Bonus Rave Review

Bonus Rave Review 2021 – Legit or Scam

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What is Bonus Rave?

Bonus Rave Review

Hello and welcome to Bonus Rave Review. Today we will be looking at the new website that claims it pays its users so let’s get into it.

Bonus Rave is the website that claims you can earn money online from home. It is an online platform where you can earn money for signing up for certain websites.

P.S – Currently the website is being moderated so login is not possible.

How to Join?

Visit the Bonus Rave’s website to get started. Select the sign-in option to register by scrolling down the home page and then you will have to fill up your details like your username, email address, and password.

Then you will receive an email with a conformational link from Bonus Rave to confirm your email address. After confirming, the registration process will be completed and you can log in to the site and start earning.

P.S – Currently the website is being moderated so login is not possible.

How Does Bonus Rave Work?

Bonus Rave is an online platform that enables people to earn money for signing up for certain websites. Signing up for certain websites is known as Ref-back which is short for referring back.

They refer you to other websites so that you visit them and earn rewards. There will be various offers available to you on the website.

Click on any offer you are interested in then the offer will show you instructions on how to complete it. You will be redirected to the site where you have to register to once you click the “Earn Now” button.

Once you are redirected to the website, register on the website. The registration will be usual like filling up details like email address, password, username and sometimes personal details like date of birth, gender, the address will also be asked.

After registering for the website, click on the “Add to Cashback list” button by going back to the offer page.

Not only by signing up for certain websites but you can also earn by submitting deals to the site. Promotional tools, codes, and offers are some of the items you can submit to earn rewards.

While submitting, you have to fill-up the form. You have to fill up the details like website, description, deal link, expiration date, select category, and upload image and click on submit button.

There is also a referral program on this website. You can invite your friends and relatives to the Bonus Rave website and earn a referral bonus.

How Do you earn?

Bonus Rave is an online platform that enables people to earn money for signing up for certain websites.

You will earn 60% of whatever Bonus Rave will receive from the site you have registered. Bonus Rave pays you 30 points for every deal you have submitted that had been approved.

If your friends or relatives join the Bonus Rave website through your referral link then they will be considered as your referral and you will earn 1 USD if your referral makes their first withdrawal.

How are you paid?

You will be paid in points initially. These points however cannot be converted into cash. They can be only converted into cryptocurrency. You must have at least 5000 points so that it can be into cryptocurrency.

1000 points are equivalent to $1 cryptocurrency. Thus, the minimum pay-out threshold of the cryptocurrency is 5000 points that are 5 USD.

You have to first create a cryptocurrency wallet before requesting payment and for that, you have to be at least 18 years old. You can create a cryptocurrency wallet of Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash.

Pros and Cons of Bonus Rave Review


  • Bonus Rave is free to join
  • You can redeem your points in Bitcoin.
  • Bonus Rave is available worldwide
  • The minimum payout threshold is low that is 5000 points


  • Bonus Rave only pays you 60% of total earning
  • Does not pay you cash
  • It does not pay you through the most reliable money transfer that is PayPal
  • There is limited opportunity to earn in Bonus Rave
  • You will not know the security level of websites you are referred to

 Conclusion: Bonus Rave Review

After the total and detailed Bonus Rave Review, we can conclude that the site is not a scam where you can earn money for signing up for certain websites. You will be paid in points initially but later can be converted into cryptocurrencies. They do not pay in cash.

This website is legit but is only recommended for secondary earning. The pay rate is 60% of what Bonus Rave earns from the websites you have registered in.

Thus, the pay rate is low and also provides you very limited earning opportunities. If you are looking to earn from the GPT site and income some decent money check our review of Robson App Review

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