Product Testing UK Review 2024: Is it Legit or Scam

Reviewing products is one of the most interesting ways to earn money on the internet.

Unlike other tasks such as surveys, GPT, and PTC, reviews are very interesting and you can get free products or cash to test the products and review them.

Today I am bringing you a new site named Product Testing UK where you can test the products and get free products.

But just like every other site on the internet you have to be wary about

If Product Testing UK is legit or a scam?

On this Product Testing Review, we will guide you on how to earn from the site and how to withdraw your earnings.

What is Product Testing UK?

ProductTestingUK Review

Product Testing Uk is a popular UK online site that hires and pays common people to test the product and provide free products as a reward.

However, they have clearly stated that you have to be selected by the site in order to review the product and get the free rewards.

This means the site is just like a lottery and you may never earn anything and have completely waste your time.

Also, the site has other tasks such as Mystery Shopper where you shop mystery items and have a chance to get 100% of your cashback.

And you can also engage in Secret Dinner tasks where you can gain cashback as well.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how you can join the site and start completing tasks.

Key Introduction

  • Website – Product Testing UK
  • Owner – N/A
  • Date of Establishment- 2007
  • Means of Payment – Free Products
  • Customer Support – Poor

Getting Started

ProductTestingUK Review

You can join the Product Testing UK by visiting the site and then click sign up for the site.

However, you have to sign up for individual products that you want to review which can be tedious.

Also, you may not be selected to review any of the products that you sign up for.

When you click the sign-up button you have to fill in some personal information such as Full Name, Postal Code, and Email address.

Then you have to wait for 24 hours to know if the site actually chose you and if they will send you products for review.

If you like other Product Testing sites then you can check the Product Testing USA review which is based on the same site as Product Testing UK.

How To Earn Money from Product Testing

ProductTestingUK Review

There are several tasks that you can complete to earn free products on the site. The basic tasks on the site are Product Testing, Secret Dining, and Mystery Shopping.

There are several options in each of the categories and there are tons of tasks for that category as well.

However, as prefaced before you have to be selected for each task first in order to perform the tasks and earn the rewards.

In order to get selected for each category is to sign up for that category and then submit your application.

The site will research your personal demography and then provide you with the product that you can record and provide your testing reviews.

Most of the products are from various IT companies and Broadband companies and many other companies such as Insurance.

You also must read the conditions and instructions and must follow the exact set of instructions in order to get selected otherwise you will be disqualified from the offers and you won’t be able to review these products.

#2 Mystery Shopper and Secret Diner

Mystery Shopper and Secret Diner and other tasks available on Product Testing UK. On Mystery Shopper, you have to buy products from the clients of the site.

However, the items that you buy remain the mystery and each product has the reward of cashback from the money you pay.

If you get lucky you can even gain 100% of your cashback and buy the product for free.

How Much Can You Earn from Product Testing UK?

The earnings on ProductTestingReviewUK are dependent on how many reviews you are able to receive and if they are verified by the site.

In order for your review to get verified, you have to submit a 500 words review, photos, and also a minute-long video review.

This is for the site to check if you have actually reviewed the exact product that you have signed up for.

You will not get the reward in the form of cash or giftcards but in the form of free products.

Sometimes the products are iPhone, XBOX, Playstation, and other expensive items which can be valued up to $300 to $500.

However, normally the value of the product is from $50 to $100 so if you manage to get the product then you are earning really high.

So you have to be alert for every review you can get by signing up to their newsletter and staying updated on their social media site.

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Minimum Payout and Payment Method

As the rewards are free products there is no threshold on payment and the site will send you products.

The site sends you your free products at the address and postal code that you signed up for during the registration process.

Inspection of Safety

  • SSL Certificate – Valid and issued by R3
  • Privacy Policy – Available
  • Terms of Service – Available


Are there limitations on registering for the product you want to review?

No According to the site you can register for as many products as possible.

Does it Cost anything to review a product?

No product testing is absolutely free on the Product Testing UK site.

Does the Site Pay Everyone who reviews the product?

No According to the site only selected members who have reviewed the product will be able to keep it for free.

How Do You Know you have selected for Reviewing the Product?

The site will send the mail to your registered email address and you can also check on the Latest Reviewers page.

Pros and Cons of Product Testing UK


  • One of the high paying site
  • The site is free to join
  • Some products are a large number in values


  • Only available in USA, UK, and Australia
  • The site does not pay in the form of cash or gift cards
  • You may never get free products.

 Product Testing UK Review: Legit or Scam

From this Product Testing UK Review, we can confirm that the site is legit and it definitely pays.

You can get some valuable products such as XBOX, Playstation, iPhone, etc for free but the site may never select you to review free products.

There is some very amazing positive aspect of the site but there is obviously glaring negative aspect of Product Testing UK as well.

Over 15 people from the Trustpilot site have rated Product Testing UK 2 out of 5 stars which is a really poor rating.

Let’s take a look at some User Reviews from the Trustpilot site.

User Reviews

Here are some positive user reviews

Review 1

This user is very happy because after reviewing the iPhone the site has sent him the iPhone for free.

User Reviews

Review 2

This user was skeptical at first however when he received the mail about receiving the product he realized the site is not a scam.

Now let’s take a look at some negative reviews

Review 3

This user claims the site is a scam as after so long time he never got selected to review any product.

Negative User Reviews

Review 4

According to the user, the site is a scammer and also provides your number and email id to various companies who spam the email inbox and then also call your numbers a lot of times which can be frequently.

Hence the bottom line is,

There is a vast contrast among the users who think the site is legit and various others who think it is a scam.

However, most of the negative users imply that the site does not select them for the review of the product for a long period of time.

However, the site has been clear about the selection process is random.

Hence I recommend you to join the Product Testing UK site and try to get the chance to review the products but don’t expect you will be selected and also try to implement other online tasks along with this.