The Chat Shop Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

What is Chat Shop?

Chat Shop is a UK-based job site that provides home-based jobs to users. Job includes a wide variety of jobs. The jobs are basically customer-oriented, sales support. Goals of Chat Shop is basically to make unhappy customers very happy customers.

The company provides worldwide vacancy to all over the world and basically favor the users who are prominent in the English language. The users should have really good grammar, accurate spelling, and the construction of proper English sentences.

The users have to commit up to 40 hours per week to the company. Discover How the Chat shop works, how users earn, how the company pays, and how users can redeem their earnings.

How does The Chat Shop Work

Before applying for the job, the company asks you to read the details about the company in their blog posts. The company also makes sure you read the whole thing because they will ask you questions regarding information in the blog post.

After reading the blog post user can apply for the position, the users have to answer some questions to apply for the post. After applying the company will review and if users are selected, the company will schedule a meeting with the user for an interview.

After the live interview, the company provides an assignment basis for the qualification of the users. After that process, the final phone interview process will be required.

The company asks you to keep your references and be prepared for the final interview. If users pass the assignment and final interview they are selected for the job.

What are the Requirements for Users to join Chat Shop?

The main prerequisite for joining a chat shop is to be fluent in the native English language. Other benefits are having proper grammar knowledge, knowing correct English structure, and accurate spelling knowledge.

Users also might need attention to detail and very professional managing and organizing skills. Users will multi-tasking abilities and really focused on their subjects, they are highly likely to succeed in chat shop.

To join the chat shop, users must commit at least 40 hours per week. Users with a typing speed of 80+ WPM with no errors are a must for joining Chat Shop. Users must be positive and with a powerful mentality and must have technical abilities are likely to join Chat Shop.

How does Chat Shop Pay its user?

The minimum company pays its user $10 per hour. The company pays directly via bank account and wire transfer. There are no benefits of Chat Shop company such as health insurance, dental benefits, sick leave, or paid vacations.

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How do Users Work in Chat Shop?

After joining Chat Shop users need to adjust their schedule and inform the company of their working hours. Users will also have to adjust their shifts and must be willing to work evening shifts. Users must be active in different chats and provide their assistance and support in the different technical fields.

Users will many skills and have a decent knowledge of any technical field are expected to thrive. There is a provision of training but basic training does not correlate with everyday problems and challenges.

Users must be cool, calm, and collective because many of the customers who need assistance are angry or really are in distress. Any bad steps and users will provide a bad reputation for the company.

Many clients complaints about the company and their staff as unprofessional, That prestige is directly related to the performance of the said staff of the company. T

he angry customers can throw every training out of the window, this is where users’ ability to handle pressure and tough condition shines through.

The biggest drawbacks of the company are users cannot choose their own shifts and the company can change their shifts any time without confirming with the users.

How can Users Redeem their Earnings?

Users will earn $10 per hour and the company pays their users every 15 days. The leave and absent days will be deducted from the earnings. The mode of payment will be confirmed by the company after officially hiring the users.

The payment method is check, bank transfer, and wiring of the earnings. The time limit to reach the earnings have not been specified but there have been no complaints by the users of lack of payment yet.

Regarding Income Tax, users must be responsible for their own tax and reporting incomes.

Pros and Cons of Chat Shop


  • The company is legitimate and pays its user.
  • There is no issue in paying its users and the company pays a sufficient amount.
  • There are different means of payment and users can choose their best options.


  • The company does not care about users’ choices of shifts.
  • The company is not responsible for the income taxes of users.
  • The work is highly stressed and there is a chance of losing mental peace.

Chat Shop Review

According to my experience, Chat Shop is a legitimate company that pays its user every 15 days. Users can earn $10 per hour working on the site.

The user must be excellent in English and become aware of the company’s conditions. Moreover, the user must be able to handle pressure and work in any given shift.

In conclusion, I think this is a great site and you can earn a decent income working on this site.

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