Cash Em All App Review 2021 – Legit or Scam

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What is Cash Em All App?


Cash Em All App Review

Cash Em All App is an online GPT app that helps you can earn money online by completing some microtasks. It pays you for playing various games or downloading apps on your devices.

How to Join Cash Em All App?

Yes, it is easy and free to join Cash Em All App. You will require to download it on your Android device.  Cash Em All app does not support iOS platform but only Android platform so it is available in Play Store only

You have to then sign up in Cash Em All using your google play account or Facebook account or login details. Give access to this app to control your data usage only.

Cash Em All App is not available in all countries. If you see this app in your Play Store with a download button then it is available in your country otherwise it is not available.

How Does Cash Em All Work

Cash Em All App pays you for playing various games. The complexity of the game depends upon the number of coins you earn.

You will be paid in coins in Cash Em All but you can convert into your currency once you reach the threshold.

After entering the app, you can find the featured tab at the bottom of the app. Clicking the bottom will let you know about the games you are required to play and the number of coins you can earn by playing the game.

How Can You Earn from Cash Em All?

Please note that the longer you play, the lesser your earning will be. So, the number of coins keeps gradually decreasing.

You can choose the game you like to play and when you find the game you are interested in, click the play button. You have to download the game in order to play this, it will redirect you to the play store page.

Note: Do not open directly after the installation of the game. You have to open it from Cash Em All app. Go to the My App section where you will find installed featured games and then click on the game you want to play.

Your earning will be mainly earnings per minute. So, after playing for a minute your coins will be credited to Cash Em All account. But keep in mind that the data usage permission is allowed or you will not be paid.

The pay rate is not constant and varies from game to game. You will require to give time to earn in this app. Some game may pay you 72 coins per minutes while other may pay you 522 coins per minute.

So, you might not get high pay rate games all the time. Also remember that the longer you play, the lesser your earning will be. So, the number of coins keeps gradually decreasing.

Referring your friends and relatives to Cash Em All app is another way of earning.

You will receive 250 coins and 25% of whatever your referral will earn from the app but for that, your referral must be legit and have joined the app through your referral link.

How Does Cash Em All App Pay?

In the app, click on the payout icon at the bottom of your Cash Em All app. Then you can withdraw your coins through PayPal or iTunes.

4999 coins are equivalent to 0.5 USD if you are living in the United States and 0.5 pounds if you are living in the United Kingdom. Thus, the minimum payout threshold is 4999 coins through PayPal.

In order to reach the payout threshold, it is very difficult as playing a game for more time will reduce your earnings.

Pros and Cons of Cash Em All App


  • Cash Em All App is easy and free to join
  • This app pays you through PayPal which is one of the most recognized money transfers
  • You have a referral program to invite your friend and earn bonuses.


  • Cash Em All is not available globally
  • The payout threshold is high and difficult to reach
  • The longer you play, the lesser coins you will earn
  • Cash Em All has limited earning opportunities

Conclusion: Cash Em All App Review

Cash Em All App is not a scam but it is not recommended as well. Cash Em All App claims you to provide an opportunity to earn money by playing various games.

It is available only on the Play Store of Android platforms. This app is legit but is recommended not to join. You can find various games within the app.

You have to install the app in order to play and earn coins. But the longer you play, the lesser coins you will earn.

The pay rate is also not constant. The games that are featured are mainly with low pay rates. Lastly, the near you get to the minimum payout threshold, the harder it will get to earn.

Thank you for checking Cash Em All App Review, if you want to earn money by walking some distance please check our review of the Sweat Coins App.


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