Best Online Tools for Young Writers to Unlock Their Potential

Are you a newbie in the writing field and want to uplift your writing potential? Verily, you may be hunting for some effective ways to easily unlock hidden writing skills. Don’t tire yourself in these efforts because we have found your best solutions. And those are online tools.

Utilizing online tools can unlock your potential for writing. In this article, you’ll learn about the ten best online tools that are helpful in this regard.

What Factors Do We Peer for in the Best Writing Tools?

While choosing the best online tools for writers, we kept an eye on multiple aspects. Among them, the most prominent are as follows:

  • Accuracy And Relevancy: We considered those online tools that work on advanced algorithms and can always give accurate results. Moreover, solely accurate results are enough if they are not relevant to our queries or recommendations.
  • Easier to Use: During our research for the best online tools, we kept skipping those which were difficult to use. We always considered the easy-to-navigate features in every tool.
  • Versatile: We look for versatility as a main factor in every writing tool during selection. Every time we look for multiple features in the tools.

At last, we shortlisted the best ones from the ocean of online tools on the internet.

10 Best Online Tools to Unlock the Potential of Young Writers

1. Power Thesaurus

Power thesaurus is an online tool that is driven with the help of AI algorithms. It is free to access for all the writers. Power thesaurus is a comprehensive tool that is equipped with an extensive collection of words, synonyms, antonyms, definitions, phrases, etc.

How Power Thesaurus Can Unlock the Potential of Young Writers?

The following points state how the comprehensive thesaurus is useful for young writers:

  • Utilizing the thesaurus tool, writers can widen their collection of words, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Writers can pick the more suitable and interesting words or phrases from the tool.
  • The thesaurus is effective at enhancing the grip of writers on the language.
  • The tool can uplift the creativity of writers by providing them with multiple alternative words, phrases and idioms.

For Example:

We utilized the Power thesaurus to come up with a comprehensive collection of words, phrases, idioms, etc, for the word “Health”. The tool provided us with vast details about the word including sentences, definitions, relative words, idioms, etc.


2. Editpad

Editpad’s paraphrasing tool works to create alternative and improved versions of existing writing. Editpad’s Paraphrasing tool neither adds or removes any additional details but rotates the writing around the same asset of meanings.

To rephrase writing, the tool revamps most of its wording, structure and tone of sentences. All of these things are handled with the assistance of its integration with AI.

The Usefulness of Editpad’s Paraphraser for Young Writers

As a young writer, you can improve your writing skills with the help of a paraphrasing tool. You can below the essence of writing from the writing tool:

  • Variety in the formulation of sentences.
  • Multiple styles to state the same meaning.
  • Recognition of new words.
  • Creativity after spinning the same concept in different ways.
  • Techniques to make your writing free of plagiarism.
  • With the help of the paraphrasing tool, you can easily come out of the writer’s block.

For Example:

We rephrased the below writing with the help of the Editpad’s rephrasing tool.


“Learning to write well is like being able to use a multipurpose tool that opens up a whole new world. The ability to write clearly and precisely opens the door to effective communication by facilitating the expression of thoughts, ideas, and emotions.”


“Learning to type well is like being able to utilize a multipurpose apparatus that opens up an entire modern world. The capacity to type in clearly and accurately opens the entryway to successful communication by encouraging the expression of contemplations, thoughts, and feelings.”


3. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an online readability checker. To determine the readability of writing it analyzes multiple things that include:

  • Sentence structure
  • Word choice
  • Voice of sentences
  • Grammar

Based on the above factors the editor gives every writing a specific score. That score ranges from good to Good to Bad and 5 to 15.

How Hemingway Editor Can Unlock the Potential of Young Writers

Hemingway Editor can be helpful for young writers in the following ways:

  • Hemingway can teach writers to simplify and clarify their writing.
  • The tool can encourage the value of revising and rewriting in the writers.
  • Based on the suggestions from the “Editor”, writers can learn good writing and editing habits.
  • Different colors used by the tool make their writing strengths and weaknesses easily comprehensible.

