App Nana Review 2024– Legit or Scam

What is App Nana?

App Nana is an application where you can earn money for completing their various offers. You can earn money by doing paid surveys and video surveys.

You can also earn by doing some basic tasks and answering surveys on App called Clic and Walk.

How to Join App Nana?

Joining App Nana is free and easy. When you visit AppNana you can find an option to download for android devices or iOS devices or you can directly go to Play Store and App Store and download for Android and iOS devices respectively.

You can join through Facebook or by providing an email address and password and also you need to be 18 years old so that you can redeem your earnings through PayPal.

App Nana Review

How Does it Work?

After signing up in App Nana, you can complete various surveys and earn various rewards.

Surveys are like small tasks that you need to complete and most of the surveys require downloading, install and play a free mobile game.

You will not get a reward just by playing games but you have to reach a certain kind of condition. For example, you may be asked to become a member of the app or you may be asked to reach a certain level of the game. If you complete these criteria then you will be paid.

The other way of earning in App Nana is by completing video offers. This offer is simple to complete as you will require to watch video ads for a certain time duration.

After watching the video for a certain time duration, you will be paid but if you cancel the video before it ends then you will not receive any points.

You can also earn rewards by inviting your friends and relatives to join App Nana. You will earn a referral bonus for doing so.

 How do you earn?

You will earn in points initially. The pay rate of each survey will be shown in the details of the applications that you need to install and fulfill certain conditions.

The pay rate varies from survey to survey in App Nana. You can earn from less than 50 points in a survey to more than 35000 points in a survey.

But remember that the higher points a survey gives, the more difficult its criteria will be. You will also not receive many surveys in a day and most of the surveys will be of 2000 points or less.

The pay rate of video offers is unknown but you have to watch the full video to earn points.

When a person joins App Nana using your referral code, then he is known as a referral and you will receive 2500 points for each referral.

You can also earn money from other GPT apps such as

How Does the Company Pay?

You will be paid through Pay Pal or gift cards. The app requires you to have at least 1 USD in your App Nana account to redeem the Amazon gift card.

You can redeem your earnings from gift cards other than Amazon like Google Play, iTunes, and Steam but their minimum payout differs.

For Google Play the minimum payout threshold is 10 USD, for iTunes minimum payout threshold is 2 USD and for Steam minimum payout threshold is 20 USD.

If you want to redeem your earnings from PayPal then the minimum payout threshold is 2 USD.

So how many points are worth a dollar?

1 US Dollar is equivalent to 30000 points but 2 US Dollars is equivalent to 45000 points.

One of the most popular and recognized apps that pays for some basic tasks is PaidNova.

Pros and Cons of AppNana


  • The minimum payout threshold is low that is 1 and 2 US Dollars
  • You are paid through PayPal and gift cards from different online stores
  • App Nana is available globally
  • It is free and easy to join App Nana


  • There is limited earning opportunity in App Nana only through paid and video offer
  • The chance of getting higher pay rate surveys is very low and lower pay rate surveys are high
  • Reaching 30000 points requires patience and time
  • This app cannot be your primary earning platform

 Conclusion: AppNana Review

App Nana is not a scam where you can earn money for completing their various offers. You will be paid in US Dollars through PayPal and gift cards from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Steam.

The minimum payout threshold is low but reaching 30000 points requires patience and time. App Nana is legit but is only recommended for secondary earning.

Reaching 30000 points is difficult and the chance of receiving high earning surveys is low and also this app provides you very limited earning opportunities. This application has 4.1 ratings in the Play Store.