BeMyEye Review 2024 (Earn money App): Legit or Scam

What is BeMyEye?

Be My Eye Review

BeMyEye is an online application that rewards users for doing small tasks which are called missions.

Many people mistake the said app with another app called Be My Eyes which helps blind people and people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Users can operate BeMyEye App on both Android and iPhone devices by downloading from their respective play stores.

The users generally get very exciting tasks in the name of missions and then get paid if they complete them by following the proper instructions.

So let’s look at how you can earn from the app and how to withdraw your earnings.

How to Join BeMyEye?

Just like any other application, you can download BeMyEye from Android Google Playstore, and Appstore. Then you can sign up by filling up your personal details.

When you are verified by the application you can access your dashboard. There you will find various missions and start to earn money online.

How to Work on BeMyEye App?

As mentioned above, when you are ready to work, you can access various tasks aka missions from your BeMyEye App dashboard.

However, all the missions of the applications are legal and do not break any rules or laws of any state. The missions of the app are always based on the local store near you.

Some of the missions can vary from locating a product to finding out the price of a certain product in a local store.

To know in-depth what works you do in the BeMyEye App let’s break down the process.

Reserve an Accessible mission

After signing up to the app, now you will have access to various missions. Hence it is essential to reserve a mission that can be in your surroundings.

Doing so will help you to get that mission when it becomes available, otherwise, you will never be able to get the exact mission that you want.

Reserving the mission based on your location and accessibility is essential to earn extra income in the application.

Visit the location of Misson

After reserving the mission, now it is time to complete it. To complete it, you have to find the location where the said mission is.

In the BeMyEye application, you can find the marker of the location which you can access by using your GPS. When you’re super close, you’ll finally have the option to check in there.

Complete the mission

After going to the location now you have to complete your mission to get paid. Be very careful to follow the exact instructions that are in the application.

The missions of each user can vary from taking pictures, finding out a price, or locating a product in the local store.

Note every detail of the product or store in which your mission is held since you may have to answer short queries or provide feedback in the survey as well.

Users can also involve the staff of the stores and ask their queries to help them complete the missions.

Review and Approval of Mission

Now that you have completed your missions, you will not get paid directly. The BeMyEye Application will review your work and if you have followed your instructions exactly or not.

The review of your work is done by the review staff of BeMyEye App so if they are busy it may take more time to completely review your work. However standard time to review the mission is only 24 hours in the application.

Receive Payment

After your mission is approved, you will receive the distributed amount of the mission on your account. However, you can only withdraw your earnings once you reach the minimum threshold of $10.

You can withdraw your earnings on your Paypal account from the application account. For beginner users, the app has a restriction where they need to wait 14 days for their withdrawal of the earnings.

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How much money can you make?

As the earnings of the app are dependent on the location, it is more dependent on the availability of the missions around your local store.

Hence if you are around the location where the missions are available frequently then, you can make over $50 in 6 weeks. However, the earnings are considerably low if the missions do not become available frequently and you might not even earn $50 in 6 months.

But you can always check the application if you visit a new town or different places as chances of earning from the app can become higher depending on where you have visited.

Pros and Cons of BeMyEye App


  • It helps to earn easy money.
  •  The application is also available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • The missions are generally fun and interesting to complete.


  • Despite providing easy money the amount is not enough to make the active source of income.
  • Earnings are based on locations, hence you need complete patience to earn.
  • The missions may not be available in your locations making the application useless.

Conclusion: BeMyEye Review

After the detailed BeMyEye Review, we can confirm that this app is legit and pays its users on time.

The app has 4.4 out of 5 reviews of 27k+ users on the Google play store and 4.3 out of 5 reviews of 601 users on Appstore.

As we can see the app is very popular and has great reviews on the app marketplace. However, you cannot expect to earn a good sum of money from this app.

The missions are based on locations so the availability of earning opportunities is not always guaranteed.

But if you love completing missions and tasks around your local store and earn some passive income then you can join the app and start earning.

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BeMyEye Review