One Forma Review

One Forma Review 2021– Is it Legit or Scam

What is One Forma?

One Forma Review

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One Forma is the website that claims you can earn money online from home. It is an online platform where you can earn money for completing various tasks and jobs.

One Forma is another GPT site that pays for doing minor tasks such as liking posts, watching ads, and many more.

You can find a similar site in AOJ Online Jobs which you can read here.

How to Join?

Visit OneForma to get started. Select the sign-up option located at the top right of the page.

After that you will have to fill up your details like your first name, last name, country of residence, city of residence, native language, how did you hear about the website, username, email address and password.

You should accept the term of use and sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to proceed further. Then you will receive an email with a conformational link from One Forma to confirm your email address.

After confirming, the registration process will be completed and you can log in to the site and start applying for jobs.

How Does One Forma Work?

One Forma is an online platform that enables people to earn money for completing various tasks and jobs. After logging in to the website, you can apply for various jobs.

Go to the dashboard menu and click the “Jobs” link and then you will see the list of jobs per category.

There are various categories like Data collection, Transcription, Internet judging, Translation, Testing, and Full-time opportunities so choose the category that interests you the most and then you will see the available jobs for that specific category.

Select the job you are interested in and click the view more button. There you will see the instructions and requirements needed to complete the job so if you are interested in the job click the “Apply” button.

After submission of the application, it will take up to 5 to 6 working days to find out if your application is approved or not. You can check at My Jobs section.

Types of Jobs

Data collection, Transcription, Internet judging, Translation, and Testing are short jobs that you can do for quick earnings.

Full-time opportunities are full-time jobs that pay you more than the first five jobs but they require commitment.

Some jobs require certain skills and qualifications. One Forma certification is the tool to determine your skill and qualification so you must take these certifications and pass them to widen your job qualifications.

The more qualified you are, the more jobs you will receive which eventually increases your earnings. After completion of a job, you should send it for verification and if it is in order then you will be paid as instructed.

There is also a referral program in One Forma. You can invite your friends and relatives to sign up on One Forma website and earn a referral bonus

Also not only One Parma but you can earn up to $1000 by doing some online works. Check out the detail below

How Do you Earn?

One Forma is an online platform that enables people to earn money for completing various tasks and jobs.

You will earn from $20 to $50 for completing each job. But your jobs should be in order to be verified first. If your work is not up to the standard then you will not be paid.

You will also earn a referral bonus if your friend signs up in One Forma through your referral link. The exact amount of the referral bonus is unknown.

How are you paid?

You will be paid twice a month in One Forms. The payout gateway of this website is Payoneer and PayPal. You will be paid between the 15th and the 25th of each month and also the transfer might take a few days after the payout request.

If you earn less than 300 US Dollars in a year then prefer PayPal or if you want to work on this website for a long time and earn more than 300 US Dollars in a year then choose Payoneer.

Some of the other popular GPT sites to earn more money are.

Pros and Cons of One Forma


  • One Forma is free to join
  • You can request your payment through PayPal and Payoneer
  • One Forma is available worldwide
  • There is no minimum payout threshold in One Forma
  • You are paid automatically
  • The pay rate in jobs of One Forma are high


  • You will not receive your payment immediately
  • You might find the job you are interested in but the acceptance of job takes a longer time
  • Difficult to be qualified for jobs

 Conclusion: One Forma Review

One Forma is not a scam as it is a website where you can earn money for completing various tasks and jobs. You will be paid directly in cash and are paid to your account between the 15th and the 25th of each month.

This website is legit and has decent earnings. If you can wait for receiving payment then One Forma is good to earn. The pay rate of each job is higher that is ranging from 20 US Dollars to 50 US Dollars and also you will be paid automatically as there is no minimum payout threshold.

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