Can Real Madrid Win Again Back-to-Back Champions League?

Yes! We could stop here and just say yes. If anyone can do it, Real Madrid can. They did it in the past too. This is a storied team from the capital of Spain. With them, wonders have become reality a long time ago. Madrid fans are one of the most spoiled in the world. They had one of the best decades in the history of the game from 2010 to 2020, and they started this one on a similar note. The Champions League title they won last year came as no surprise, but according to experts, there were better teams in the competition. we didn’t see any, but let’s not start the argument here.

What makes CL so interesting is the fact that there are always a few favorites to win the competition. There is never a clear-cut favorite. Yes, Real Madrid is always there at the top, but other teams are in the play too. Their team is good enough. It was good enough last year, and one could argue that they’re even better this time around. So, we believe that they have what it takes for a repeat, but we ought to tell you what we base our reasoning on.

After all, most of us love to put bets on football. Maybe you want to bet on the Madrid team to win it all over again. If that’s the case we owe you an explanation for our conviction on this matter, and we can also point you in the direction of Asianbookie Bandar Bola, where you can find the odds of this happening. We love to disregard the odds, and just point out that this has a high chance of happening. Real has so much going on for them. Check out what we’re talking about.

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The History


Past success doesn’t play football today. But that rule doesn’t apply to Real Madrid. By now you should know this. They are just too good. Their players know who they are and for whom they play. The Royal Whites from Madrid carry the history of their club on their shoulders with ease. It’s no burden, it’s motivation. Vini Jr. and Rodrygo want to do what their predecessors did in the past. After all, they play with legends such as Modric and Beznema and they can look up to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Raul, and Hierro. After all, both of these lads already won it all last year. History finds a way of repeating itself.

Carlo Ancelotti

Beloved Don Carlo. An immense football presence. One of the greats of the game. This is a man who managed to win CL with Madrid on two occasions. He also did it in the past with Milan, also two times. He’s the only manager with four CL trophies to his name. This speaks length for itself. He’s the ultimate man-manager. His players love him. He dug deep into what Real Madrid truly represents. When people started believing that he was on the decline he rose back up again. After stints with some of Europe’s best teams, he still writes history with the biggest one of them all. A true legend of the game who is loved from Turin to Naples, and from Moscow to Lisbon.

Ballon d’Or Winner


In addition to history and is one of the greatest ever managers, this team has the world’s best players. Yes, Messi and Ronaldo are still the most talked about athletes, and Neymar, Mbappe, and Haaland are amazing on their own, but the latest Ballon d’Or winner is Benzema. He led this Real team to the Champions League trophy last year and he can do it again. After an injury-riddled period, he’s once again prepared to lead his team as captain and its best player. Yes, Benz is the man who managed to fill Cristiano Ronaldo’s shoes. He can do it all. He’s still hungry and eager to prove himself with the best on the greatest stage once again.

The Rivals

Real Madrid is the apex predator. This is a fact. They prey on the weak. Luckily for them, no team plays amazingly at this stage of the season. When it comes to the elimination rounds of the Champions League no one can take advantage of unprepared rivals the way Madrid can. Their first opponent is Liverpool. A team that is on a decline and has severe injury issues. We’re not going to mention that they lose to Real on a regular basis. One of PSG or Bayern Munich will leave the competition in the first round as they were paired together by the draw. Bayern Munich is not close to the force they once were. Also, Carlo has a beef with them after the way they parted ways a few years ago. One team that could pose a serious issue is of course Man City and Pep Guardiola. But, Real really showed last year that they can deal with them too.

Squad Depth


This is what makes Madrid so great. They have that perfect mixture of youth and experience. Also, they are covered across the board. There is not a weak position in the team. Upfront they have Benzema and Vini Jr.. Rodrygo is there to back these two. Valverde is one of the world’s most versatile players, and he can cover as many positions as you like. The Madrid midfield is where their strength lies. Yes, there is no more Casemiro but Real now has Camavinga and Aurélien Tchouaméni filling that gap. But, what everyone fears is the Kroos/Modric connection. When these two have a day, no one touches the ball from the opposition players.

They are also firm at the back where Alaba and Militao control the air space. Rudiger is also there as the team’s latest acquisition. We also should mention one of the world’s premium goalkeepers, Courtois. This is a team that requires respect. They won it all last year, and they are even stronger this year, and more covered across the board. This is a dynasty in the making. Something similar to what the New England Patriots had with the Tom/Bill combo.