JobBoy Review 2024: Read This Before Joining

Welcome to my honest JobBoy Review.

As we all know, many people are tuning into online earning application and website to work and earn from the comfort of their home.

Earning online has never been so easier and there are many options such as online earning survey websites, macro jobs sites, and URL shortener websites.

These online earning websites or apps are attractive to many people because many online jobs are part-time or night jobs that can be completed from the comfort of their home.

Jobboy is also a similar website that provides macro jobs for users who wants to work online through the comfort of their jobs. But you may be wondering, does this site really pays.

If this is your curiosity then you have come to the right place.

Today I will be providing various details about the site JobBoy such as what the site is, how to join it, how to earn from the site, how the site pays you, how you can redeem the payment, and whether the site is legit or not.

So let us get started.

What is Jobboy?

Jobboy Review

Jobboy is an online platform where many companies post jobs and many workers complete jobs to earn money. The works available in Jobboy is simple micro tasks with a fixed reward for the completion of the task.

There is a wide variety of tasks available on the site.

The site is international and anyone can join it. Jobboy can be one of the best sites to earn passive income continuously. The tasks available on the sites are visiting websites, watching videos, liking or disliking social media posts.

Users who are working on the site will earn from 10 cents to 50 cents depending on the tasks. After completion of every task, users need to send proof of task completion to receive the credit in their account.

The site is beneficial for both workers and employers as they get their subscribers or traffics for their website.

Now I will explain how to get started on the site.

How to Get Started on Jobboy?

First of all, to start working, users need to register on the site. After login into the website user will find the form that they can fill with an email id and password.

After filling out the form with the user’s profile they can now work on the different tasks available on the website. Every task has its rate pre-fixed with when the time of jobs was posted.

How can you Earn from Jobboy?

There are various tasks available for users to earn from the Jobboy site. Some of the tasks are

  • Watching videos,
  • Liking or disliking social media post,
  • Download an application,
  • Signing up for websites,
  • Download and install software,
  • Post a tweet on Twitter or retweet a tweet,
  • Click on keywords to help SEO,
  • Join different forums to make a comment or just review the forum,
  • subscribing and commenting on YouTube videos.

The users have to complete different tasks as mentioned above to earn money. Various tasks have a variable rate of earnings to earn for example signing a website and clicking on the link can gain up to $0.25 whereas watching a YouTube video can earn $0.10.

The range of earnings on the site is between $0.10 to $0.50.

How does Jobboy pay its users?

After completion of the task, the user has to send the proof of task completion to the site. The main way of sending the proof is by screenshotting the image. Users must follow a set of instructions ordered by the employer.

After you have completed the job, you should screenshot the proof and send it to the employer. The employer will check the completed task and if it is completed as asked by the employer, they will send the required amount to the users.

Jobboy Review Submit proof


Minimum Payout and Payment Method

The minimum payout threshold for the users to earn before redeeming in the Jobboy site is $10. When a user earns $10 they can now submit a request for withdrawal of the am0unt.

The payment method the site uses to pay is PayPal and Payza only.

It will take from 24 to 48 hours to receive payment from the Jobboy site. One of the biggest drawbacks of the site is it charges 10% on every transaction that is withdrawn.

Jobboy Review

Pros and Cons of Jobboy


  • Jobboy is legit and pays its users.
  • The site is available globally.
  • The tasks are easy and simple.
  • There are various tasks available to complete.
  • The minimum payout of $10 is comparatively lower.
  • Payments can be redeemed via Paypal which is easy.


  • Very low reward system.
  • Sites charge a percentage of earnings while withdrawing.
  • Complaints about poor customer support.
  • The only limited withdrawal method of Paypal and Payza.

Jobboy Review: Legit or Scam

So as I have deducted earlier, you can see Jobboy is a legit site and pays its users. It is easy to sign up and start working. The tasks are simple and there are various tasks available. The minimum withdrawal amount is also low at $10 and can be withdrawn via Paypal.

However, every task has low rewards and it will take a lot of time to reach the minimum payout limit. There are various satisfied customers but similarly, we can find various complaints about the site not paying.

The trusted sources like Trustpilot has also rated the site 2.5 out of 5.

I recommend the user to skip this site simply because there are better sites out there and the site cannot be even considered to be a passive source of income as it will take a very long time to earn just a small account.

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