SavvyShares Review 2024: Legit or Scam

What is SavvyShares?


Welcome to Savvyshares Review, Today we will look at how you can earn from the website.

SavvyShares is a popular website that is recognizable to pay its users for answering many survey-related questions. The Company that owns Surveyshares owns this company as well.

Furthermore, since we know the very organization that made a genuine survey site, it is safe to say that SavvyShares is likewise a genuine survey site that will truly pay you for taking part in answering surveys on the site.

How to Join SavvyShares?

Just like any other sites, you have to register on the site and fill in the form as well as answer questions to form your demographic so that you could answer adequate answers to the question you are familiar with.

How to Work on SavvyShares?

There are two ways you can work on SavvyShares. One is Paid Surveys and another one is Savvy Connect. Let us look at them in detail.

Paid Surveys –

As a reference, you will want to earn from SavvyShares by noting their paid surveys based on your demographic questions.

At the point when you become an individual from their board, you will be welcome to take part in a review now and again.

You can see all the accessible surveys when you sign in to their member dashboard. You will likewise be informed through email if new surveys are available for you.

But you have to answer some questions as a qualifying test before answering and earning from the site. Only if you qualify you can answer the real question and begin to earn from the site.

In this way, if you qualify, you will answer the real survey. If you don’t qualify, you’ll simply need to proceed onward to the following accessible survey.

When you complete your available survey, you will be qualified to get the prize. You will be paid in organization shares rather than real cash. Afterward, I will talk about how to manage these offers.

However, the number of surveys to earn from the site is very limited compared to other sites.

Talking about paid surveys you can join the excellent site which pays very high by just answering paid surveys. Check out our review of the Product Report Card Website.


SavvyConnect is the passive way of earning income from answering questions with the help of a program. The basic way is to add a chrome extension which automatically creates new Survey opportunities.

In this way, the users don’t have to wait for surveys to pop and check continually but earn regularly whenever there is the chance to earn some money.

SavvyShares ensures that no private and delicate data will be gathered. In this way, it’s not really something you should stress over.

Furthermore, genuine sites that offer this sort of chance do preach what they promise. Regarding how you can procure from it, you simply need to peruse sites like you ordinarily do whenever it is introduced in your program.

You don’t need to do anything exceptional or put in any exertion only for the augmentation to gather information.

How to Earn from SavvyShares?

As the website name, The site does not pay directly in cash but the form of company shares. The long surveys will provide you 20 shares and the short surveys will provide you up to 4 shares.

Concerning utilizing SavvyConnect, you will procure 20 offers every month for each device it is introduced on.

In any case, you are just permitted a limit of three gadgets you can acquire from (one PC, one cell phone, and one tablet). Thus, altogether, you can procure 60 offers per month for utilizing SavvyConnect.

The only way you will receive cash from the site is when your shares are converted into dividends which can be exchanged for cash.

How Much Can You Earn?

The learning amount from the site is based on the number of shares you receive and the value of your share that can be converted into dividends which are variable and not constant each year.

You can’t foresee the number of studies you will be welcome to take part in. Everything thing you can manage is to answer studies as sincerely as you can so you will not be hailed as somebody who gives bogus data.

Since when that occurs, you will quit getting any study welcomes or more awful, your record will be restricted.

SavvyConnect, then again, will undoubtedly be your primary kind of revenue from this site. As clarified before, you can procure a consistent number of offers by basically utilizing it.

That is the reason I would say this is your smartest option if you need to earn rewards consistently.

Pros and Cons of SavvyShares


  • Provides an opportunity to earn passively.
  • A new concept of Survey Earning.
  • Very easy user interface and easy to operate.


  • The amount of earning is really low for an active source of income.
  • Rewards are based on shares and not on cash

Conclusion: SavvyShares Review

After the detailed SavvyShares Review, we can conclude that the site is not a scam but on this site even earning passive income is very hard.

Furthermore, you will not earn cash directly but have to wait to convert your shares to dividends and then into result into cash.

Thank you for checking Savvyshares Review, if you want to become fit and earn as well check our review of SweatCoins.