Gambling Links Decoded: Unlocking the Secrets

Gone are the days when fans of gambling had to go to brick-and-mortar gaming houses to have a rush of adrenaline and excitement from money betting or a poker game. Nowadays, online accessibility makes every kind of entertainment closer than ever. Considering the profitability of online gaming services, there are a lot of websites and applications coming every single day, trying to attract as many visitors and loyal-to-be clients. However, the idea and the website are just tiny particles of success, as the backbone of online visibility is an advertisement, which is provided by a competent link-building approach.

How to build a dedicated link-building strategy and boost your organic traffic? What kind of gambling links can improve your casino ranking? Let’s follow the guide.

What is a gambling link building strategy?


A link building technique is a proven way to establish online visibility for a gambling company and ensure its high ranking amongst other gambling sites. The more gambling backlinks you get, the more ‘authoritative’ your website will look in the eyes of Google, and thus, the higher ranking you will get. The most efficient way to do it is to create related content with backlinks referring to your website.

Benefits of link building for gaming websites


The less you are known to the search engine (Google, as a rule) the fewer chances you have to reach the first page in the search and its top positions. Proper execution of a link-building strategy will attract traffic to your gaming website, and more users, and thus, will give proper online growth. Among its main benefits are:

Location-oriented reputation

Typically, casino websites are oriented toward the global market, focusing on the international audience, however, you can first aim for a local gaming market, and then, expand the influence globally. Once you establish high-ranking online visibility, you will have a relatively stable flow of loyal gamers, who will create organic traffic for the website.


SERP is an acronym used for Search Engine Results Page. It is the list of websites you see after entering a query on a search engine. The list is influenced by organic search results, paid searches, and pay-per-click ads. Considering the fact that the internet user hardly ever checks the second page of the list, the link building strategy aims for top search results on the first page in SERP.

Traffic boost

The visibility of a gaming website depends on the amount of traffic and its stability. If you maintain a high level of reach by publishing content with backlinks, you will be able to build a consistent flow of users to your website.

Link building strategies for casinos


Link building strategies are published all over the internet, however, the biggest obstacle when implementing them comes down to the origin of your website, as it is related to gambling, which has more restrictions regarding the search algorithms.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a proven way to tell the world about your existence and attract users. It is based on two cornerstones – high-quality content and accepting websites with high outreach. Basically, you order an article on a relevant topic and buy casino backlinks that lead to your website. An accepting website with wide audience posts this article, and its readers are going to reach your gaming website. The more people follow the link, the higher level of your visibility becomes.

Extensive expertise

When targeting your audience, it is important to be a cover-it-all source of information. Those who are interested in gaming typically look for all the supportive information about playing strategies, new games, betting, payment technologies, records, etc. When you cover all the subjects related to gambling, potential users will stop at your website, without the need to look for other sources.

Broken links replacement

By giving ‘second life’ to the broken links, you create a win-win situation for both – the owner of the accepting website and you – you get a substantial number of visitors, while the webmaster has his website refreshed. The strategy of broken links is getting more and more popular due to the number of outdated information online, and the relative simplicity of the process, as there is no need to create new content, but just update the old one according to your informational needs.

Brand mentioning

The world of games includes a variety of niches, not just gaming websites. There are numerous vloggers and bloggers expressing their opinion and overviews of the existing gambling content. It is a good idea to reach them out and offer a fair exchange – sponsoring their work to brand mentioning. The bigger the audience, the more traffic they will bring you.

Social media presence

Our society is more and more into social networks, as it is the source of communication and information. Therefore, active engagement on such platforms will help to spread the level of online presence and make the target audience aware of new gambling websites.

The casino link building strategies to avoid



The usage of keywords makes the content relevant to the topic, however, it shouldn’t be about flooding it with key phrases and words. Instead of getting a high rating with search queries, Google algorithms will mark the website with low trust, which will cause a significant drop in casino ranking.

Strategy-less approach

Every enterprise is supposed to be carefully outlined and planned, otherwise, you will lose track of money and progress. The whole venture needs a clear vision of expected results and the financial sources available for it.

Wrong backlinks

A simple, yet quite common mistake, which is a matter of editing. It is important to double-check the correctness of the backlinks, and the workability of the pages they lead to.



The online casino business is a profitable investment and has numerous benefits compared to physical ones. However, online competition is much fiercer and requires more specific techniques to make the gaming website visible. Link building strategy is a tried-and-tested method to attract more users to your website, and establish its high level of authority in the gaming niche. Link building is rather arduous, as theoretical knowledge is never enough, therefore, it’s much wiser to hire a link building agency, as it will save your time, and thus, money.