Survey Spotter Review: Is it Legit or Scam

Survey Spotter is a survey site that claims you can earn up to $300 per day. Is Survey Spotter legit or a scam site?

In this Survey Spotter Review, we will provide you all the details and ins and outs about the site.

You will find out how you will join the site, how much you can earn from the site, and how to withdraw any amount from it.

What is Survey Spotter?

Survey Spotter Review

Survey Spotter is a website where you can earn money for accessing short surveys and offers.

It is a London-based company owned by All Groove Ltd.

Despite claiming it has a survey site, Survey Spotter is a survey hub site just like the Survey Compare site. Check Survey Compare Review here

So joining Survey Spotter is not really necessary as you can easily just join the actual site but you want to know which survey site is legit and which is a scam and then

How to Join Survey Spotter?

Joining Survey Spotter is free and easy. When you visit Earn Money Online With Paid Surveys | Survey Spotter, you can find the signup option on the home page.

Fill in your personal details that are asked like first name, last name, date of birth, gender, desired password, and email address.

Then Survey Spotter will send you a conformational link to confirm your email address.

To ger promotional offers you have an option and if you want to accept the offer tick the box before clicking signup and start earning bottom.

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How Does it Work?


After the registration process is completed in Survey Spotter, you can start earning money for accessing short surveys and offers

But you cannot join directly like you would take surveys in regular survey sites. On this website, you have to choose among the survey companies you want to sign up for.

There will not be many details about those websites of one thing for sure is that the websites provided by Survey Spotter are legit.

Thus, you will not be taking any surveys in Survey Spotter. You will have to sign up for third survey websites to earn rewards.

The survey, time limit, and qualifications differ from each website. Survey Spotter sends emails about various offers.

You will have to choose this on your sign-up process but it is a waste of time.

It is more like a promotional email where they promote survey offers, they get paid to promote.

If you want to join these offers then you will have to join respective websites.

The legit survey sites that Survey Spotter offers are Survey Compare, Panel Place, Toluna Influencers Survey, Survey Voices, and Paid Surveys UK.

Paid Offers

The other tasks that you can complete on the site are by completing paid offers. Some paid offers are like answering emails, creating accounts, etc.

You will receive new offers via emails and you have to complete them according to the instructions in the email.

Only then you will get paid the amount accumulated on the site.

 How do you earn?

You will be paid by Survey Spotter in US dollars.

You can earn less than 1 to 2 USD for each survey around 10 to 15 minutes. If you continue doing surveys, you might earn 100 to 300 USD per month.

How Does the Company Pay?

You will be paid in US Dollars. Since you do not earn in Survey Potter itself, you will not get paid through it.

You will get paid by the third survey website that you joined to take surveys. But the payout threshold and payout gateway differ according to the website.

Most of the survey sites use PayPal, gift vouchers, and sometimes Bitcoin too.

Thus, the payout threshold and payout gateway depend upon the survey site you are taking a survey on.

Pros and Cons of Sopranos?


  • It is free and easy to join Survey Spotter
  • Survey Spotter offers various legit survey sites.


  • Does not pay you as you cannot earn on this website
  • Provides too many promotional emails even if they are unrelated
  • They do not provide much information about third survey sites
  • You can join better survey sites by yourself

Survey Spotter: Legit or Scam

Survey Spotter is not a scam but it cannot be used for earning. You can earn money in Survey Spotter by joining third survey sites only.

The earning rate of surveys differs as per the websites thus we do not know what they offer.

Thus, Survey Spotter is legit as it provides legit survey sites but does not have any opportunities for earning.

You can search and join legit websites yourself without joining Survey Spotter.

The survey, time limit, and qualifications differ from each website and you have to again sign up for new survey sites if you go through this website.

The legit survey sites that Survey Spotter offers are Survey Compare, Panel Place, Toluna Influencers Survey, Survey Voices, and Paid Surveys UK.