LionBridge’s The Smart Crowd Review 2024: Is it Legit or Scam?

Hello, Welcome to my honest Smart Crowd Review.

In this article, I will provide all the details about this network so you can decide to join or not.

Along with that, we will be also learning how to join the site, how users will earn, how to redeem their payment, and what are the payment methods as well as a minimum requirement.

So, let’s get started:

What is the Smart Crowd?

Smart Crowd which is formerly known as Virtual Bee is an organization of working Freelancers all around the world. Freelancers all around the world can work on the site which can provide to simplest to toughest as well as every category, niches, and expertise of the freelancer.

Lionbridge The Smart Crowd

Smart Crowd act as a platform to connect the Freelancers with the employers who appoint them and provide tasks or jobs based on their expertise or the employers’ necessities.

So it basically operates as a middle man between the company and freelancers.

The main way of earning on the site is to do exactly what the employer wants and within the deadline.

There are the very largest and famous clients on the site which will lead the users to earn very good amounts of money.

How to Join the Smart Crowd?

To join the Smart Crowd, users need to first request the application after login on to the website.

The minimum age of joining the site is 18 years. After joining the site asks users to fill in the area of expertise, interest, language, and level of education.

The users have to fill in all the relevant information in the application provided to the user. The site does not ask for any relevant information or to subscribe to any unnecessary information on the application.

After filling up the application the users will have to give a short performance evaluation test.

Doing good in the performance evaluation test is extremely necessary to take at least one of them. The number scored closer to 100 will be beneficial for the user.

Some of the types of tests are Reading Comprehension, Business Address matching, Read Comprehension in foreign languages.

How to Earn in Smart Crowd?

The users in Smart Crowd can earn from completing various different jobs such as.

  1. Internet Assessor: Users have to check the various websites and rank their quality, easier to navigate, and access speed.
  2. Search Engine Evaluator: The users have to analyze how good the websites are ranked in the Google algorithm.
  3. Social Media Evaluator: Users have to rate client’s social media relevancy and also have to check the ranks of their social media ads.
  4. Ads Quality Rater: Users have to rank the quality of ads on the client website and provide feedback if the quality of the ads matches the effectiveness required to attract business opportunities.
  5. Transcription: Users have to convert audio files or records into text format listening to the voice or syllables.

What is the Payment Method in Smart Crowd?

The earnings of the users on the site depend on their skill, quality, ability, effectiveness, and time taken to complete any tasks.

The range of earnings depends upon $1 to $3o per task.

There is no minimum payout for the site but they combine total amounts earned in the month and send it to users’ chosen payment method.

Some of the payment methods that the site provides are Bank transfer, Wire Transfer, Western Union, and PayPal.

Pros and Cons of Smart Crowd


  • It is legitimate and pays its workers.
  • The site is beneficial for part-time workers.
  • Each task has different rates of payment already distributed.
  • They provide all the help needed to be an efficient and effective worker.
  • Joining the site is free and anyone can work from anywhere.


  • Although the jobs are available for everyone, not everyone can complete the task.
  • Competition is intense and the chance of selection only depends on prior skill and knowledge.
  • There is no guarantee of continuous and regular work.
  • This job is not suitable for full time or an active source of income.

Final Verdict on Smart Crowd Review: Is it legit or a scam:

Smart Crowd is a legitimate site that pays its workers according to tasks completed and their respective rates.

However the competition is intense and to earn from this particular website, workers must have some sort of skill, knowledge, and ability.

First of all, they have to pass the performance evaluation with high marks to get a decent job which is not regular and satisfactory.

Taking Smart Crowd as a primary source of income will be a huge mistake.

We recommend any workers not leave their actual jobs to work on this site but if you have time and you are hoping to make some passive money, the site is perfect.

Since we are recommending the Smart Crowd site for only passive income we rate the site 2.5/5 for the users.

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