Review 2024: Is it Legit or a Scam?

What is is a website that provides users part-time jobs according to users’ time and schedule. DoPartTimeJob is associated with several sub-websites such as,,

All of these websites are based on the same mechanics. They ask users to do basically simple jobs and in return, they will pay their users. was registered on August 25, 2019. Along with its other sister websites, the length of the website time span is only a year.

The owner of the websites constantly changes its IP address and domain of this particular website. This raises the concern of why not permanently continue with the same IP address or buy a domain that can be used for a lengthy period of time.

Users have to be careful approaching this website, as this site is not reliable from how it operates. Let’s discover more about

We will find out how websites work, how users work on websites, how users earn from their websites, and how users will redeem from their websites.


How does Users work in DoPartTimeJob?

First of all, users have to register with an email. After feeling out the profiles, the users are taken into the website where they are needed to do the jobs. Users will get $10 as a sign-up bonus. The jobs that users need to do is to refer the websites to his/her friend.

The owner of the website asks users to post the link in social medias, chat rooms, forums etc. The more referral that users get, more credits users will earn from it.

How do Users Earn from DoPartTimeJob?

The basic and only way of earning form this site is to promote users referral link. There is no limitaitons on where to share a referral link or how many people can actually join from users link.

Actually it is better when more people joins the referral link. The users will either earn $5 or $ 10 depending on location from where users referral link has been clicked. IP Address of the clicker also matters on earnings of the users.

How does DoPartTimeJob pay its users?

One of the biggest drawbacks of this site is the very large sum of the payout amount. Users need a $300 minimum payout to withdraw their earnings. The payment method is Western Union, bank transfer, check, Moneygram.

The website pays its user at the end of each month. But the website does not pay its users so easily. Users are urged to take surveys, or download apps, or even make online shopping before withdrawing their earnings.

What We Found Out about DoPartTimeJob?

The website is not legitimate and has been scamming its user for the past several years. The site is changed or renamed whenever they gain bad reviews for the online public. They have already created different websites with almost the same names, and the same functions so they can create new websites promptly.

There is no valid email address of the website and registration of the website is also somewhat bogus. The main point we found out by reviewing this website is there is not any single person that this website has paid.

After registration via email, the websites sents users email to various scams and users inbox gets flooded. The large payout amount of $300 should be enough to know this website is a scam.

Websites urge users to complete different surveys, download applications but no matter how many offers they complete or how many applications users downloads they are never paid.

Pros and Cons of the website.

Since the website is a scam there is no point in mentioning any pros. We recommend any users to stay as far as possible from the website.


Hence after a proper review, we can conclude that the above website is a scam and users should properly verify before joining any website. There are several websites like this, so before registering for the website, users are recommended to properly verify the legitimacy of every website.

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