How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in 2024? ($100 or More)

There are tons of ways legitimate ways to get free gift cards. And in this post, I am going to share some of the best ways to get Amazon gift cards (worth $100 or more).

But if you are wondering, how does this work? (or does it even work)

Let me clarify first:

These are tried and tested ways to get amazon gift cards for free! There are companies out there that reward user with gift cards for doing tasks such as playing games, doing surveys, or for your everyday shopping.

If you are excited to receive a free Amazon gift card now, then let’s get started:

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards?

1. Take Surveys –

Taking surveys is one of the easiest and convenient ways of earning free Amazon gift cards. Many online sites such as Survey Junkey, Inbox Dollars, My Points offer various surveys, and completing them effectively and efficiently will provide points that can be converted into cash to redeem Amazon Gift Cards.

However, To generate enough points to redeem Amazon gift cards it may take a very long time and surveys depend on the location of the site provided. Many of the locations such as South Asian countries do not have surveys available.

Completing a survey takes a lot of time and can spam the inbox of the user who has decided to take a survey.

2. Become Amazon Associate

Amazon Associates is that person or organization that promote Amazon products and get a commission if they get sold. Be becoming Amazon Associate users can share an affiliate link on social media or blog post and any people buys any product through users link, users, get commission point, that can be used to redeem the gift cards.

The only downside of this method is it may take time to actually convert your affiliate links into sales. We recommend users who have blogs or websites with substantial traffic on their site to be amazon affiliates.

3. Using Credit Card

Regularly using a credit card mainly Amazon Visa Card, while buying Amazon products provides buyers with points or cashback offers. Those offers or points can be used to get free Amazon gift cards. Continous using a Visa card is the quickest way of earning or redeeming Amazon Gift Cards.

There are no significant drawbacks to this method other than users have to make purchases to redeem the gift cards. And it is recommended to use Amazon Visa Card to purchase if you are purchasing anyway.

4. Trade Amazon Products

There is a program in Amazon called Amazon Trade-in Program. In this program, users have old books, gadgets, or electronics. The users can send it to Amazon offices for free shipping. After assessment by Amazon, if the products are capable of trade the users receive products in the form of Gift Cards.

But the items the users send to Amazon can be rejected and sent back to the users themselves.

5. Play Games

Every gamer’s dream is to earn free stuff by playing games and their dreams can come true. Some of the websites provide free Amazon Gift Card if the users are good at online games. Sites like Swagbucks, AppNana, and App down are the sites that have various games.

After reaching level or completing missions, the sites provide the users with points that can be converted into Amazon Gift Card. However, the points earned by playing games are comparatively lower than taking surveys or download apps.

6. Buy Items or Groceries

Many sites also provide Amazon Gift Card as a discount or cashback for buying groceries or products. One of the most recognized and popular sites is Ibotta in which users can buy products from their local store and click pictures and share on the site.

Ibotta provides users with cashback in the form of Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash. In other similar sites, after a user buys the product they have to provide a receipt of the product. The site verifies the receipt and provides cashback in the form of an Amazon Gift Card to the buyer.

7. Product Review

If any of our users are very passionate about providing reviews of items they have used to provide feedback, many sites reward the users with plenty of Amazon Gift Cards coupons. Companies like Mechanical Turk asks their users to provide a review of the websites, gadgets, or apps related to their clients.

If the users provide an effective and sufficient review of the said items or clients, the owning website rewards the reviewer with very beneficial Amazon Gift Cards. Another website like Opinion Post also rewards user who shares their opinions with free Amazon Gift Cards.

8.Watching Ads

Many websites are PTC sites where users are recommended to view the website or click the ads of the website to earn the reward. Websites like Prize Rebel rewards users to watch videos. Videos are normally up to 60 seconds long but the point generated is also not that much.

Hence, these are the easy ways of earning free Amazon Gift Cards. Although it is easier, users have to at least do some sort of works or tasks to earn the free stuff. But normally all these sites are something that casual users do in their everyday life. So do some easy tasks and earn free Amazon Gift Cards.

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Get Free Amazon Giftcards worth $100 or more