Seven Dollar Click Review 2024: Is it Legit or a Scam?

PTC sites are those sites where you will get rewarded for just clicking on videos or ads and earn money.

But what if you were told you will earn $7 per click. These exaggerated claims are made by the PTC site Seven Dollar Click.

Does the site really pay you $7 for a click or is Seven Dollar Click the biggest scam on the internet.

In this Seven Dollar Click Review, we will find out how you can join the site, how you can earn and how can you withdraw your earnings.

What is Seven Dollar Click?

Seven Dollar Click Review

Seven Dollar Click is the PTC site that pays rewards for watching videos, ads, or clicking links of third-party clients of the site.

You have to spend some time to be a fully legitimate PTC clicker in order to get paid. This time can be from 15 seconds to 1 minute long.

Normally these PTC sites are very low-paying tasks on the internet. However, Seven Dollar Clicks insists that they pay up to $7 per click.

These seem really high and unrealistic which is the key reason why we will try to deduce and analyze if the site really is talking truth or not.

Update 2024: Seven Dollar Click is not available at the moment. Check out another PTC site Clixblue Review here.

Key Introduction

  • Website Name – Seven Dollar Click
  • Founder – N/A
  • Date of Establishment – 2013
  • Minimum Payout – $7000
  • Payment Method – Paypal

Getting Started

Let’s talk about how you can start working on the Seven DOllar Click site. So just basically you have to visit the site Seven Dollar Click.

Then you have to register for the site. They are a global site and anyone can join from all around the world however you have to be over 18 years old.

You have to provide the basic introduction of yourself such as Name, Email Address, Address, and Means of payout.

When you provide your key information, then the site will send you a verification link on your email. You have to click that so your email id will be validated.

After that, you are all ready to start working and earning.

How To Earn Money from Seven Dollar Click?

Seven Dollar Click is the PTC site so the basic task that you will be doing on the site is to click the ads and watching them earn money.

Normally PTC sites are very low-paying sites and you will earn up to $1 per day but Seven Dollar Click claims they will pay up to $7 per click.

All you have to do is click on a video and watch them for 25 to 30 seconds to be valid.

So you can click up to 3 ads per day and they will provide a $21 balance on your Seven Dollar Click account.

However, there are lot more things you need to be wary of before you can get your earnings. We will discuss some red flags of the site down below.

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Minimum Payout and Payment Method

Seven Dollar Click Review

This is one of the biggest red flags or drawbacks of the site. The minimum payout for Seven Dollar Clicks is $7000.

The amount to withdraw is insane and is not realistic which will easily indicate the red flag on the site.

The payout method of the site is only Paypal but you will receive your earnings after 75 days only which indicates more than 2 months.

This is another reason to be wary of the site and not indulge in it without being careful.

Red Flags of Seven Dollar Click

#1 Exaggerated High Rewards

Normally PTC sites are the lowest sites that pay rewards to the user. They provide from 10 cents to 20 cents per click.

However, According to the Seven Dollar Click site, they reward you up to $7 per click which is insane and overly exaggerated.

This proves the site has unrealistic opinions and claims which easily show the red flags of the site.

This will even make no sense when you check how much the advertisers pay. They pay $10 per 1000 clicks so there is no profit for Seven Dollar Clicks to pay you $7 per click.

#2 Unrealistic Minimum Payout

In Seven Dollar Click the minimum payout you require to withdraw the earnings is $7000. As the reward claim, the minimum threshold is also insane and unrealistic.

This should immediately be considered as one of the red flags as earning $7000 on a PTC site is next to impossible.

Also, you will receive your earnings in case you somehow earn $7000 after 75 business days which means over 2 months.

As you can see the unrealistic instance of the site keeps increasing even more which makes it highly suspicious and unbelievable.

#3 Cannot Withdraw without being a Member

The title along oozes a red flag all over it. When you reach the minimum threshold you can only withdraw your earnings if you become a member and pay the site themselves.

There is not a single legitimate earning online site is where you have to pay to receive your earnings.

So when you find out that you have to pay to withdraw your earnings then you can be sure there is something fishy going on the site.

However to be a member you have to pay a fee. There are 4 kinds of membership available on the site. They are Silver Monthly and Yearly and Gold Monthly and Yearly.

For Silver monthly, you have to pay $79.99 per month and for yearly you have to pay $299.99.

For Gold Monthly you have to pay $99.99 and for yearly you have to pay $699.99 a year.

These are the very high amounts that you have to pay in order to withdraw your earnings which indicates suspicion and red flags.


#4 False Testimonials

The testimonials are recorded to provide clarity and proof that the site is real and it is legit.

Normally they are recorded by previous workers who have completed tasks on the site and have earned a legit income.

However, on the site Seven Dollar Click, the testimonial used by the site is fake and is of different sites and different videos.

Normally they are the fiver videos of selling their gigs among the public. This also highlights the unreliability of the Seven Dollar Click site.

Fake Testimonials

Safety Inspection

  • SSL Validation – invalid
  • Privacy Policy – Unreliable
  • Name of Owner – N/A
  • Contact Link – N/A

Pros and Cons of Seven Dollar Click


  • The site is free to join and available worldwide.


  • The site banes users regularly and without any reason.
  • Very high payout threshold.
  • It may take up to 2 months to receive your earnings.
  • You have to pay to get your earnings.

Seven Dollar Click Review: Legit or Scam

Seven Dollar Click is a 100% scam site and you must avoid it at any cost. They have unrealistic claims, unreliable testimonials, and proofs.

Their intention from their policy can be clear.

Hence the bottom line is

Seven Dollar Clicks is a scam site and it does not pay anything to anyone. You will be wasting your time on the site if you are thinking of working on it.

Update 2024: Seven Dollar Click is not available at the moment.