Click 4 Survey Review – Is it Legit or a Scam?

Survey sites are a famous opportunity for earning money online. There are plenty of survey sites in the world. Today I am bringing you a new survey site.

Click 4 Survey is a popular survey site that claimed to pay up to $300 a day. Is it really legit or just another exaggerated hoax.

In this Click 4 Survey review, we will find out how you can join the site, earn from it, and withdraw.

What is Click 4 Survey?

Click 4 Survey

Click 4 Survey is a website where you can earn money for completing paid surveys. This website promises you easy money and many surveys to earn from.

There is a video presentation as well where owners and members tell you what to expect and available unique surveys.

Just like any other survey site, you have to qualify for the surveys first and then you will be able to complete other surveys.

Key Introduction Click 4 Survey

  • Website Name –Click 4 Survey
  • Founder – N/A
  • Date of Establishment – 2012
  • Location – N/A
  • Pay Rate – $10 per hour
  • Payout Method – Paypal
  • Minimum Threshold – $0.01

Getting Started

Joining the Click 4 Survey is free and easy. When you visit Create a free questionnaire | Click4Survey – Questionnaires and surveys to create an account.

Fill in all the details asked, and enter the register. Click 4 Survey is available in all the countries.

But when you give an email address, you will be asked to pay a certain fee to register your account.

The initial price will be $94 but they give you a discount and make the price $34 but if you try to leave the site then you will see the special discount that offers you $19 for joining the website.

How To Make Money on Click 4 Survey?

After paying the registration fee, you can start doing surveys.

#1 Surveys

You can also find video presentations where owners and members will claim that you will receive a unique survey and the pay rate will be much higher.

The owner directly says that you can easily make $500-$3500 a month from doing surveys. But the video presentation is false.

It is a fake. In the disclaimer section, you will find Cash 4 surveys saying that all the testimonies given by the people are paid testimonies.

Even the person that has given a positive review of this website is fake. The photo of the person can be found on the Internet.

Do not trust the video because it is used to manipulate people into joining Cash 4 Surveys and make them attached to it.

Even if you join this website, you will receive surveys but the pay rate will not be what you will expect.

Cash 4 Surveys claim high pay ate which is a rich claim. But that will not be the case in reality. The pay rate of the surveys will be similar to other survey sites.

Thus, the rich claims and you will be financially independent claims are all fake.

In the video, you can see the picture of checks to confirm you can actually make money. \

But if you look closely, you can see the amount of check-in big letters which is absurd. Thus, the picture of the check is fake proof to get you to join.

You can also notice fake sample surveys in the video. They claim that you can earn $15 by doing a short multiple-choice questionnaire which means you can earn $15 in a really absurd minute.

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How Much Can You Earn from Click 4 Survey?

You will earn a minimum pay rate as you earn on other survey websites. You will not earn $500-$3500 a month from doing surveys like the website claims.

The other way of earning is by referring friends where you can earn 70% of commission from the membership fee of your referral.

If you are looking for another Survey site to earn check our Survey4Moms review.

Minimum Payout and Payment Method

There is no minimum payout and the payment method is only Paypal.

Safety Inspection

  • SSL Certificate – Alpiro SSL
  • Domain registration on WHOIS – N/A
  • Privacy Policy = Available

Pros and Cons of Click 4 Survey


  • Click 4 Survey is available worldwide


  • Click 4 Survey has limited earning opportunities
  • There is a registration fee to join this website
  • The testimonials given by members are all fake
  • There are no high pay rates as claimed by the website
  • You cannot be financially dependent on this website

Click 4 Survey: Legit or Scam

Click 4 Survey is not a scam but it is not recommended to join as well. They claim that you can earn money in the Click 4 Survey for completing surveys but it is not true.

You will require a registration fee to join this website. There is a video presentation as well of all the claims in the video are fake. You will not earn $500-$3500 a month from doing surveys.

The check shown in the video is also fake and the testimonies given by the members are paid thus, they are not genuine.

There is over-exaggeration of everything in the Cash 4 Survey to create unnecessary hype in the market.

Thus, even though Click 4 Survey is legit it is not recommended as you can find far better survey sites on the internet.