Get Paid to be an Online Friend

In the modern world earning money online has not just been a fantasy but a real thing. There are various sites, apps, and activities that will help you to earn money online.

There are countless opportunities to earn money online. But did you know you can earn online by making new friends?

If you are a careful person, you may be skeptical that those sites are waste of time and are a scam.

This is where I come and bring you an easy and real methods to earn money by becoming a virtual friend.

So without further delay let us get started.

What is a Virtual Friend?

Virtual Friend is exactly like making a friend but only in a virtual world that is the Internet. You will not meet a person in real life but talk, interact and connect through the means of the Internet.

Despite our constant connection to the online world, many are reporting a lack of connection on a personal level which is why people constantly look for friends either in real life or through means of the Internet.

You may already have a virtual friend in your life. There are various friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram whom you have never met but only interact online.

However, you can actually get paid to make friends and interact with them online. You can search for people who have similar hobbies and interests as you have and befriend them.


How can you set up to be a Virtual Friend?

There are some easy methods to set up to be a virtual friend. Let’s take a look at those processes regularly.

  1. Create Your Profile: First of all, you have to create a profile and sign up for the respected websites that provide cash for making friends.
  2. Take Personality Quiz – After signing up, you have to answer a bunch of questions regarding your personality. This is to match your interest with others who have the same hobbies and interests.
  3. Description – It is necessary to describe yourself so other people can see what you like and don’t like and what you are good at and what your weakness is.
  4. Payment Details – After completing a profile and signing up, you have to provide your payment details so that you can be paid.
  5. Accept Friend Request – Now all you have to do is waiting for a friend request, accept it, and start chatting and making new friends. You can use various means of start talking with your friend which can be Telephone chat, text chat, mail chat, voice chat, or via Skype.

But showing your face to strangers may not be recommended unless you are completely sure of it.

Can You Earn From Becoming an Online Friend?

The answer to the question is Yes. You can definitely earn from becoming an Online Friend from the means of various websites or applications.

However, the main purpose of becoming a virtual friend is to provide happiness to people who are mentally and physically disabled person. And some people are introverts or anxiety suffering who don’t want to or can’t talk face to face.

So in this way you are not only helping yourself financially but helping others socially or boost of their confidence. This act of kindness can help the person to be mentally stable and prosper in their future.

How Much Can You earn from being an Online Friend?

The earnings from being an online friend depend and vary according to how much you can engage and provide time into it.

Basically, you can charge according to the time you spent chatting with your online friend. In some cases, the charge is set up by the person themselves while in other cases the sites that provide such services have fixed the rate.

Moreover, you can earn from $30-60 per hour depending on the site or your client. You can earn up to $2000 to $3000 per month. And for just being a friend you are earning a lot of money.

Websites You Get Paid for Being Friend

In order to get paid for being a friend, you have to find some relevant and legit sites and applications.

1.Rent a friend

Rent a friend is a website that allows you to hire friends. You can sign up and be a friend to various virtual people around the world. You can meet in person or limit yourself to online chatting only.

It has more than 600,000 people looking to have a friend for a day. Be careful and keep your relationship platonic because this site does not disclose the background of other users.

You can earn up to $20 – $50 per hour. You can set your price between this amount. If any customer wants to reduce the price, it can be negotiable.

2.Rent a local friend

Rent a local friend also provides the same service as Rent a friend. The biggest difference between these two platforms is that Rent a local friend focuses more on hiring friends around your locality only.

So, you can earn for being friends with anyone in your locality, city, or area virtually. This site is recommended by Trip Advisor.

You can be a local friend to help your virtual friend in a tour, photography, and help them spend their time. You will earn between $50 to $200 per hour.

Meeting your friend in person helps to earn higher than maintaining a virtual relationship only.

3.Rent a cyber friend

Rent a cyber friend is an online platform that provides you virtual friend service. It is developed with the similar concept of Pen pal. Your tasks may include helping someone in learning, speaking, guiding your friend.

You may also have to help your lonely friend socialize through texts or calls.

On this website, You can earn up to $20 – $50 per hour. You can set your price between this amount. You are paid through PayPal and your threshold balance should be at least $75.


JoinPapa is a website that helps you to earn money by making friends online. You have to befriend elderly people and make them happy. Your tasks may include giving car rides, doing house chores, teaching cool stuff, and just sitting and chatting.

