BuxInside Review 2024 – Is it a Legit or Scam?

PTC sites are one of the common ways to earn money online. All you have to do is watch videos or ads for some time.

However, these PTC sites are very low-paying so people tend to get away from the PTC sides.

Today I am bringing you a new PTC site BuxInsdie which claims to pay every 10 seconds.

But you may be wondering

Is BuxInside Legit or a Scam?

BuxInside is definitely a legit site as it pays who clicks on the ads and watches videos. They claim to pay you every 10 seconds when you start completing your tasks.

BuxInside are in operation for about 15 years and is one of the popular PTC sites on the internet. You can also earn by referring to your friends or family on BuxInside.

However, there is some key aspect of the site that you may want to know before or after joining the site.

You may also want to know if BuxInside is worth putting your time on or not.

I have also listed all the pros and cons of BuxInside so that it will be easier to gather a simple idea on how the site may be useful for you or not.

So to get your answer and earn the maximum income from the site, we request you to keep reading the article below.

What is BuxInside?

BuxInside Review

BuxInside is an online platform where you can earn money for viewing ads, videos, and websites and taking offers.

It is a paid to click (PTC) website where you can find various ads, videos, and offers and they claim that you will be paid every 10 seconds.

BuXInside is a free worldwide service available in a multi-language environment.

Our service consists of allowing advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisement(s) on our website and users to earn money by viewing those advertisements.

Our members click on the advertiser’s advertisement and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser. After doing that the member is getting paid with the amount specified in his BuXInside account.

Members are not required to pay anything to generate income, just register and start earning for free.

Key Introduction:

  • Application – N/A
  • Founder – N/A
  • Founding Year – N/A
  • Desktop or Mobile Platform – Both
  • Payment rate –
  • Payout Method – PayPal, Coinbase, Adv Cash, Perfect Money, and AirTM

How to Join BuxInside?

BuxInside Review

Joining BuxInside is free and easy. When you visit BuXInside – Get Paid, every 10 seconds! you can find the register option with a plus symbol on the home page.

Fill in your details that are asked like username, referred by (if any), password, currency, payment method, date of birth, and email address.

Then BuxInside will send you a conformational link to confirm your email address.

How To Make Money from BuxInside?

After the registration process is completed in BuxInside, you can start earning money for viewing ads, videos, and websites and taking offers.

Like any PTC website, you can take offers in BuXInside.

#1 Paid Offers

The offer may consist of answering a survey, taking a quiz, signing up to a website, downloading a mobile app, playing games, watching videos, or just completing online tasks.

You have to follow the set of instructions in any offer you select and following it is the only way you can make sure to receive the reward in BuXInside.

Once you login into the website, you can click View Fixed Advertisements on this website. Like any other PTC website, you can view the ad you are interested in and you can earn rewards.

Each ad will be about 10 seconds and once you watch that completely, you will earn rewards.

You have to watch the video thus, if you move to the next website, the timer will not run and once you open the screen, the ads will continue to run.

There is also a Traffic Exchange ad where you will be paid for watching every 100 Traffic Exchange Ads.

If you like to click videos and watch ads for earning some side income then check our PTC share Review.

#2 Referral

You can also earn more rewards by referring your friends and relatives to BuxInside by sharing your referral link.

But you have to watch many ads to earn referrals and they do not explain how many ads you have to watch. Keep watching until they send some message that you will earn your referral.

There is a contest in BuXInside known as Prize In.

You have to watch ads but it is limited to 10 ads for basic members and you can earn cash, Purchase Balance, Points, Referrals (Direct or Rented), Advertising Credits, and more chances just for viewing the ads.

How Much Can You Earn from BuxInside?

Your earning differs from the offers you take BuXInside in. It is just like any other PTC website and each offer has its pay rate and requirements.

The pay rate of viewing 100 Traffic Exchange Ads is around $0.01 per ad and 50 credits. In fixed ads, you will get more than this amount just by watching ads 10 seconds

The referral rate of both direct and rented referrals is about 5 to 10 percent for each referral in BuXInside

You can upgrade your membership to increase your pay rates and referral bonus. But there is not much information about membership levels.

Another interesting PTC site is Seven Dollar Click where they claim to pay $7 per click. Check our Seven Dollar Click Review to find if the site is legit or scam.

Minimum Payout and Payment Method

You will be paid through PayPal, Coinbase, Adv Cash, Perfect Money, and AirTM. The minimum payout threshold of BUXINSIDE is 2 USD. This website offers you varieties of options for payment which is great.


According to Pay Me Dollar, some of the frequently asked are as follows

Just registered but Why am I not able to log in?

If you get the error “We cannot find an account with these details” it means that you are not typing the correct email or the correct password.

On the login page your email is required, do not type your username there.

If you copy-paste your password this process can also copy additional spaces that will make your password get wrong.

We STRONGLY recommend to type your password and be careful with special characters because can differ from system to system due to ISO implementations so in that case you may go to the login page and click “Forgot Password” using this feature will send a password without special characters.

Why I am not receiving the email for verification?

Go to your email account and search for your SPAM folder maybe our email went there, if it is there white-list the site email ([email protected]) so you will receive it normally next time.

If your email isn’t there you still have another option, go to the login page and click “Forgot Password” and BuxInside will send another email. If this is not working as well you may need to contact them via email at [email protected].

Why have I am not been able to stay logged in after the login process?

According to the site, their login sessions are “cookies” based, so your browser must accept and keep using cookies from them.

Keep in mind if you manually allow cookies notice that the login is made from HTTPS and you will be using HTTP after login, so if you are cleaning cookies be sure you clean for all related websites which include www. not www., HTTP and HTTPS.

Your options to solve this problem are:

– clean browser cookies and cache then restart your browser and try to login again.

– update your browser to the latest version;

– make sure that your browser does accept cookies.

– using a VPN can cause these problems. Remember if you use a VPN be sure you are not changing your real country if you do you will violate TERMS and get suspended.

– try with another browser or reinstall your browser.

– contact customer support and they will try to help you more.

Accounts can also be suspended, for not being active for a long time (read TERMS) or for violating their TERMS. You may contact us for information.

Also, accounts can be deleted for inactivity so you can try to register again with the same details if it works there is nothing to worry about.

Inspection of Safety:

Pros and Cons of BuxInside


  • It is free to join BUXINSIDE
  • BUXINSIDE is available all across the world
  • The minimum payout threshold of BUXINSIDE is low
  • There are many payout gateways to choose from


  • The earning opportunities are limited on this website
  • There is a lack of relevant information in BUXINSIDE
  • The customer support is not good.

BuxInside Review: Final Verdict

BUXINSIDE is not a scam but they are not recommended. Various other Paid Click websites provide better opportunities and better pay rates in offers and referrals.

They only provide you offers, ads, and referrals, and the relevant information about the website and membership levels is also lacking.

Thus, even though BUXINSIDE is legit, you can look out for other better PTC websites for decent earning.