Perk Scratch & Win Review 2024 – Legit or Scam

What is Perk Scratch & Win?

Perk Scratch and Win Review

Perk Scratch & Win is a Gpt online platform where you can earn money. It is like scratch cards that you purchase to win rewards. Perk is a lottery game where you can play to earn more points.

You will use your points to earn more. So, it is basically like a gamble. You can use your points for the redemption of gift cards, prizes, or rewards.

Perk Scratch & Win is associated with Perk which is a rather large company and has 12 different apps under it that you can download and earn points. You can also store your earned points in Perk Wallet and redeem your points for gift cards using the wallet.

How to JoinPerk Scratch & Win?

 First, you have to download Perk Scratch & Win on your devices. It supports both Android and iOS platforms so you can download this app from the Play Store of Android or App Store of iOS.

You can sign up through your email id or Facebook. You will be registered and be able to earn money and rewards.

Note: This app is now closed and is not available in any region.

How Does it Work?

After completing registration, you will be rewarded with 50 points. Using those points you can purchase scratch cards to earn more points. However, you do not always earn points through scratch cards.

Sometimes you will also earn 0 points. You can also watch advertisements or videos to earn points. Perk Scratch & Win is associated with Perk company.

Perk has its own wallet known as Perk Wallet where you can store all your points and tokens in. You can also use the points and tokens you earned from other Perk apps to buy scratch tickets on this app.

You can also enter sweepstakes to earn gift cards or other products. Entering sweepstakes will take you about 15 to 20 points. All you need is one account on Perk to use all of their apps.

How do you earn?

Like I already said that you can earn by scratching cards, watching videos, and entering sweepstakes. You are paid on points in Perk Scratch & Win. By watching the 30-second video, you will win 1 point.

So, you will win about 5 or more points normally. If you are playing continuously then you will earn more. Scratching cards is like a lottery system. You might earn 0 points or earn up to 10000 points.

This is based on your chances and lucks. Sweepstakes is another way of earning in Perk Scratch & Win. You will require an entry fee of 15 to 20 points. If you win in sweepstakes then you will earn gift cards and other prizes.

 How Does the company pay?

You have to earn at least 5000 Perk points in your Perk wallet to get paid. 1 point is equivalent to $0.001. So, the minimum payout threshold is $5 for Perk Scratch & Win.

You will be able to trade gift cards from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Walmart, Nike, and many more.

Note: Perk Scratch & Win App is closed. It is not available in any region so you cannot earn any points, gifts, rewards, or cash from it.

Pros and Cons of Perk Scratch and Win


  • You can earn points from other Perk based apps
  • Offers you sweepstakes, ads, and scratch cards to earn
  • It is free to download
  • Perk Scratch & Win is easy to join


  • It is not available in all countries
  • The minimum payout threshold is high which is $5 equivalent to 5000 points
  • There is no referral option and referral bonus
  • You will pay to earn but will not be sure of the return
  • Low pay rate in watching ads


 Conclusion: Perk Scratch & Win Review

From the detail Perk Scratch and Win Review we can say that the app is not available in either Play Store and App Store. But before this app was legit and paid its users. This was a GPT platform that paid you for using this app and playing games like scratch cards.

You could watch videos, enter sweepstakes and play scratch cards to earn points which later can be redeemed for money, gifts, and rewards.

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You cannot download this app for now as it is not available. The Perk company has removed and has no intention of releasing this app in the future too.