Lite GPT Review 2024 – Legit or Scam

What is Lite GPT?

LIteGPT Review

Lite GPT is the website that claims to pay you online. It is a Get Paid To (GPT) Platform that pays you for completing various tasks and offers. In the Lite GPT Review, we will inform you how to join the site, how to earn, and how to withdraw.

How to Join?

To start working you have to visit LiteGPT | The future is here, and you. You have to select the register option to sign up.

Then you will get a registration form to enter some of your details like username, password, country name, Referrer (if any), and email address. You will also have to verify that you are not a robot and accept the terms of service and privacy policy.

After submitting the registration form, you will receive an email with a conformational link from Lite GPT to confirm your email address. Click the link you received to confirm your email address to register and activate your account.

How Does Lite GPT Work?

Lite GPT is an online platform that enables people to earn money by completing various tasks and offers. It provides you more than 8 ways of earning money.  The eight ways of earning are:


  • Paid Ads
  • Paid Offers
  • AsiaMag session
  • Faucet
  • Short links
  • Pop the box
  • Watch videos
  • Referral program

Paid Ads

Paid ads are one way of earning in Lite GPT. You will have to click on an ad and watch it. Usually, these ads have a duration of 10 seconds. After watching an ad, you will have to solve a captcha to earn your amount.

Paid Offers

Paid Offers are another way of earning. You will have to complete offers or short tasks to earn money. You will have to visit the offer wall to see various types of offers.

The offers contain watching a video, playing a game, signing up for a site, answering a survey or quiz, or downloading a mobile app. You will be provided with sets of instructions for every survey via email. You must fulfill it and if you miss even a single step then you will not receive any reward.


AsiaMag Session is a unique way of earning various rewards. You will earn in this session just by browsing the website called AsiaMag. You will have to copy session-id and paste it on the Access ID field on AsiaMag then you have to click on posts, watch videos to earn rewards. Remember that you must follow every step of instruction to earn rewards.

Faucet is the bonus that you can claim every 1 hour. You have to click the claim button and a random number will be rolled. You will receive a reward equivalent to the number that you rolled.

Short Links

Short Links are another opportunity to earn more rewards. You will have to click on short links that redirect you to another web page. Once you visit the site, you will receive instructions on what you are supposed to do to earn rewards.

Pop the Box is also a unique way of earning rewards. You will receive pop-ups or push notifications and you will have to click that to earn a certain amount of money. This is like short links and you will also receive a set of instruction for it.

Watch videos are an easy way of earning rewards. You just have to watch the complete video to earn. You can also perform other tasks while running the video.

A referral program also helps you earn extra income. You will require to refer your friends and relatives to join Lite GPT to earn a bonus.

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How Do you Earn?

Lite GPT is an online platform that enables people to earn money by completing various tasks and offers. You will earn in both dollars and satoshi (smallest unit of bitcoin). Paid offers pay you in satoshi while others pay you in dollars.

The pay rate is very low. Each opportunity has different pay rates. The pay rate differs in the type and length of ads, videos, and offers.

Short links and Pop the Box do not provide much. For referring you will receive $0.005 for each member joining Lite GPT through your referral link. A faucet is like a lottery where your received number determines the amount you will earn.

How are you Paid?

Lite GPT pays through PayPal, Faucet Pay, Payeer, Bitcoin, Walcrypt, and Coin Payments. There is no minimum payout threshold for Walcrypt or Faucetpay.

The minimum payout threshold of Payeer is unknown and you can convert your amount to bitcoin at the current conversion rate if you want. The minimum payout threshold for PayPal is $2.50.

Pros and Cons of Lite GPT?


  • It is free to join
  • Lite GPT is easy to join
  • It is available internationally
  • Pays you through PayPal and other payment sources
  • There low minimum payout threshold


  • Low payout rate
  • Some of the earning sources are negatively reviewed
  • It is not available for smartphones

Conclusion: Lite GPT Review 2024

After a thorough Lite GPT review, we can conclude that Lite GPT is not a scam. You can earn money by completing various tasks and offers.

You will be paid on cash and bitcoins through PayPal Faucet Pay, Payeer, Bitcoin, Walcrypt, and Coin Payments. This website is legit and can be used as a source for side income.

You can take up paid offers, watch videos and engage in various tasks to earn rewards. You are required to follow information every time you engage in any activity of earning you will not get paid.

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