Practical Example:

We inputted the above-written content of our article into the Editor. The tool instantly highlighted the different essences of our text and gave it a readability score i.e. 9th.


4 Google Bard

Google Bard is an AI-based conversational Chatbot developed by Google in the recent era. It is stocked with billions and trillions of databases.

To use Google Bard users give it a prompt (i.e., question, a sentence, words or a phrase) and the tool, instantly works to find the best information/answer within a matter of seconds.

The Bard is efficient at providing multiple outputs for the same prompt. Moreover, the outputs generated by the tool are updated, accurate as well and human-like.

How Google Bard Can Unlock the Potential of Writers

Below are some prominent ways through which the tool can assist in unlocking the potential of young writers:

  • Writers can do quick research and brainstorm their ideas with the utilization of the Bard.
  • They can overcome the issue of Writer’s block with the help of Google Bard.
  • Writers can effectively check the facts and research.
  • Writers can learn the professional way of transforming content from one tone to another.
  • With the tool, writers can easily explore multiple writing styles and learn them after analyzing their structure/terminology.

And many more…

Let’s take a practical example of Google Bard’s capability.

Practical Example:

In this example, we checked and demonstrated the writing style conversion capability of the Chatbot. For this, we gave the tool with a prompt that is below:


“Convert This Text into Promotional.”

Original Text:

“A wristwatch is a small, wearable timepiece that people can carry around with them. It is intended to maintain a steady motion despite the movements brought on by the user’s activity.

Promotional Text:

“A wristwatch is more than just a timekeeping device; it’s an expression of your individuality and a symbol of sophistication. With its enduring design and impeccable craftsmanship, our wristwatch will seamlessly complement any outfit and elevate your style to new heights.”


5. Grammar Check

Grammar check is an online tool that functions to analyze multiple types of errors from a given writing like grammar, preposition, and spelling flaws.

AI Grammar Checker is organized with the help of advanced tech i.e., AI and stocked with recent language rules.

How Grammar Check Can Unlock the Writing Potential?

Writers can unlock their writing potential in the following ways:

  • With the grammar check tool, writers can recognize their multiple slip-ups.
  • They can elevate the skill of proofreading with the utilization of the checker.
  • Writers can get rid of their writing flaws by following the correct suggestions given by the tool.

Practical Example:

We dropped the below-written text into the tool.

Our Text:

“Me and him, we was going to the store but she don’t want to come with us. They was having a sale on apples, but I ain’t like apples much, so I didn’t buy none.”


6. Statista

Statista is an online tool that serves as a source of data and statistics about a diverse range of topics. The things that make it a most populous source of data are its incredibility and versatility.

How Statista Can Unlock the Potential of Young Writers?

Statista can unleash the potential of young writers in multiple ways that are followed:

  • Writers can easily gather credible stats about any topic. And they can add them to their writing. By doing so, writers can enhance the credibility of their writing.
  • Since Statista is updated with the passage of every minute writes can reach the most recent details about their subject matter.
  • It can be used as a source to check the authenticity or correctness of facts. Furthermore, writers can collect relative insights/data from the tool to prop up their arguments.

Practical Example:

We harnessed Statista to get insights on “Food Shortage Problems In Africa”. The tool provided us with details insights regarding our subject matter.


7. Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a conversational Chatbot developed by Open AI. Like, Google Bard, it is also stocked with trillions of information pieces on a diverse range of topics like business, economics, sports, tech, and many more.

Its machine learning algorithms make it conversate with users like a human.

For Example:

If you say it; “How are you?”

The answer will be like; “I’m great what about you?”

How Chat GPT Can Unlock the Potential of Young Writers?

