: Spin For Cash Review

With this in detail Spin For Cash Review, we can easily conclude that the application is not legit but a scam. However, if you like fun and addicting game without any expectation of winning any cash you can really check them out and play.

It is essential to praise the application if they are fun to use but they are claiming they pay to their players which is just a scam.  Spin For Cash has a poor rating of 2 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

Thank you for checking Spin For Cash Review. If you are looking for another survey site that pays please check our review of SurveytoEarn and find out if the site is legit or scam.