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How To Make Money on TikTok in 2020?

Best ways to make an extra income!

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TikTok has become a sensational short-form video sharing platform recently and there’s a lot of opportunities to make money from this app.

And In this article, you will find plenty of ways to make money from TikTok in 2019.

So, let’s get started with an Introduction of this app and how to get started with it.


TikTok is a popular video sharing app which lets anyone record videos, add effects and uploads right from the TikTok app.

Most of the users on TikTok are teenagers who makes funny, voice overs, and sing along kind of videos.

Many people have become an online sensation overnight after getting their videos viral on TikTok and other social networks.

Here is one of the TikTok Compilition videos:

TikTok is available to download from PlayStore & AppStore. After you download the app, you can start creating videos and share with the world.

Can you earn money from TikTok?

Unlike other video sharing platforms like YouTube & Dailymotion, TikTok doesn’t offer ad revenue to the content creators on the platform.

Many people just use TikTok just for fun and don’t really have any idea that it is possible to earn money from TikTok.

With the rapidly growing popularity of TikTok, many brands and people are actively looking for influencer on TikTok.

So, you can definitely make money from TikTok.

How To Make Money On TikTok?

There are a lot of ways to make money from TikTok.

But first, you will need good amount of followers.

Once you have a solid following, then the possibilites to monetize those followers are endless.

I suggest you to read all the methods, and only apply   2 – 3 methods until you see some outcome.

I will be updating this massive list of TikTok money making methods frequently, so it’s recommended to Bookmark this page.

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Cross-Promotion / Shout-outs

This is one of the easiest and full proof way to make money from TikTok.

If you have thousands or millions of fans on TikTok, then you can easily earn money from TikTok by promoting other’s channels.

Suppose you have 100k fans on TikTok, then other content creators with small following will reach out to you for promotions and collaboration.

You can charge them $xxx to even $xxxx or more depending upon how many fans you have.

Brand Deals.

When you have good number of followers on Tik-tok ( at least 10k), then you will be eligible for brand

Deals. If you have gone viral recently, chances are some of the brands have already noticed yourPopularity.

So, many brand will contact for a deal, where you will be promoting their products.

Better than waiting for brands to find you and contact your for promotion, you can contact the brands

And make a offer with them.

Affiliate Marketing.

When you have a loyal fanbase, you can recommend them different products and ask them to buy

Using your link. When someone buys form your link you will get a small commission from the affiliate

Network without having your audience to pay more. You can also offer discount coupons.

If you have around 100k fans and even 1% buys the product and let’s assume the commission for each sale is $10, you will earn 1000 * 10$ = $10,000.

Brand deals makes you only fixed price..But with affiliate marketing earning potential depends on

How much fans you have and you can even scale your earnings. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money using TikTok.

Selling Products & Merch.

You can make your own products like tshirts, singed arts & so on and sell it to your fans.

You will be able to keep 100% of the sale which was not possible with affiliate marketing.

But you do have to pay & handle stuffs like packing the products shipping & customer care.

Social Media + TikTok

You can ask your fans to follow you on social media like Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

When you have more followers & likes on those social platforms, you can monetize them with brand deals, sponsored posts

And so on.

YouTube + TikTok

You can drive your TikTok audience to subscribe you on YouTube and start making content for YouTube too.

Then once you start getting more views, you can monetize it with Google ads, sponsored deals and so on.

Blog + TikTok

You can start a blog and write content in it. And ask your fans to visit the site to read interesting articles

Then you can use ads, affiliate links in the blogs to monetize your TikTok audiences.


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