Through this platform, you can earn money as well and spend some time with old wise people and help them reduce their loneliness.

You can earn up to $15 per hour for spending your time with elder peoples.


Fiverr is one of the good online platforms for proofreaders. It contains jobs for all types of freelancers. You will be able to make friends and get paid as well on this platform. It is called Fiverr friendship.

On this website, you will earn between $5 to $ 25 per hour. Although this site has a lower pay rate compared to other platforms, it does not mean that you cannot charge more.

You can set a relatively higher price than $25 as Fiverr also takes a commission from the users.


Friend PC is also a website that pays for being friends with any virtual member. Your tasks will be chatting with the virtual members through text, audio calls, video calls, and various other social platforms.

You can also act as a teacher or a psychologist to help them with various emotional problems and your lonely friends to socialize.

On FriendPC You can earn more than $5 up to $150 per hour. You will be paid after two days of completion of a service.


Fibler is an application that helps you earn money online. You just have to communicate with virtual users. Your main goal is to help your virtual friend by providing insights into the area of your expertise.

You will be paid $0.20 per text message, $1.30 per min on audio calls, and $2.50 per minute on video calls. Your earning will also increase if your virtual friend gives you higher ratings.

The more your rating will increase, the higher you will get paid.


Flirtbucks is a website that hooks up men and women. The service of Flirtbucks leans toward adult content so you will have to be more than 18 years old to join this platform.

You will have to befriend interested members and engage in various chatting or calling your friend.

Your payment rate is $0.10 per minute for text chats and $0.40 per minute for video chats.

9.Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is a chatting platform that pays you to engage with chats with your virtual friends. It is an online platform for people interested in chatting with people across the world.

You can chat or flirt through text messages or audio calls.  In Chat Recruit, You can also use webcams or video calls to engage with your virtual friend.

You can fix your payment rates yourself but the average earning rate on this platform is $2 per minute. The site pays you through direct deposits and international bank transfers.


Text121Chat is also a chatting platform that pays you to engage with chats with your virtual friends. You will basically involve in adult-oriented conversation so you must be 18+ to join this website.

But if you are not interested in adult-based services, you can join other services and earn money.

The payment system of Text121 Chat is a quota system. You will have to make at least 2000 messages per month to earn the money.

Your payment rate will be $0.07 per text message but you will only be paid if you have reached 2000 messages in a month.

11.McMoney App

McMoney App is a platform that people sending text messages and making friends can join for free to earn money. You will act as a mobile operator or communicator that help to communicate with many people basically discussing their personal life and solving their problems.

The pay rate of the app is you will receive 5 cents for every text message you have sent or received back. You can also delete the text after receiving the amount so that you are not liable to respond or communicate to every text.

The site has not revealed its payout but you will receive your money via PayPal.

Is it Safe to be an Online Friend?

It cannot be guaranteed that you will remain safe from these apps or sites but you can follow some prerequisite measures to not get into any trouble.

Basically, the people who will be interacting with are physically or mentally disturbed or disabled.

Some physically can’t go out and make new friends whereas some are depressed, shy or introverted who is not into short talks but are extremely thoughtful but just cannot interact face to face.

Here are some of the ways you can follow to be safe online

  • Do not provide your address or your private information under any circumstances.
  • You must not pay or provide your credit card details to any site.
  • If you are not comfortable, never agree to meet in person.
  • In case you think something is wrong, avoid speaking to such a person and always trust your instinct.
  • Before joining such chat sites, always do your research and read reviews to know if the site is legit or scam.


From the above deduction, we can conclude that it is not that hard to be a virtual friend. And even getting paid for its bonus.

To become a good virtual friend requires the same compassion, dedication, and patience like a day to day friends do. If you are a nice friend to anyone, they will be happy and become mentally peaceful.

There are various pros of becoming a virtual friend. One of the many cases of suicide is due to depression and the inability to make friends.

But this site despite spending a little amount will help to cope with mental stress, depression, and increasing suicide in the long run.

Making a virtual friend is also not a limit to itself. Some virtual friends also can be real-life best of friends and even life partners. But key point is to make you sense and avoid danger.

You must trust your instinct and avoid any dangerous encounters. As long as you are safe and earn money by being a virtual friend, this is an extremely good opportunity on the internet.