TimeBucks Review 2024: Good Way to Earn Bitcoin or Waste of Time?

Are you looking forward to joining TimeBucks but unsure whether TimeBucks is Legit or a scam? If yes, then this detailed TimeBucks review is for you.

In this review, I’ll cover:

  1. What is TimeBucks?
  2. How to Earn money by using TimeBucks?
  3. Payment Method
  4. Its Pros and Cons
  5. My Honest Review: Legit or Scam?

and more…

So, Let’s Get Started:

TimeBucks Review

What is TimeBucks?

TimeBucks is a reward site where users get paid to perform tasks such as watching videos, installing apps, viewing ads, posting on social media, and so on. This is not one of its kind sites to make money as there are a lot of sites that operate on the same business model.

The best thing about TimeBucks is it pays its users on Bitcoin or cash whereas some reward sites limit their users to receive either points or gift cards only. User’s earnings are sent straight into their preferred and chosen account.

How to Earn in Timebucks

Timebucks are available everywhere in the world and are not region locked which is another pros in its book. Users can simply log in and start to do the required tasks to earn for themselves. For login in users need either a google account or a Facebook account. They usually get a $1 login bonus after login in.

Users are recommended to fill out their profiles and method of cashing out as soon as possible. Once the users are verified they can start to earn by doing simple tasks and activities. Some of the ways of earning on the sites are

  1. Watching Videos – Users can earn a short amount and boost their earnings by watching videos. The earnings are not very much but it does stacks up with other activities’ earnings.
  2. Activities on TikTok – There are tasks of posting content on TikTok, liking other’s content, or following or unfollowing TikTok Stars. Doing such tasks leads to an increment in earnings.
  3. Surveys – Based on demographics and interest, Timebucks provides users with relevant surveys. While completing them users will get the reward dependent on the location and complexness of the surveys. if you want to look for some hub for survey sites check out the SurveyCompare site.
  4. Viewing Websites- The site provides users different websites to view. The websites have ads or simple websites. Users will have limited time to watch the website content possibly up to 15 seconds. After completion of the time period, users earn the amount differentiated.
  5. Playing Games– The sites have various mini-games to play. The site provides users with various games to complete in a certain amount of time. The users will be paid if they complete the game before time runs out.
  6. Completing Captcha – Users have to complete the captcha provided by the site. The Quicker the captcha is completed without mistakes, the more chance users to earn more money. Getting in the Top 50 captcha solvers will get users an additional $0.10 bonus.
  7. Daily Login bonus – After completion of 10 tasks the Timebucks site provides a chance to roll and get free money. The range of free earning can be from 0.2 to $10 for users.

Payment Method of Timebucks

What is the payment method that Timebucks provide to users? On the first day of joining, Timebucks users have a chance to earn $50, and the rest of the days they can earn $20 to $30 per day. But their referral programs have an unlimited amount of earnings.

The minimum payment threshold of the website is $10 and users are paid only Thursdays. Once reaching the threshold there are numerous options for choosing the payment method. Some of them are BitCoin Wallet, Neteller, Payeer, PayPal but users have to withdraw funds on AirTm first then withdraw on their respective PayPal.

Pros and Cons of Timebucks


  • The site is Universally accepted.
  • Plenty of simple tasks to complete and earn.
  • Various payment methods to choose from.
  • Earnings in cash rather than gift cards or vouchers.
  • Free sign-up bonus.


  • Very low payment comparatively.
  • Only payment is made on Thursdays.

Timebucks: Is it legit or a scam

Timebucks is a legit site that pays its users but the payments are not as good as what users hope to be. It will take a lot of time and effort to earn a decent amount. But if people like casual gaming, TikTok, or taking surveys, Timebucks can be a way of earning passive income.

And when combine with there is zero risks, payments are made in cash and there are plenty of ways to earn and withdraw, users are recommended to give the site a go but only as a passive source of income.

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