Sweat Coin Review 2024 – Legit or Scam

What is Sweat Coin?Sweat Coin Review


Sweat Coin is an online platform where you can earn money. It claims that you can earn my walking and convert it into various rewards.  This is a Get Paid To app or website that pays you to keep yourself fit.

How to Join Sweat Coin?

Joining Sweat Coin is easy. You can download Sweat Coin App on your mobile devices. It supports both Android platforms and iOS platforms. So, you can find this app on Play Store and App Store.

This app has not been released in all countries. This app has been released in about 60 countries so only those users who reside in those countries can download this app.

You have to be at least 18 years old to join this app. You are asked some of your information registers an account. After you go through the sign-up process, you will be sent an SMS containing a security code to complete the registration process.

 How To Get Started?

Sweat Coin pays you for walking. So, once you join the app, start walking. You will have to make sure that your mobile device gets an internet connection when you go out on a walk or elsewhere.

This is because Sweat Coin counts the number of steps you walked and pays accordingly. It uses Google Fit as its engine to track your physical activity and uses the internet in the process.

Then after completion of certain steps, you will earn Sweat Coins which can be redeemed for various rewards.

Remember that you need to have your mobile phone with you for Sweat Coin to count your steps and the site has no connection with brands such as Garmin  Fitbit, Android Wear, or Apple Watch.

There is also various membership you can purchase to enjoy their services. The membership level is as follows:

  • Mover
  • Shaker
  • Quaker
  • Breaker
  • Trouble Maker

Sweat Coin

 How do you earn?

Sweat Coin helps you get fit and earn various rewards. You will be paid in Sweat Coins which you can convert in cash or rewards.

To earn rewards, you have to first walk certain steps. You can only earn if you have at least walked 1000 steps. Once you reach 1000 steps then you can earn 0.95 Sweat Coins.

If you are a mover or standard member then you can up to 5 Sweat Coins per day. For the shaker, you can up to 10 Sweat Coins per day and it costs 4.75 Sweat Coins per month.

In the case of a quaker, you can earn up to 15 Sweat Coins per day and it costs 20 Sweat Coins per month.

For breaker, you can earn up to 20 Sweat Coins per day and it costs 30 Sweat Coins per month and lastly for trouble maker you can earn up to 50 Sweat Coins per day and it costs $0.99 or equivalent in your currency.

Referring to your friend and relatives in Sweat Coin App is another way of earning Sweat Coin. It is not simple as other GPT websites or Apps.

You have to invite at least 30 people and the people you invite must join the app to become a Sweat Coin Influencer.

Sweat Coin Influencers can visit Influencer Store and purchase cool stuff from Sweat Coins. But to earn you do not require to be an influencer. For referring a friend, you can earn 5 Sweat Coins.

You can also earn some Sweat Coins through daily rewards but you have to watch an ad to claim them.

 How Does the Company Pay?

As we already know that Sweat Coin App pays through Sweat Coins. The minimum payout threshold is either $8 or $30 for Sweat Coin. The conversion rate varies as per the country.

The site pays you through PayPal or you can buy various stuff from the online store. It has over 160 brands and you can choose from restaurant vouchers, holiday vouchers, workout clothes, jewelry, shaving products, and more.

Pros and Cons of Sweet Coin


  • Pays you through PayPal and other sources
  • It is free to join
  • Sweat Coin App is easy to join
  • You can earn through this App
  • It can benefit your health by consistent walking.


  • Does not pay you through bitcoins
  • does not integrate with wearables like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, or Android Wear.
  • It has limited earning opportunities.

Conclusion: Sweat Coin Review

In the thorough Sweat Coin Review, we can conclude that Sweat Coin App is not a scam and pays its users. Sweat Coins give you the chance of earning coins.

You will have to earn $8 or $30 to redeem your earning.  On the Sweat Coin site, You can upgrade your membership to earn coins more.

You can join Sweat Coin App as it is legit and pays. You have to be patient as its pay rate is low so it is useful for side income only and the best part is that it keeps you fit.

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