Playlist Push Review 2024: Legit or Scam

Hello and welcome to Playlist Push Review. Today we are discussing a new concept of earning money. So let us dive right into it.

What is Playlist Push?

Playlist Push Review

Playlist Push is an online network that pays its user for reviewing the music of an independent artist in an app called Spotify. Spotify is a very popular music streaming app that can be found worldwide.

Many people listen to music on Spotify and manage playlists of their favorite songs. The network Playlist Push rewards the person who has a very large and well-managed Spotify playlist by providing him to review songs.

When you provide a genuine and authenticated review of the songs that will get paid from the network Playlist Push.

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How to Join Playlist Push?

In order to join Playlist Push, you have to visit the site. You have to choose the option of if you are a music artist or you just listen to songs and own the playlists.

The person who owns the playlist and reviews the music is called Curators.

After that, you have to sign up to the website and provide your detailed information such as your Name. address, Email id, and Phone number, and your biggest Playlist on Spotify.

Basically, you have the chance to earn more if you have the biggest and more diverse Spotify playlist.

How to Work on Playlist Push?

There are two aspects of Playlist Push. One for artists and one for curators.

Playlist Push for Artists

Playlist Push is for an artist to promote their unreleased singles and music. Many artists don’t have record labels and music productions for them to produce and promote music.

In Such cases, Playlist Push promotes the singles or albums of an artist on Spotify so their music can be heard. The artist has to provide music, genre, name of the album, and their respective social media links.

The artist has to pay a certain amount to Playlist Push for promoting the album and the price depends on the length of songs, the number of songs, and also genre.

After providing songs and payment, Playlist Push provides those songs to verified curators for review and in return, those curators will provide direct feedback to the artist in the form of comments or ratings.

The company also provides you feedback in the form of an email which includes weekly reports and even provides suggestions to improve your music.

Playlist Push for Curators

As explained in how the site affects artists, the other half of Playlist Push is dependent on the Curators. Curators are those who have a large number of playlists and have managed them really well.

Playlist Push will offer these curators a chance to earn a decent sum of money by providing reviews on the unheard and new songs and albums by new and upcoming artists.

However, in order to be a Curator, you must have over 500 followers on your Spotify account and your account must be verified as well.

How does Playlist Push Pay?

Playlist Push pays its curators on the basis of each song you review. However, the earning rate depends on the number of followers and the activity you have on your Spotify.

All the Spotify listeners have a reputation to mention which will also enhance the chance of you getting selected to be a Curator and to earn a decent sum of money.

The rate of the song can vary from $1.25 to over $20 per song. The more active you are on the site and the more your followers are active on Spotify.

The more chance of earning a decent sum of money. You will be paid directly on your bank account once the campaign promoting new artist ends.

Pros and Cons of Playlist Push


  • The accounts that deal with Playlist Push are genuine and relevant so the reviews are authentic.
  • It is beneficial for artists and curators both in their own regards.
  • Playlist Push is used by over 220 million users which means it has a higher reach and decent reputation.


  • The price paid by the artist is very expensive which can be from $250 to $1000.
  • Playlist Push only promotes music on Spotify which is not accessible in all the countries.
  • Many users and fans have questioned the integrity of the site and its longetivity.

Conclusion: Playlist Push Review

In this detailed Playlist Push Review, we can clearly see that the site is legit. However, it is only accessible to those who have Spotify account and if they have a large number of followers.

So if you have a Spotify account with a large number of followers try becoming a Curator for Playlist Push and earn money.

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