How Far Can Shotgun Microphone Reach – 2024 Guide

Technological advancements shape the world we live in and continue to evolve as we speak. In terms of sound recording, we should underline that we would not enjoy the video material as we do if there were not for adequate equipment to pick up even the quietest fragments of what we intend on capturing. On the other hand, we should not forget to mention the importance of capturing particularly the sounds we want and excluding the undesired ones. Unquestionably, shotgun microphones are one of the most adequate gadgets you can use to achieve the previously described, but one might wonder how far a shotgun microphone can reach. If you want to know the find out more about the subject, we recommend you go through our 2024 guide.

As with any other gadget, we should highlight that the reach of a microphone varies from model to model, thus, we will talk about different types of shotgun mics and analyze their performance. To grasp the idea, we urge you to consider 3 basic types of shotgun microphones and assess which one would fit your wants and needs best.

On-Camera Mics


These models are designed to be mounted on a device you would use for recording the video, as their name suggests. The advantage they have over the alternative solutions reflects in broad coverage, while you would not have to worry about accidentally capturing the mic while you record a video.


You would want to use this type of shotgun mics if you would want to catch a relatively distant sound, at least if we would compare it to the on-cam models. Operating off-camera mics is more complicated than the alternative since they should be used by hand, so we recommend you both focus on handling the gadget the right way and try not to get it in the video, since it might impair the fluidity of the frame.

Cell Phone Mics


The most popular models are ones crafted for mobile phones, and they improve the overall multimedia recording experience by far. Surely, they are less powerful than the alternatives, but they are also incomparably easier to use.

SYNCO is a professional shotgun microphone brand in China that offers types of microphones targeting different devices. Since we have tried out some of their crafts, we shall try to introduce you to numerous benefits their shotgun mics potentiate for a relatively small price. Fortunately, you do not have to pay a small fortune to afford yourself a decent piece of audio recording equipment, so check out the following list and pick your favorite.

Synco U3 Shotgun Microphone for Phone

Naturally, we shall start our list with one of the most interesting phone enhancements we have tried in a while. This mini shotgun microphone will secure about 40 hours of recording time, and you can attach it to your device easily, so you can take it wherever you go and record whatever you like, as long as you aim the little fellow in the right direction.

As with any other shotgun mic, the directionality is of utter importance, and the state-of-the-art interference tube technology this piece is enhanced with allows you to shift your focus to where it is needed without fearing the unwanted sounds will mess with your recording. In a nutshell, this gadget will grant you a perfect sound as long as you record sounds not further than 6 feet from the base. U3 shotgun microphone for iPhone or Android, depending on which device you prefer.

Synco D30


If you would want to get your hands on a serious piece of equipment that puts you in the driving seat, then we would recommend you to consider a professional shotgun microphone such as D30.

Its stepless analog gain knob allows you to adjust the amplifier according to your needs and insulate what you want to record from the potential interferences.

Besides that, doubled sound track protection makes sure that what you record will be formatted as you want, and minimizes the chances of ending up without the previously recorded material.

Additionally, you can pair it with your headphones and check the quality of the recorded audio in real-time.

You can say goodbye to the rustle if you opt for this model since it eliminates the low frequencies that are infamous for compromising the sound quality. This shotgun condenser microphone is a must-have, especially if you want to level up your sound game, and the best thing is that it is a perfect solution even if your budget is limited.

Synco D2

This long shotgun microphone is not a plaything, even though every sound enthusiast would disagree with us. Considering how amazing sound-capturing features this gadget has, we would recommend using it for recording interviews, ASMR videos, or any other action that requires flawless audio support.

Anything ranging from 20Hz to 20KHz will get absorbed by this hyper-cardioid mic that comes with a matching mount. You can use it both indoors and outdoors since its brass body will be able to resist even the most demanding challenges such as stormy weather, or windy settings.

Synco U1


If you would want to purchase a miniature but powerful tool you can attach to your phone or any other portable device such as a laptop or a video camera, you should consider this shotgun condenser microphone.

Its practical shape makes it ideal for everyday use and will definitely enhance your current audio set, especially if you enjoy filming videos for social networks and do not want to spend your savings on a professional piece. In a nutshell, the price-quality ratio is more than satisfactory, so when you add ease of use to the equation, you should realize that this type of investment is worth every penny.

All you would have to do in order to make this little fellow work is to connect it to your device and aim it in the direction of the sound source. You can take it everywhere with you due to its negligible weight of 20 grams, and its proportions that do not exceed the length of a finger. It will not allow you to record ideal audio of anything further than 2 feet from you, but when you assess the power this tiny device can generate, you might conclude that it is more than enough.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you choose the best shotgun mic for your needs. Not everything lies in the range, but within the quality, a quality shotgun mic has to offer. Unquestionably, the models listed in the lines above should grant you precisely that!