IcutLink Review 2024: Legit or a Scam?

Hello everyone! In this post, I am going to review IcutLink which is a link shortening network.

This review covers if IcutLink is legit or a scam site along with its features and so on.

So, Let’s get started:

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Introduction: What is IcutLink?

IcutLink is a link shortening network from Canada that displays ads on the short links before redirecting the visitor to the destination URL.

In other words, IcutLink provides an opportunity for publishers to make money by sending traffic to their short links.

Some of its alternatives are Adfly,, and

How To Get Started?

To get started, visit and then create your account. After you complete the sign-up process, you will be ready to shorten the links and make money by sharing the short links.

Payment Info

IcutLink pays its publisher through Paypal which is the only payment method available.

The minimum payout threshold is $3. Payment is made daily as long as you’ve met the minimum payment threshold.

IcutLink Review

Through my research, I can mark this site as a legit link shortening network.

If you search for payment proof of IcutLinks, you can find a lot of payment proof posted by users.

Though this site is fairly new in the business, it has evolved itself into a trusted link shortening network.

I will be working on the site for a few days and will update this review If I have something interesting to share with you guys.


There are few trusted link shortening networks already making an impact in this industry.

However, If you want to try something new and monetize your traffic, then you can definitely go for IcutLinks.

Its dashboard looks clean and easy to use. So far, I haven’t encountered anything suspicious about this network.

Hence, IcutLink is a legit site and you can use it to make some money.

If you have worked with the site before, please feel free to drop your review in the comment box below.