New EPC Boss Review 2024: Is This The Best Performance Marketing Network?

Hello and welcome to EPC Boss Review, Today we will be looking at what is regarded as one of the leading performance marketing network. Today we will be looking at the basics of what makes EPC Boss a must-have for affiliates and publishers in 2024.

Many experienced people in the industry have claimed the EPC boss to be among the very best in the marketing network. They have also recommended the particular network to both advertisers and affiliates as it can be beneficial for both of them.

Today we will find out how EPC boss work, how affiliates can earn and redeem their money, and finally is the hype all worth and is EPC Boss legit.

So without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

EPC BOSS review

What is EPC Boss?

EPC Boss is a marketing network platform for advertisers. It is one of the most popular and one of the leading performance advertising network. It was established in 1999.

What that means is the reach and inbounds and outbound of the network is larger than most of its competitors.

The revenue can be chosen from different variables such as CPL, CPS, CPA. The prerequisite of joining the network is high traffic. That traffic helps advertisers and publishers to convert them into cash.

How does EPC Boss work?

EPC Boss works for 2 parties. They are advertisers and publishers. Let’s look at both aspects separately:

For Advertisers – EPC Boss provides almost 20 years’ worth of based high affiliate’s platform that can provide the advertisers with authentic organic traffic that they require taking their business to the new level.

The traffic that generates is of the best quality and not any robotic which in result will advertisers with bigger reach and bigger sales or engagement rate. Apart from organic leads and traffics, the EPC boss has very professional and excellent fraud screenings and detecting inorganic traffics.

The program uses the latest software to screen VPN, proxies, cookies, and other suspicious activities. Other than that the program conducts manual and on hand site check of the publishers and compel them to operate in the guidelines of the network that benefits advertisers.

For Publishers – The EPC Boss is even better for publishers or affiliates who can generate enough traffic. That traffic will be implemented with similar advertisers who are in need of organic traffic which will help publishers to earn.

The conversion is high and payouts are very favorable for the publishers. Publishers can choose from options of the very best of CPA and CPL.  The media networks are beneficial for bloggers, mailers, E-commerce businessmen, and other media buyers.

The Network provides publishers a Net 7 basis of payment that means that publishers are paid within every 7 days of their programs.

What are the Terms and Conditions of joining the EPC BOSS?

  • The website of publishers must be friendly and advertisers’ friendly.
  • The publishers must not have multiple accounts.
  • The publishers must not buy traffics for advertisers.
  • The websites must be free from adult content, malware, spyware, adware.
  • The advertisers in the websites must not be modified.

How can Publishers earn from EPC BOSS?

The publishers who want to engage in the EPC network must have a website with the following niches. Health and Wellness, Beauty, Food and Diet, Money and Finance, Survey studies, Skin Care, etc.

Publishers can earn from the ads that advertisers post on the website. There is no minimum payout. They are paid on a Net 7 basis which means they are paid every 7 days regardless of their earnings. The means of payout is via PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Is EPC Boss legit?

EPC Boss is legit and one of the most promising performance media network. It is beneficial for both advertisers and publishers and is highly recommended for both parties to check the site if they are in related subjects.

Pros and Cons of EPC BOSS


  • The website is legit and pays its publishers on a Net 7 basis.
  • It is also really beneficial for advertisers, providing them with organic traffic and screening frauds and suspicious activity.
  • The payout ratio is high and the payout time is also worth all the stress.


  • The publishers with only high traffic consistently can join the network.
  • Sometimes during the manual check up the publishers can get ban from the network without any explanation.


Hence, from the above conclusion, we can conclude EPC Boss is legit and one of the most leading and high paying media network. The network is beneficial for both publishers and advertisers but publishers must have advertiser-friendly sites with high traffic. The payout is the basis on net 7 basis which is really satisfactory for publishers. The CPA and CPM rates are also higher than the competitors which encourages many publishers.

For advertisers also the site is attractive with organic traffics and on screening of frauds and proxies via software or manual detection. This tends us to believe the seriousness and professional nature of the site.

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