Is Premise App Safe? Check Out My Honest Premise App Review

Hello and Welcome to my honest Premise App Review.

There are millions of online apps and websites that promise you can earn significant money. They also promise you will clear your mortgage, pay all your bills, and buy a house and even an expensive car just from these apps.

Some of these ridiculous scams can be known immediately but some are very clever and actually succeed in scam people of their money and time.

But don’t worry I will provide every detail on these apps and website and filter it for you to work on some legitimate sites and earn those extra incomes.

Today I am bringing you a very interesting and popular app called Premise App. In this App, you can contribute to society and also earn some passive income for yourself.

Sounds Interesting, doesn’t it. But is this realistic and does this app really pay or is it just another scam?

I will be providing you all the information you need so that you can judge yourself and earn some money.

So without any more delay, let’s get started.

What is a Premise App?

Premise App Review

Premise App is an online application that pays for mostly taking pictures, watching videos, and completing other simple and easy tasks or offers. They can be downloaded from Google Play Stores for Android and App stores for IOS devices.

Premise App is a global marketplace whose main objective is to collect high-quality data from all around the world.

Their main objective is to circulate images and information you provide to help businesses, government, and humanitarian organizations to improve your local community.

In order to earn from the application, you have to complete some assignments provided by the application. Some of the assignments can be collect prices in the store, capture human emotions, take pictures of various products.

You will be paid for such assignments once you complete the assignments.

How to Get Started?

First of all, you have to download the application from Google Play Store or App Store depending on your device. The app will only work in particular cities despite the app being available worldwide.

After installing the app, you’ll need to create an account and register with the app. Now that you have registered with the app you can find various assignments and start completing them.

How does Premise App Works?

Now that you have registered in the application, you can start working to earn money. Basically, all you have to do is start searching for assignments in the application and completing them accordingly.

These assignments are quick and easy and it will take very little time for you to complete them. You can choose assignments that suit you and skip which do not. The assignments are very large in numbers and you can choose as much as you want.

These assignments also vary from location to location but basically, the assignments are taking pictures of something via App’s Premise Analyse Vision. This software will verify the location and the facts of the imaged that was taken.

After completing one assignment, you can immediately find another one in real-time and start completing again.

How to Earn From Premise APP?

Earning money on this app is really simple. Just complete the assignment and start earning. You can earn up to $0.50 per assignment when you complete the assignments.

Your earnings also depend on your location. For example, If you are from India, Nigeria, etc you can earn from $60 to $80 per month depending on your assignments.

The attractive part of the job is that you can choose from a various variety of assignments to do. You can provide information about tax laws on your location or even find out how many homes don’t have drinking water facilities.

These assignments are fun, knowledgeable, and most importantly pays for some amazing creative work.

So basically choose an assignment, take pictures, post it in the application and earn money.

How Will You Get Paid?

The company pays you when they receive your preferred method of payment. You can choose from options of PayPal, Coinbase, Some bank transfers, and mobile top-up.

After completing each assignment, the app will transfer your money directly to your preferred account. You can receive payment from 5 cents to $10 depending on the assignments.

Minimum Payout and Payment Method

The minimum payout that you need to withdraw depends on your location. Some of the workers in the UK has withdrawn their earning in as low as 1o cents. Hence you have to try yourself to know your minimum payout.

In regards to the Payout Method, you can withdraw via bitcoin, PayPal cash, direct bank deposits, or even mobile top-up. However, some of these features also depend upon your location and some may not be available in your location.

Pros and Cons of Premise App


  • The app is legit and how you earn is also really attractive compared to other boring jobs.
  • You can get assignments immediately.
  • The site pays as soon as you complete the assignment appropriately.
  • You can redeem your payments from reliable means such as PayPal and Coinbase.


  • The payment incentives are not that high depending on your location.
  • There may not be many assignments in your location.
  • No referral payments are its biggest drawbacks.
  • There is no clarity on the minimum payout threshold of the site.

Conclusion: Premise App Review

After a thorough Premise App Review, I can confidently state that the app is legit and this company is one to try out too. The assignments and tasks are very interesting and fun to do with.

You can find assignments in real-time and earn your payments as soon as you complete them. However, you may be frustrated with the number of assignments and payments depending on your location.

But if you want to help the community and earn decent money for passive income, this is the perfect job for you and I strongly urge you to join them.

Here is where I conclude my Premise App Review. You can also find various other options for earning money online.

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