Surveyo24 Review 2024: Legit or Scam?

What is Survey024?


In this Surveyo24 review, we will start by mentioning what is Surveyo24.

Survey024 is an online platform that helps to earn online. You can simply take various surveys to earn on this website. There will be many interesting surveys for you and they pay you for your effort.

They help marketing agencies specializing in the study of public opinion to create and conduct surveys on services and products and operate globally and work with companies around the world.

They work according to ESOMAR, MRS, CASRO, MRA, ARF, MRIA, AMA, and AMSRO standards so your answers along with the answers of other participants are analyzed anonymously.

How to Get Started?

Firstly, you have to register an account on Survey024. You just need to visit the sign-up page at – us to enter your basic information.

You need to fill in your name, date of birth, address, and then a couple of profile questions to create your account. Once you complete the process of creating an account you will get a confirmation email to verify your email address.

You should click the link sent in the confirmation email this will register and activate your account. As soon as you finish this process, you can start taking surveys.

 How Does Survey024Work?

After completing the registration process, you can start taking surveys. Login email and start searching for a suitable survey for you. Not all surveys will be suitable for you.

In some cases, you may not fall into the suitable candidate category and the questionnaire could be stopped partway through. The duration of each survey is always stated while choosing your questionnaire.

The shortest questionnaires may only take 2 minutes to complete while others which are slightly longer and can take close to 20 minutes to complete. You will be paid through points. The amount of points you earn is stated in the survey.

 How Do you Earn?

Survey024 pays you through points for completing surveys. The point amounts may vary significantly. The number of points you will earn will be stated while choosing the survey.

The points may not depend on the length of the surveys. For example, a survey of 4 minutes may pay $2 but the survey of 20 minutes may pay you $1.50.

So, make sure that you check the number of points you will be paid while taking the survey.

How are you paid?

You will need to have a PayPal to be paid. The minimum payout threshold is $10. Since you will be paid in points, you can convert points in dollars that is 1 point is equivalent to $0.001.

Thus, to get paid you need to have 1000 points. You can get paid through PayPal in three days and can also exchange your points for various rewards.

You can visit to exchange your points for different gifts and rewards. The site also pays you through Bitcoins gift cards and e-vouchers. The minimum exchange threshold required to earn rewards is 1000 points.

Pros and Cons of Surveyo24



  • It is free and easy to join
  • Survey024 pays through PayPal
  • You can also exchange points for rewards.
  • The payout threshold is quite decent which is $10
  • You are paid within three days after requesting payment.
  • It is internationally available
  • Good source of side income
  • Data are anonymous


  • You may not be selected for the survey you like
  • The site may cut you off during the questionnaire if you do not fit the criteria.
  • You do not get compensation for participating

Conclusion: Surveyo24 Review

After the detailed Survey024 review, it can be said the site is not a scam. It is a good site to earn some extra money. You have to take surveys to earn money. The suitable candidates are decided by the organization only.

Unlike other websites, you do not have to update your profile. If you want to make extra money then you can join this website. There are various small and large surveys that you can take to earn money and rewards.

The public review is also good for this website. People are earning through this platform. But if you are up to a full-time job then the amount of money you earn will not be sufficient.

This website is for people who want to pass their free time by earning some extra money. Thus, Survey024 is legit and recommended for a side income source.

If you are looking for earning money online for providing surveys then check our review of and find out if the site is legit or scam.