How a Broker Can Help You Get a Commercial Real Estate Financing

When you think about financing your commercial real estate asset, you have a mortgage broker as the foremost person to help you realize your goal. However, the notion that you can find a lender directly without involving the broker often makes you think that going for a broker will be expensive. While it may be true if you lack solid real estate knowledge, it is primarily a myth.

Nonetheless, finding the right broker calls for time and effort commitments. A good broker like Obie should be well-versed and passionate in the real estate industry to save you time and money while providing excellent ways to identify lenders and fund strategies. Thus, having the right fit is critical, as they’ll directly impact your success.

This blog will reveal various ways a broker can help you get commercial real estate financing. Keep reading.

1. A Broker Will Get A Lender Perfectly Fit For You


Being a real estate enthusiast, you know the challenges in identifying locations, determining asset prices, and more. It is more of the same when finding a suitable lender for your commercial real estate financing needs. This is because of the broad choices of loan types, asset types, and other special conditions associated with a particular transaction; one lender can’t fit all real estate property scenarios.

As such, you require a helping hand from a mortgage broker. They usually have industry connections and multiple active lenders who can fit your unique borrowing needs. Ideally, they’ll find you a lender who suits your parameters based on their lending policy.

In the end, you’ll have saved more time and resources trying to network with lenders.

2. Brokers Provide Multiple Financiers

As the adage goes, “don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.” In determining the commercial real estate financing process, you need to ground up and have many financiers. There are dangers in settling for a single lender if you’re targeting to achieve your commercial fundamental estate financing objectives soon. Why? If you depend on a single financier, the approval process might take longer than you intend or, at worst, fail to approve it. Respectively, you’ll waste a good deal of time or even fear risking another time.

However, if you work with commercial real estate financing brokers, your submissions will be sent to multiple lenders. You’re funded on time while inclining your bargaining power to get the best deals.

3. Brokers Will Avail Professional Support Services

As mentioned, commercial real estate financing brokers have industry connections and know professionals you can contact for help. Many have critical networks, including lawyers, accountants, appraisers, etc. They know each other from multiple instances they’ve worked together in the real estate industry in a completely different industry.

In your real estate financing journey, you’ll require services from accountants or appraisers. You must spend time looking for them and paying for their services. On the other end, if you have a broker with you, you’ll save time and pay less due to the existing relationship between the service providers and the broker. Moreover, a requisite commercial real estate financing broker will indulge different professionals in ensuring you get a loan successfully.

4. Brokers Will Update You On Cost Variations

Different financiers have different payment services, including fees, interest rates, and costs which can only be realized with the help of commercial real estate financiers brokers. Brokers have engaged with different financiers and can help you determine the most reasonable lender with appropriate pricing options.

Sometimes, the variation in the interest rates among the different lenders is slight and can’t affect your commercial real estate financing goal. However, the rates will become a considerable amount of money after some time. But working with brokers who have brought the lender even more profits can result in special charges.

What Qualities Should An Ideal Broker Possess For A Successful Commercial Real Estate Financing


Now that you understand the various ways a broker can help you get commercial real estate financing, should you trust any broker? Certainly not; here are a few things to look for to get an ideal broker.

1. Finance Knowledge

A good commercial real estate financing broker should be well-versed in finance plus real estate knowledge. In this way, they can suggest the specific fund product you want after discussing it with them. Additionally, they should disclose the merits and demerits, remembering the long-term effects of different financial products.

2. Broker Transparency

It helps to get precise information on whether the broker can be trusted. A good commercial real estate financial broker will reveal all the factual information regarding finances without greed for personal gains. They’ll share the exact fee and rates you’ll pay and cash to receive. Besides, they will only charge you and the lender for the same business with the required disclosure.

3. Personal Relationship

For a successful commercial real estate financing endeavor, there is a need for the lender to have special personal relationships not only with you but also with the financiers. In this way, you’ll have more funding sources to depend on.

4. Relationship With Local Banks

Although less regarded, a commercial real estate financing broker should relate well with the local banking society. Why? The bank officers will determine whether to fund you based on the broker’s trust levels and experience. Also, the broker should be a member of various financial associations.

5. Competency Levels

Since you’ll be paying interest rates and other fees, look for a commercial real estate financing broker with a track record of fruitful services. Ask your friends to know better. Besides, a good broker would ask for payments only after the success of your commercial real estate financing objectives.

Find A Commercial Real Estate Financing Broker Today


Independent of your purpose to borrow funds for real estate accomplishments, you’ll find the need for a commercial real estate financing broker at hand. With years of experience and passion for the real estate industry, they’ll direct you on how and where to get these funds. So, in your next real estate financing endeavor, don’t assume the role of these brokers.

Nonetheless, examine their expertise as discussed in the tips above, so you don’t make any losses.