Writers can harness the tool in the following ways to unleash their writing potential:

  • They can research multiple topics and “Brainstorm’ their ideas.
  • They can utilize a chatbot for crafting unique “Outlines” about their topics.
  • Chat GPT can be utilized by writers to express content in different “Styles”.
  • Chat GPT utilizes ML tech to come up with recent and trending terminology. This will help writers to “Expand their Vocabulary.”
  • With the help of Chatbot, writers can create real-time “Examples” that are relevant to their subject matter. Doing so will make their writing more comprehensible.

Practical Example:

We were required to write some unique type of blog outlines about the below Topic:


“The Health of Our The Earth: The Effects of Pollution on Well-being.”


Create Blog Outlines for the Topic: “The Health of Our The Earth: The Effects of Pollution on Well-being.”

The tool automatically provided us with descriptive and optimized blog outlines that can be seen below.


8. Text Summarizer

Text summarizer is another tool that can unleash the writing potential of young writers. The Text summarizer operates to shorten a given content.

It condenses a given content while preserving all of its essence. The thing that supports the summarizer in coming up with accurate results is the state-of-the-art technology.

How Text Summarizer Can Improve the Writing Of Young Writers?

With the text summarizer, writers can unlock their writing skills in the following ways:

  • Writers can easily know about the core concept of material while conducting research.
  • They can efficiently learn the conclusion writing with the summarizing tool.
  • Text Summarizer can help writers to unlock the power of brevity in their writing style.
  • The tool enables writers to express the essence of content in a few words.
  • Utilizing the summarizing tool, writers will learn about the clear and concise way of writing.

Practical Example:

To demonstrate the summarizing capability of the Text Summarizer, we ran the below text from it.

Original Text:

“Having good health has many priceless advantages and is the foundation of a happy life. In addition to the obvious physical benefits, it promotes mental clarity, which allows for increased productivity and clearer focus.”

Extracted Summary:

“Having good health has many priceless advantages and is the foundation of a happy life.”

9. Cliche Finder

A web-based tool called Cliche Finder looks for cliches in written material. By cliche, we mean the repetitive or overuse of words and phrases in the writing that make it boring and unoriginal.

How Does Cliche Finder Help Young Writers?

The cliche finder can be helpful for writers in multiple ways:

  • To Automatically find repetitive and boring words.
  • With the help of cliche finder, writers can turn their writing terminology from boring to interesting.
  • The tool will encourage unique writing development in young writers.
  • The tool will improve their writing conciseness.

Practical Example:

We crafted a small piece of text with some cliche words and inputted it into the cliche finder. The tool efficiently highlighted all the poor word choices from our input.


“Umm, there was, like, this girl, um, named Lily, I think? She kinda lived in, uh, a small town with hills or something.”

10. Canva: A Graphic Design Tool

Canva is considered one of the most popular graphic design tools. It is efficient to unleash the potential of emerging writers. The tool is filled with several templates, elements, colors, fonts, etc.

How Canva Can Unlock the Potential of Writers?

Canva is a useful tool to turn the passion of writers into potential. Below are the ways through which the graphic design tool can uplift the writers:

  • Writers can craft multiple visuals with the help of tools to make their writing engaging for readers.
  • The tool can uplift the creativity of writers by providing diverse graphic materials.
  • Canva can enhance the visual designing skills of writers and show them the right path to making their writing more impactful.

And so on…

Practical Example:

We used Canva to create an image for the article about “The Best Writing Tips”. The tool’s simple interface made us easily design a compelling image relative to our writing.



If you are a young writer who is passionate about unlocking your writing potential, the best way to do so is utilization of online tools.

Utilizing online tools will accelerate the process of unleashing your writing potential. Moreover, online tools can make you learn better than a tutor or writing-related books.

In the article above, we delved into the treasure trove of the top ten web resources for developing young writers.

We introduced them and explained the ways for their helpfulness and their practical usage examples. Now is the time to get the assistance of these tools and unleash your writing potential.