The Evolving Landscape Of Gambling Laws In The Arabian Peninsula

In the Arabian Peninsula, it is vital to understand Islam as the official religion. In Islam, gambling is considered haram, which means it is prohibited, and mostly, the laws follow the rules of Islam. So, you can say that the local and federal laws prohibit gambling, and it is banned to advertise them. The primary reason behind this is the concern that minors might get exposed to gambling or that vulnerable people get tangled in the gambling web. That is why the government believes that there is a need for regulation.

Do you love the excitement or thrill that gambling provides? But you are worried that you might not be able to enjoy the Arabian peninsula. Well, gambling might not be legal, but several online websites let people in the Arabian peninsula, such as Qatar, enjoy this thrilling sport.

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Below is a detailed guide about the gambling status in the region.

Status Of Gambling

Status Of Gambling - gambling is illegal in Qatar

Firstly, it is vital to understand that online and offline gambling is illegal in countries such as Qatar, UAE, etc.. The primary goal of the government is to curb the unregulated market and control the organization that participates in illegal gambling.

So, according to Qatar law, any activity that can lead to losing or winning and the outcome depends upon the factors that are not under control is considered gambling. In fact, according to the law in Qatar, if you are caught gambling, you might have to pay a fine of three thousand Qatari riyals, or you might be imprisoned for three months. The penalty varies according to the severity.

In UAE, if one engages in gambling, it can lead to a fine of 50,000 AED or imprisonment for up to 2 years. This is the case in almost every country in the Arabian Peninsula. According to Sharia, money obtained by luck and not hard work is unclean.

But does this mean people of these countries can never participate in gambling? It is illegal in these countries, and there are no legal or online gambling sites here. Still, several online betting sites provide opportunities to gamble legally. Let’s explore the realm of online gambling in the Arabian peninsula.

Online Gambling In The Arabian Peninsula

Online Gambling In The Arabian Peninsula

There are no legal casinos, bingo halls, or poker facilities in the Arabian Peninsula, but the residents are excited about gambling, which is why online gambling is thriving.

Several international gambling sites accept players from Arabian peninsula countries, Qatar, UAE, etc. But, you have to be careful as some sites are operating illegally and unreliable. So, always ensure that the site is reliable and a trustworthy overseas website.

History Of Gambling

When it comes to history, there is little as it was always prohibited! However, camel racing was once considered legal. Yes, betting on camel races was extremely popular, and people used to earn around six figures. However, Qatar faced backlash in organizing these camel races, so the government made it illegal.

In fact, in 2003, it was stated that this sport is cruel, and there were reports that even young children were involved and acted as jockeys.

Over the years, the restrictions did not change; however, there was a rise of online casinos around the world. So, people started registering to play the games. It is understandable that online gambling has a special allure on players who would like to be the ones winning the most significant cash rewards in online casinos and making history.

Are There Legal Forms Of Gambling?

Are There Legal Forms Of Gambling - Arabian peninsula

There are not any legal betting options in the Arabian peninsula; in fact, even buying a lottery is illegal. But, in Qatar, there is one thing: raffle. You can say that it is a bit close to gambling. The raffle is organized by Qatar Airways’s Qatar duty-free divisions. It was introduced in 2006 and has gained tremendous popularity since then. Around five thousand tickets are sold per draw. The passengers can buy them at the Qatar duty-free official website.

There are three types of draw:

  • Luxury car draw
  • Motorbike draw
  • Millionaire draw

In fact, in the millionaire draw, the winner gets prizes uptoUS$1 million. Winners are from countries such as Syria, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, etc. Every passenger who arrives, transit, or departs through Hamad International can get these tickets. There is a limit of ten tickets per passenger. Passengers must also provide their nationality, contact number, and passport number.

For some, it might be as exciting as gambling, but in a country where betting is illegal, it can provide some thrill. And the best part, it is legal.

What Is The Future Of Casinos?

You know that in Islam, betting is prohibited; since the country in the Arabian Peninsula follows Islamic law, there is little to no chance that gambling will become legal in the future. However, it may still prevent the residents from participating in betting.

This has also led to several illegal establishments online and offline. And since people love the thrill and excitement, it is feared that these illegal dens will increase.

When it comes to online casinos, there is no doubt that they will flourish. Since these provide a safe way to gamble, people in the Arabian peninsula are turning towards it.

However, you must be careful and only pick a reliable site. This will ensure that your private information and money are safe. So, always check the certifications; if the site has customer services, you can also check the reviews to be sure.


Summing up, the penal code and the religion are against any form of gambling in the Arabian Peninsula. Any activity where people earn money based on pure chance and luck is considered illegal.

So, to curb these activities, the government has imposed several laws. It restricts people from participating in these activities. However, despite restrictions, several offshore gambling websites accept people from Arabian Peninsula countries to register for online gambling. But, it is vital that people must remember that it is vital to be cautious before they pursue this option.