PaidNova Review 2024 – $300 Per Day or A Scam?

Welcome to the PaidNova review.

In this review, you will discover everything about PaidNova so you can decide whether to trust PaidNova or not.

The real question is:

Can you really make $300 per day as claimed by PaidNova? Is PaidNova even legit?

Now that you have landed on this beautiful blog, It’s my duty to provide you all the correct information about this so-called Get-Rich-Fast website PaidNova.

So, let’s get started

What is PaidNova?

PaidNova is the self-proclaimed #1 influencer Network that offers you a get-rich-fast scheme. The influencer network claims that you can earn $300 daily working on the platform.

To get started with the platform all you have to do is sign up on their site and complete certain tasks. According to PaidNova, the tasks are easier to complete and you will see earnings on your PaidNova account as soon as you start completing those steps.

But wait a minute!

The claims made by PaidNova sound too good to be true.. Right?

I mean how can you earn $300 per day from a site that is fairly new and haven’t probably heard about before.

In fact, there are no proofs on the internet or reviews that state the company has paid to any of their members.

So, for now, we gonna bury the claims made by PaidNova 6 fix under.

How does PaidNova Works?

First, you need to register on their site. As soon as you register, you get a $25 sign-up bonus credited to your account.

Now, PaidNova provides an offer wall that consists of different tasks like answering surveys, creating accounts on different sites, downloading apps, and so on.

The site also claims that you can earn $50 for creating a Youtube video about their site.

Moreover, you get paid $10 for referring people to join the site using your referral link. And you also get paid $2 per click on your referral link.

Then the company also claims to pay $30 per app download available on the offer wall.

So, as you can see anyone will get instantly happy to work on this site as it claims to pay a good amount of money for simple tasks.

But what about the payment? Well, let me tell you in the next paragraph.

Talking about completing missions and earning, there is an excellent site Clic and Walk. Please check the review by clicking the link.

Payment Method

The main payment method PaidNova offers is PayPal. And the minimum payment threshold is $200.

Is PaidNova a Scam?

This is the most important question because i think most of you want to really work on the site and make some money. That’s the reason you are reading this review right?

So, I will go straight to the point.

The site looks really suspicious and I will never recommend PaidNova to anyone reading this review.

Why I Don’t recommend PaidNova?

First Reason:

One of the main reasons is that the owners of PaidNova are unknown. If you are running an honest business then you don’t have to hide your identity right?

There are tons of scam sites on the internet that hides their identity because they don’t want to get caught. And PaidNova might be one of those sites for this reason.

Second Reason:

The second reason is that the claims made by the company are too good to be true.

Like seriously? 300$ per day?

And you don’t even need no experience and the work requires little to no effort.

That’s raises a huge red flag.

Third Reason

PaidNova is a clone of other scam sites like KashTree, , LiteBucks, PaidLeaf, Paid4Clout and more.

PaidNova looks exactly like these scams sites and might be founded by same person as well.

So, we can assume that PaidNova is a scam site whose only motto is to earn money from its members who complete the tasks.

Here, PaidNova is the only one making money from the surveys and offers completed by the members.

Fourth Reason

The minimum payment required for withdrawl is $200. It requires alot of time and effort to reach to that point.

But the main problem is that you won’t be able to withdraw the money even after you’ve reached the minimum payment.

This is the modal of every other scam sites. These scam sites will start making excuses and ban your account saying fradulant ativities were seen on your account and so on.

You won’t ever hear back from them again.


PaidNova is not a legit site and I recommend everyone to stay away from the network. The site looks suspicious in many different ways. The self claimed #1 Influencer network is a clone of many scam sites that shows up today and disappears next day.

So, this site is huge NO for my readers. Thank you.