Is Bitskins Legit? Check out my Full Bitskins Review Before Joining.

Hello and Welcome to my honest Bitskins Review.

On the internet, we can find countless opportunities of earning money online. The opportunities are based on doing macro works, answering surveys, or working on a project.

You can also earn money online remotely by sitting in your house but working for an organization just like in Virtual Office Temps.

But what if I tell you, you can earn money by just selling your in-game products. Many people play games almost every day. For serious gamers in-game products like outfits, weapons, accessories, skins, etc matter.

Today I am bringing you a site called BitSkins which is basically an online trading platform for the buyers and sellers of the gamers having in-game exclusive and valuable products.

But you may be wondering if the site is legit or it only scams other people. Well, I will be providing you with all the relevant information regarding Bitskins.

I will include what really is Bitskins, how to join them, how can you buy and sell the items, how can you redeem your earnings, and most of all if the site is legit or just another scam.

So let us begin.

What is BitSkins?

Bitskins Review

BitSkins is an online platform that helps to trade in-game skins mostly Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The platform was formed in 2015 with a vision of trading virtual gaming goods with various cryptocurrencies.

Due to the popularity of the website now they are able to trade the game skins of other games as well such as PubG, Z1 Battle Royale, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, etc.

Other features of the site are you can buy and sell the skins and in-game products within a minute. The site has become so popular on reputation and respectability that the number of consumers has increased significantly over the years.

Another popular and very admirable aspect of the site is a verification of the KYC process which helps to secure both buyers and sellers.

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How to Join BitSkins?

Joining BitSkins is very easy and simple. You just have to create your account or if you are a gamer and have a Steam account, you can log in from it as well.

After registering you need to verify your email address and verify your profile. You also need to fill out the KYC form in order to buy and sell the products.

You can buy the products by simply searching for the item in the search engine of the website. If you like the product, you can add it to the cart and your checkout process begin.

In order to sell the product, you can upload the image of your product and mention the price you require to sell. Click done and your item will be listed on the list of items to be sold.

Bitskins Review

How to Earn from BitSkins?

Well, the very basic way of earning from Bitskins is you have to buy cheap skins and sell them for a high price and accumulate the profit. There are no boring tasks or answering surveys or doing any skill-based jobs.

This is also not a contest-related job but this is an online trading platform where you can earn as much as you can depending on your profits.

Initially, you can buy or win a game skin or any in-game exclusive product in cheap or even for free, and after login into the website you can offer your game products for sale for a reasonable price.

However, the site takes a 5% charge as a commission on any sale made by the seller.

But before selling you have to verify your personal information as well as fulfill the KYC form which enables the site to verify your personal information before you are being able to sell your products.

Many of the sellers on the site have sold and earned up to $300 worth of products. The more you sell and buy the products you will gain credits and your reputation also increases on the site.

Minimum Payout and Payment Methods

There is no limited or minimum amount to withdraw. You can withdraw the exact amount that is in your wallet. Your withdrawn account must not exceed the amount you have in a wallet.

There are various ways of withdrawing your earnings. Some of them are:

PayPal – One of the fastest and easiest ways of withdrawing your earnings. The transaction is fulfilled within 5 minutes.

Bank Transfer – This method of withdrawing your amount takes the most time of all the methods of withdrawing. It may take up to 7 days to finally complete your transactions.

Visa Cards – This method of withdrawing your earnings is also one of the quicker methods. You can receive your earnings even within a day but the limit of withdrawal is only $200.

Cryptocurrency – This method is very quick but not reliable and popular among other methods. You can get your bitcoin earnings within a few seconds of applying for the withdrawal.

What is the Controversy surrounding BitSkins?

In 2019, BitSkins got restricted because a person or an organization who have committed a massive criminal act and used BitSkins to launder money. They purchased various game skins from a stolen credit card.

They later sold the skins on the website and withdraw their money. This led to a massive controversy which led to them being ban and restricted for online trade by Steam Corporation.

In mid-2020 their restriction ended but rumors were starting to arise they were ceasing to operate and liquidate their company.

Pros and Cons of BitSkins?


  • The site is legit and its pays.
  • The platform is easy to use.
  • The rates are accurate for both buyers and sellers.
  • You need to verify your KYC for the protection of both buyers and sellers.
  • Various options of payment methods.


  • The site’s popularity decreased after the criminal act.
  • Takes 5 % charge from sellers sales as commission.
  • Very poor chat support and tech support.
  • The only way of earning is to sell the product which can take a very long time.

Bitskins Review: Legit or Scam

BitSkins is one of the most popular sites for buying and selling skins and in-game products of various famous games. People can earn from BitSkins by trading their items on profits and which is the only way of earning.

Bitskins has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 in a trusty rating site TrustPilot. The site is legit and is running since 2015 but was in trouble in 2024 due to involvement in the criminal act.

I strongly advise our users to use this site to earn as the site is legit. But you can only earn by selling game items to other people which may not be of interest to many people.

However, those who are interested in buying and selling game products can make a large amount of profit on the site.

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