Fly Link Review 2024– Legit or Scam

What is Fly Link? Review

Do you want to earn money from home or online? Then we have a website that allows you to earn from your home. Fly Link is an online platform that pays you to shorten lengthy and complicated links and URLs and share them.

You can share shortened links on your website, blogs, forums, and social media. You may wonder why to shorten the links. The answer is that short links can be remembered easily compared to long and complicated ones.

How to Join?

Visit to register your account. You will have to create an account first. The site will ask you to enter your username, password, and email. You have to click the ‘I agree to terms and conditions option.

Well, you are not done yet. The last process to register your account is to verify. You will get an email for verification and it will contain a link which you should click to confirm your email address.

Once this process is completed, your account will be activated.

After registration, shorten and share the URLs or links to earn money.

 How Does Fly LinkWork?

After registering an account inFly Link, you can start earning money. You can then shorten any long URL. You can find a long white box where you can copy long links and shorten them.

Then you have to share the shortened link in your websites, blogs, forums, videos, and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp

Refer Fly Link to your friends and relatives to earn more. You will receive a referral bonus for every friend or relatives that joins Fly Link through your link.

There are certain requirements in the Fly Link site that you should keep in mind while shortening and sharing URLs. Some of them are:

  • Not to attempt to falsify visitors in your link
  • Do not defame or manipulate anyone
  • Not to offer an incentive or beg any visitors to click on your shortened URL
  • Not to share links that contain a virus, malware, trojans, or other harmful code that may destroy hardware and software
  • Avoid sharing or publishing links that have adult or pornographic contents
  • Not to shorten links that contain illegal contents or post links on illegal websites.
  • Do not use abusive links, harassing, or threatening in nature
  • Not to use multiple accounts to increase visitors
  • Avoid Using VPN, proxy servers, or bot
  • Not to faucet any kinds of cryptocurrency

So, keep these instructions in mind while using Fly Link or your account will be banned.

How Do you earn?

Fly Link also pays you through the CPM rate. CPM is termed as cost per thousand. Cost per thousand is a  rate for every 1000 visits by the traffic that you gain. The pay rates vary from country to country.

The payout rate is $3.5 to $15 per 1000 visits depending on the country you live in. Fly Link is available globally and its pay rate is controlled by the market, depend on advertising income and many other factors.

Simply clicking on a link and visiting it is not counted. The visitors should reach a certain page or destination page. When a visitor clicks on the shortened URL, a full-page advertisement is shown for 5 seconds.

Then you have to press the continue button which redirects the visitors to the intended destination. If they visit beyond the advertising page then the visit will be counted. Also, keep in mind that multiple visits from the same visitor within 24 hours are also not considered.

Referring to your friends and relatives is another way of earning in Fly Link. But to earn a bonus your friend or relative has to join Fly Link using your referral link. The referral bonus is 20% for a lifetime.

 How are you paid?

Fly Link pays through Paypal, My Wallet, Western Union, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Bitcoin. The minimum payout threshold is $3 through PayPal. The minimum payout threshold varies according to the payment source. For bitcoin minimum payout threshold is $10. The other minimum payout threshold is given below:

  • My Wallet – $5
  • Western Union – $50
  • Ethereum – $10
  • Litecoin – $10
  • Bitcoin Cash – $10

Pros and Cons of Fly Link Review


  • It is free and easy to join
  • Fly Link pays through PayPal and bitcoins and many sources
  • The referral bonus is high that is 20%
  • It is available globally


  • The pay rate is higher in some countries only
  • This site is very strict

Conclusion: Fly Link Review

Fly Link App is not a scam. You can earn money by shortening and sharing URL links on this website. The site pays you in cash or bitcoins through different payment sources.

The pay rate differs from country to country and the payout threshold also varies. You can also earn through a referral bonus which is comparatively higher that is 20%.

If you want to earn a side income then you can use this website as it is legit and pays you decent enough for extra income. It does not have limitations on earning so you can earn as much as you like.