VeryDice App Review 2024: Is it Legit or a Scam? [Full Review]

Hello and welcome to my honest VeryDice App review.

With the increase in trends in earning money online, there are various websites and applications that provide many people a chance to earn by doing some basic easy, and simple tasks.

There are Crowdfunding sites such as Freelancers that hire people on basis of skills whereas some websites like Swagbucks pay their users for doing simple macro works.

While there are also survey sites like Bizcoin Survey which provide cash for answering valid survey questions.

You can also become a member of an organization while sitting in the comfort of your home and become a Virtual Employee.

Now there is a new application on the internet that pays you by just playing or rolling a dice. Now you may be wondering this is surely not possible well you have come to the right place for this matter.

Today I will introduce you to VeryDice App. An app for both IOS and Android that pays its user for just rolling the dice.

I will also include the working mechanism, how you get paid, is their way to redeem your earnings, and most important is the app worth all the hassle.

So without any delay now let us get started.

What is VeryDice App?VeryDice App Review

Very Dice is an app that allows you to earn money by playing. You have to roll the sets of virtual dices to earn tickets. The tickets can be exchanged for cash prizes, gift cards, and various prizes.

This app was created by Square Two Inc. You can download this for free and play the game. This app is available in Play stores for android users and in App Store for iOS users.

At the moment, you are only able to use this app if you live in the United States.

How to Get Started?

Joining this site is very simple. You just need to download and install the app on your smartphones or any other mobile device.

To download the app, you need to go to the play store (if you use android) or the app store (for iOS users), type Very Dice in the search option, and lastly download and install the app.

After completion of the installation process, you should open the app. There you are asked to register your account. Your Facebook account is needed for the registration.

How can You Work?

After you register your account, you will get 50 free rolls of dice to start. It is easy to roll the dice. You just have to tap or hold down roll buttons on your screen. You earn the tickets after the dice are rolled.

You will need to collect them in your account until you reach the ticket value of various prizes. After you reach the ticket value you can redeem it for various prizes. The best way to earn tickets faster is by rolling 3 rolls at one time.

Rolling three dices at one time increases the number of tickets you earn by three times which helps to speed the process to earn tickets. You might think that what if all 50 rolls you earned finishes in a day. But do not worry every new day you will get between 1 to 50 rolls.

How can You Earn?

Rolling Dice

Your earning of more or fewer rolls depends upon your luck. Every day you are required to play spin the wheel where you earn the rolls for the day. You can also earn bonus points by playing other games or completing the daily double.

Daily double also helps you to earn a bonus by making you roll doubles on the dice. If you roll doubles on the dice, the game gives you an option to receive your tickets or play another game.

If you decide to play another game, then you will get the option to pick between two different games, and if roll double sixes then you are given the choice of playing hoops or an arcade game.

Watching Videos

You can also earn tickets by watching videos. The duration of the video is about 30 seconds. Usually, you have a limit, only watching about 2-3 videos every 30 minutes.


You can also refer your friends or relatives to this app to earn more rolls.

For each friend that joins using your Friend Code, you get a bonus of 30 rolls and your friend earns 50 to start. So, this app is basically rolling dices and earning various prizes and gift cards.

Minimum Payment and Payment Method

You do not earn cash directly from this app. You only earn various gifts and prizes. You require a certain number of tickets to earn prizes and gifts voucher.

You can get these prizes only if you have more than 2000 tickets. At 2000 ticket you can get prizes worth around $3 to $4. Similarly, for 4000 tickets you can get prizes worth $4 to $7 and for 6000 tickets you can get prizes worth $8 to $11.

For 8000, 10000 and 20000 tickets you can get prize worth $12 to $16, $17 to $20 and $23 to $41. You can also get an Amazon gift card worth $25 for 30000 tickets. There are many items you can receive from the tickets.

Higher the price if the prize is, the higher number of tickets you require. Each item is shipped to you free of charge and it takes 7 days to arrive at your home.

Pros and Cons of Very Dice App


  • Tickets can be redeemed to purchase various products.
  • Gives you 50 rolls head start
  • Provides you roll each day
  • Can be played on both android and iOS
  • Free to download
  • You can invite your friends and earn extra rolls.


  • The game is quite addicting. you may end up paying actual money for rolls
  • Referral bonus is comparatively low i.e., 30 rolls
  • The threshold is 2000 tickets which may take weeks to achieve.
  • Only available in the US

VeryDice App Review: Legit or Scam

VeryDice app is legit. This app will allow you to play games online and earn various prices. You will have to earn virtual tickets by playing the games.

Then those tickets can be exchanged for various prizes including Amazon Gift Cards and other products. After you purchased the products, it will take 7 to 11 days to be shipped and arrive at your home.

If you want to make money then this site is legit to do so. The ratings of the app on the Google play store is 4 out of 5 stars.

However please take this site as the only means of passive income because the earnings are based on luck and if you even win something they are not worthy of actually quitting the job.

But before you leave please check our review Squadhelp and find out if the crowdfunding website is legit or a scam.