AOJ Online Jobs Review 2024: Legit or a Scam? (Must Read)

What are AOJ Online Jobs?

AOJ Online Jobs or rather known as American Online Jobs is a cluster of websites that provides work from home jobs for unemployed persons. AOJ online jobs are better known as employment hubs with many sub-job portal sites linked to them. It was registered in February 2018, as has been claiming it employs those in need.

AOJ provide are basically work from home As mentioned earlier there are multiple jobs portal related to the nature of jobs that the candidate needs. Today we will learn and discover how the AOJ online jobs work, how they pay their candidates, what jobs are available, how the candidate can redeem their payment, and most importantly if the site is legit or a scam.

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AOJ online jobs

How do AOJ online jobs work?

AOJ online jobs act as an employment portal for unemployed people. The red flags appear when users visit their websites. The website looks extremely unprofessional and dull. Users have to sign up for jobs and apply for real jobs. The users have to search for their respective jobs according to their qualification and their skills.

The jobs provided by the sites are mainly surveyed jobs or micro-jobs that are being provided by other websites. AOJ site provides links to the other websites to conduct required jobs. Another way the websites encourage you to join is from their referral program. The payment in referral jobs is higher than that of other micro jobs which encourages users to refer their friends and families more towards the website portal.

Some of their works include data entry and customer handling jobs but there is not aren’t particular workers that have earned from these work. Some of the works listed on the site are not found and available to work on hence that arises a massive red flag on the authenticity of the websites.

How do Users work on AOJ online jobs?

The first process the users have to do is sign up via email address. After signing up the users are asked to take tutorials via website texts and video format. The first video is an introduction to the website. How it works and what users have to do to earn from the site. The second video basically focuses on affiliate and referral posts. The video basically teaches users to post ads on Facebook.

Other referral tools are used in social media like YouTube and sites like Craigslist. The site basically encourages referral methods of earning than any other method but the biggest drawback of that method is it only benefits the job site and not users and workers working there.

The site is similar to the very popular One Forma where you earn by doing some macro tasks and earn money from the hard work as well.

What is the biggest indication of AOJ online jobs being a scam?

1. The first biggest red flag of the website that indicates being a scam is its landing page. The landing page is very unprofessional and boring, users have to be a bit cautious to even register on the website. There is no clear effort on actually making a professional-looking working profile of the website.

2, Second indication of the scam is there is no SSL certificate. The website is ranked on google as not secure which is the biggest lack of authenticity and accountability of any professional websites.

3. Another indication of a website being scam is fake buttons. The buttons available on a website like Apply here and Click here are fake and that is not an indication of the site being authentic.

4. The weird and hard screening and tutorial pages are also the dead giveaways of the site that is looking for scamming than any other intentions.

5. But the main reason for a site being a scammer is there have not been any relevant customers who have come out and addressed how they have received the payment but there are many workers that are angry and hurt of being scammed.


The main point we can draw out from the website is that the site is not legitimate and it has scammed many users and workers who are desperate in need of jobs. Hence there is a necessity to check about the legitimacy of the website and check if the sites are authentic and are actually paying. This research can actually reduce time-wasting sites and sites that are intent on scamming money from local people.

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